Showers Pass over the Rangers

I’ll just start this off with the most important thing on the internet today- Darkeys & The Keys.

I feel better already.

Showers Pass┬áhas been adding to their line with stuff to keep riders warm and dry whether on or off the bike for a while now- their newest offering is a packable rain jacket which weighs 10.6 oz (for a puny medium.) The Metro Jacket, as it’s called- comes in navy blue- looks to be a slim fit, is seam taped and is described as a hardshell (though breathable.) It retails for $199, and is available at your LBS or at the Showers Pass website. Stay dry, my friends.






In other news, Blackburn is looking for ambassadors, or “Rangers” again- for their second year. You can hear a guy talk about it while music that is too quite to discern what it is and pictures come across the screen here:

This year the 6 chosen Rangers will be on a set path. Either the Pacific Coast or the Great Divide. worthy rides to be sure.

Myself- I think they should go for the 4 riders of the Apocalypse, or they could make it a ride to the death- the last ranger standing would then become “The Lone Ranger.” But that’s why I don’t get allowed to make decisions.

If you’re up for it and want more details- Go HERE.

Now I’m going to see when Darkeys & The Keys will be playing next.

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