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Transition Bikes welcomes The Rapture.

What can be said of this new cyclocross offering by Transition Bikes, out of Ferndale Washington.  Well, it looks an awful lot like a normal weekend of cross racing with Hodala.  But they did make a video and if you wonder what SSCX is all about, this covers most of it.  Minus the riser bars.  And add more beer.

Nice video, boys.

The bikes looks pretty good.  Chromoly frame & fork (with a rust-resistant coating,) disc brakes, run it geared or single… $600 frameset.  Comes in neon green or matte black.

Check it out at Transition Bikes


  • Rob J

    January 7, 2014

    Does each bike in the Traitor line have a ‘twin’ in the Transition line? Because this is the same as the updated Traitor Crusade. Or I guess I could look it up my damn self…

  • Ryan

    January 7, 2014

    I think Traitor is kinda defunct nowadays. I think. They’ve been kinda quiet lately.

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