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Humpday news.

It’s been a busy week and it’s far too wet to plow. First- you should listen to this song by Orion. He’s been called the best bartender of Anchorage for a couple years, likes whiskey and sings songs. Songs that make me want to drink whiskey. He also rides bikes. I won’t show pictures of his bikes because the only bikes of his I’ve seen are beautiful tragedies. But here’s his music:

In other news- do you race bikes and want to race for a handmade builder?

Get some information about the Rouge Roubaix HERE

Or how bout a bike ride with some really great people- eat some amazing food and chill harder than the day is long? They do a tour in my hometown of Oakridge, OR- truly great place. The spots are few, so get after it.


More info about Limberlost HERE

And if you’ve got a drop bar bike that you’re looking to run Shimano 10speed without brifters on, then check out the new ish from Gevenalle Gravel Shifters. They look amazing- because that’s what Gevenalle does well: Amazing.



Also- shout out to Minnesota, just because.

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