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GO MEANS GO is a bicycle blog based in the Pacific Northwest.  Though you may find things pertaining to art, design and politics here- one thing transcends all the others:  the bicycle.

Looking at global bike culture from a Pacific Northwest perspective, the focus is on two wheels.  Road, mountain, track, urban commuters, cyclocross, trials, bmx, polo… it doesn’t matter.  One love, two wheels.

Not all bike blogs are the same- well, I guess that there are quite a few out there that are the same and maybe that’s what makes GO MEANS GO different.  You’ll find things here that you won’t find other places.  GO MEANS GO is not a fan of re-posting content that can be found at any number of blogs.  Of course some times things are just too good not to re-post… but I’d like to think that GO MEANS GO goes beyond that.  It’s about generating content that encourages the reader to 1) ride their bike 2) support their local cycling community 3) ride their bike more.

GO MEANS GO, in an effort to get people off the computer and onto their bikes has been planning and promoting cycling events that encourage the growth of the cycling community: group rides, film screenings, races, scavenger hunts, indoor roller sprints, meetups, events that encourage a mingling of cyclists with different backgrounds.  We come together and strengthen our community through our shared vulnerability on the road.  It’s about riding our bikes and loving it.  Promotion of DIY events is a big part of what GO MEANS GO does as well, so if you or your organization has anything you would like to add to our calendar please let us know.

I’ve been around the block a few times, and more often than not it’s been by bicycle.  Hope to see you on the road.

-Ride fast, ride far, ride often, and keep the rubber side down-

-Ryan Schuetze, Founder

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Contact Information

Ryan: Alaska.  Cyclocross.  Beer.  Whiskey.  Fatbikes.

Bryan: Seattle. Advertising.  Bicycle mechanics.  Reviews. Spandex. 

Greg:  Website troubleshooting.  Gin.  Cats. Commuting. 

Sponsorship of Events

If you would like to sponsor an upcoming event, please contact Bryan. There is always something in the works with GMG.  Your support encourages cycling as an enjoyable as well as sustainable form of transportation, while building community at the same time. If you have any questions regarding sponsorship, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Some events that may be of interest to you

-The Resurrection Alleycat (Easter Saturday):  The one that started it all.  GMG working with friends to kick off alleycat season with a fun race with a theme that you’ll never guess…

-9 to 5 Summer Solstice Scavenger Hunt (June):  An all night scavenger hunt that finishes with a hearty catered breakfast at sunrise.

-Tour de Watertower (July):  The seven watertowers of Seattle.  One of the hardest races in Seattle.

-Emerald Sprints (ongoing):  A portable leg-burner.  Go Means Go is available for hire to bring Emerald Sprints to your venue

-Pedal Party (afterparty for the Seattle Bike Expo) A bike party.  We like to party. And we like bikes. A celebration of Spring.

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