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Holiday gifts for bike people

The weather is getting colder here in Alaska and with it comes that time of year when we eat, drink and be merry. Some kids get gifts brought by St. Nicholas, and other kids get punished by the Krampus.

For those that subscribe to the gift giving side of it and have some shopping to do for the cyclists in their lives we’ve compiled a short list of presents- of a mostly practical nature.


Lifeproof Fré Power. $129.99 I use my phone for GPS when on the trail and it drains the battery something fierce. This gives me some piece of mind, is waterproof, and I got the little 3M thing that attaches to my handlebar so it mounts solidly while riding. A waterproof case is a necessity for me and where I ride- you might as well have extra battery life too, right?





terrapinRevelate Designs bikepacking luggage $40 and up. It doesn’t matter what you get from Revelate- the quality is top notch and the product is well designed. I’ve got a number of pieces- a frame bag, a seat bag, the gas can and the harness. It’s all great. It’s made in the US and whether you’re looking for something for an overnight in the hills or a cross-Siberia bike packing epic, Revelate has you covered.




northernerServus Northerner boots $37.99 You could buy some fancy boots from Vanilla for $75, but these made in the USA boots are just about the same minus the little drawing on the side. Just get the Servus boots, a handful of sharpies and go to town. I used these on the fishing boat this summer and they are pretty durable. The stiffness make them easier to get in and out of in the muck, as opposed to something like Xtratufs.





proeliteFeedback Sports Pro Elite stand. $284.99
Having a good work stand makes repairs a lot easier. If space is a commodity, a stand like this is very helpful as it’s easy to store out of the way but is stable when up. Because a clean bike is a happy bike and a happy bike makes for a happy rider.





refugeShowers Pass Refuge jacket and pants. I’m waiting to receive mine but as far as I can tell by inspecting them in the store and at Interbike- Showers Pass makes some top notch shit. Built for comfort AND speed. It’s more expensive than a Glad bag with some holes cut in it- but they have reflective bits on them too- and your Glad bag doesn’t have that- does it?








mettle1-600x600All Hail The Black Market: Stevil has cool stuff made. Everybody loves stickers in black and white that have witty quips on them. Everybody. He also has caps (or hats, if you prefer) skateboard decks, records, backpacks. It is the Black Market after all. For the right price he can even get you a toe- or so I’ve heard.






Pierre_J_Langosta-4-1Hank Bike $450.: If you have to ask why this bike is fun- I don’t think we can be friends. If Santa dropped this by my house on Christmas- I’d be sure to make her feel REAL nice- like give her a foot rub or draw a bath for her or somethin’.






au7-2TMusa underwear $38: The underwear of hipster randos everywhere, they’re wool- like just about everything they wear. You get them through Rivendell. They’re made in the US. And MUSA is also based on Grant Petersons dimensions. Never judge a man till you’ve ridden in underwear that is shaped after his body, camped for days on end building fires, combing your beard and reading poetry. I like my pair. A lot.



wwrSwrve WWR Trousers $125-ish: Still one of my favorite items of clothing is the Swrve pants. I’ve got the Cordura jeans, as well as a couple pairs of the WWR trousers and some cotton pants. All comfortable and durable. Some made in the US.




klamper_gallery_1PAUL Components

Klamper Disc Brake $179.00 without rotor. It’s available in short pull (road lever) and long pull (v-brake lever,) is made in the US and looks great (and a little weird.)

Quick release skewers $50 available in lengths from 100mm to 190mm. A different look, PAUL quality and as always, made in the US.

Tall and Handsome seatpost. At $140 it’s not cheap. And Paul will be the first to say it isn’t the lightest either. But if you’re looking for some serious setback on a 27.2 post- this might be your jam. If you aren’t looking for setback, move along. It looks good and fills a hole- maybe theirs?

Coffee Outside Gear: Here is a link to some good options put together by Outside Magazine. There are multiple items that make up a good kit and sometimes they get swapped out to make a different brew. Maybe the person you’re shopping for needs a stove. Or a pot. Or a mug. Or a drip setup. Or an aeropress. Or some beans. Lots of options to choose from but that’s one of the cool things about coffee outside- it’s about doing things differently.

This isn’t a list that is specific to one discipline of cycling- mainly because I don’t associate with only one discipline. I have a few different bikes that I use in different ride settings- like most cyclists I know. Shopping for cyclists can sometimes be difficult- just remember that they are people too and they usually like other, non-cycling related things- like beer. Mmm beer.

Any other ideas for that special two-wheeler in your life?

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