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New stuff from Blackburn

Blackburn has been bringing a lot of new gear out- especially for those that ride off the beaten path. As anybody that keeps an eye on the bike industry likely knows, fat bikes, 29+ and “adventure bikes” are in high demand. With this, alternatives to the traditional front and rear pannier touring setups are being experimented with for trips of different lengths. Overnights and shorter (as well as lengthy) off road tours can make bike mounted luggage more appealing. Blackburn also has a crew of “Rangers” out there exploring- even as you read this.

Their Outpost line is where you’ll find the goods for gearing up your bike for some off road adventures.

outpost_cargo_cageThe Outpost Cargo Cage $24.99 will hold nearly 9lbs. of gear on a standard water bottle braze-on. It comes with silicone backed webbing straps to keep your gear in place. Lots of folks are mounting these on forks to carry tents, small sleeping bags, etc.




The Outpost Fat Bike Rack $119.99 (coming soon) is the first rack to my knowledge that allows the mounting on either a 170mm or 190mm rear end. A 70lb capacity should be plenty for whatever you need to carry, and it gives you a number of different mounting option to fit your frame. I’m not sure if it will fit a 5″ tire, but if they’ve done their homework, Blackburn likely will realize that it needs to be done. For longer tours where panniers are necessary, a rack is essential, and this seems to be a good offering.



Outpost HB Roll BagThe Outpost Handlebar Roll $74.99 has a quick release mount to fit most handlebars. The compression webbing works as a shoulder strap off the bike. It has an 8lb weight limit and is not recommended for carbon bars, but could work nicely for a pack raft or sleeping bag up front.




Outpost Seat PackThe Outpost Seat Pack $99.99 has an extra large capacity (not sure of the volume) and comes with a weather resistant stuff sack that get’s strapped and buckled into the pack itself. You could likely swap out the stuff sack with a real-deal dry bag if you wanted. It’s designed to fit a wide array of bikes, fastening onto the seat rails and seat post.




The Outpost Top TubeOutpost Top Tube Bag $44.99 is a handy little bag to stuff snacks, your phone, camera, cash, or anything you may want to get at while riding. It sits right behind your steer tube and attaches to your top tube.





outpost_hv_mini-pumpThe Outpost HV mini-pump $39.99 boasts the “largest air volume mini-pump on the market.” I don’t know what that means- but if you’ve ever tried to pump up a 26″ x 4.8″ tire with a mini-pump, even to 15lbs. psi- you’re going to get a hand cramp. I’m curious to try this pump- but am on the fence, thinking that a CO2 cylinder may be the ticket. Or maybe not.



The Barrier Rear Pannier $109.99 barrier_rear_pannierisn’t an Outpost product, but it does purport to be waterproof, which would be handy in touring around these parts.





Well that’s about it for what the folks at Blackburn have to set you up for your next outing. I of course like to encourage people to buy local- there are a lot of talented bag makers all over the world that can set you up with all your bike packing needs. There are people that don’t know about these companies, and Blackburn will have access to major markets like REI- hopefully getting more people outside on their bikes which is a good thing, right?

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