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Death Pedal!

If you haven’t picked up your copy of Death Pedal yet, you really should.

Kareem sent out a copy so we can do a Seattle screening, and it will take place on Saturday July 11th, in between Future Tense and the Tour de Watertower.

The production quality is legit-looking very professional. The filming and editing is solid, and I like the soundtrack…  A lot.  The riding is very diverse- with most of the riders pulling from a big bag of tricks, many of the combos being new to me. Not playing favorites, but Seattle had some pretty good representation as well.  Of course, the lovely Ines Brunn kills it, raising the bar for the riders that prefer the artistic cycling side of fixed gear tricks as opposed to gaps and drops, mixing it up on her artistic bike as well as a commuter/street fixed. Dre Reyes is one of the more impressive riders I’ve seen riding fixed. He climbs all over his bike, whips around and lands an amazing amount of tricks that don’t look possible. There’s this part at the end- where he….. Oh, well, you just need to see it. IT WILL BLOW YOUR MIND.

Head over and order your copy at WWW.DEATH-PEDAL.COM

They are in stock and shipping- at $20 each, you WILL want to own a copy.

They’ve also got some shirts out- which you can pick up for $20.


Big shout out to Kareem- keep up the good work man. Also, great job on tracking down riders- you really put a solid bunch of people on film. Looking to see what you’ve got coming down the line next. So come out to the weekend of the 10-12th- it’s going to be BANANAS


Events, GO MEANS GO events

67 people forego sleep to ride their bikes!

As this is being written- it’s been just over 12 hours since the 1st Annual Summer Solstice Scavenger Hunt came to a close at Louisa Boren Park in Seattle. As small groups of riders rolled in around 5am, the breakfast buffet was being set up, bringing the all night ride to a close. Hot coffee and orange juice greeted the 50+ finishing riders as they rolled in- zombie eyed and smiling. Having completed a night of riding through the city streets, the crowd was hungry, tired, and a little delirious.

The ride started atop Kite Hill at Gasworks Park, people gathering after the Fremont Fair and Solstice Parade. As we showed up to hand out spoke cards and ride books, we were pleasantly surprised by over 20 more people that wanted to take part in the ride. I, for one, was not expecting such an amazing turnout. With the threat of rain showers, combined with the idea of riding one’s bike ALL through the night, I was impressed and thankful for the 42 that pre registered. The addition of 25 more people was a surprising, but welcome occurrence.

The sunset took place at 9:11pm, and the riders started (mostly slowly) working on the collection of around 100 items on the list. In order to collect everything on the list, people would need to collect one item every four minutes. Nobody collected all the items. Lots of people looked through the book, asked questions regarding the stops, some being time sensitive, other not.

The time sensitive meetups were designed to keep everybody going throughout the night. There was a midnight meetup at Myrtle Edwards park, where some fairly large mortar based fireworks were launched, and a 3am meetup at Winchell’s donuts, where everyone got their fill of donuts and coffee. The parking lot was taken over by bikes, people wandering through the crowd, scarfing maple bars, kruellers (Ginger gave me my first, and I thank her for that,) and chocolate covered sprinkled donuts. The coffee flowed freely, and the stop gave everybody a much needed boost to get them through the final hours.

At the finish, individuals and teams counted their points, and the highest scores were recounted to be confirmed. TEAM FOUR LOKO came in first with 408 points, and took home the trophy. Others found some of the more obscure items, such as a pic of David Hasselhoff, american flags of multiple sizes. Another fantastic part of this event, is the fact that over 150 cans of food were collected, to be donated to the University Food Bank. A win-win situation, canned food counting as points in the hunt.

The interesting and easily overlooked part of this scavenger hunt, is that it took place from 9:11pm until 5:11am. This adds another element of difficulty, and relies on the resourcefulness of the participants. A honey packet may easily be found at four o’clock in the afternoon, but at 4 in the morning… a little more difficult.

I can’t thank Melissa and Amy F. enough for their work in preparing the food for the breakfast, which was thoroughly enjoyed by all, vegan and omnivore alike. Amy F. took care of the tofu scrambler and some of the potatoes, as well as heading up the meetup at Myrtle Edwards Park. Somehow, Melissa managed to prepare an incredible amount of food in our tiny kitchen, all on time, and tasting amazing. This is what came through our kitchen last night between 9pm and 4am, all but a little bit consumed Saturday:

  • 30 pounds of potatoes
  • 120 eggs
  • 6 pounds sausage
  • 5 bulbs of garlic
  • 100 cups of coffee (in the industrial coffee maker that takes 100 minutes!)
  • 2 1/2 pounds of sour cream
  • 1/2 gallon salsa
  • 1 pound of cheese

Thanks goes out to Lighthouse Roasters, for supplying coffee grounds for the breakfast.

There are some pics up HERE. If you have any other photos, please join the Go means go group, and post them there!

GO MEANS GO will continue to bring bike events to you, some competitive, like the upcoming Tour de Watertower

Some not so much, like this one. Also, Art Velo is coming up, and if you are interested in submitting art work, please do so by August 5th.

On a much sadder note, there was a death at Carkeek Park last night at around 9pm. A park-goer (not participating in this event) was hit by a train while walking on the tracks at the park. We unfortunately found this out as Carkeek was a stop, and was closed, becoming a police scene. My condolences to the family.


Steven Marmo: Bar fighter, bike racer

Christauf passed this on to me. Click the image to be whisked away to a narrated slideshow, about Steven Marmo, a rough and tumble type in NYC that found solace in a bike. As Christauf says: “Bike Therapy for hardcore thugs”


Of course, Christauf does much of the art on here and for Bike Bloc, and is pretty bad ass.


Wheels stolen in Ballard

Kinoko passed this info on to me:

Seattle Cyclist Luke Nguyen
had his wheel set  stolen from his
fixed gear last week in ballard. These were NOT quick release, nope.
Someone unbolted the
Mavic Rims (Open Pro)
Surley Hubs
Rear tire yellow

any info

Best of Luck Luke-


Pedalpalooza starts in Portland today

Pedalpalooza is 2+ weeks of bikey fun. With 203 events, most organized by individuals, bikers of all persuasions are likely to find many events of interest. Nearly all events are free. You can check out the calendar HERE.  Portland loves their bike events.  There are so many events! And more are getting added.  Ahhhh. Portland.

And I like the flier too.



Sign up for the Solstice Scavenger Hunt!

Solstice is just around the corner. Are you ready to ride? If you are going to be headed out on the 9 to 5 ride, then you should sign up now. Signing up ahead of time will ensure that there will be plenty of food in the morning for everyone. You can pay online via paypal, and let us know whether or not you are Vegan.

If you are scared of paypal, you can email Ryan, and meet up to pay ahead of time. The more people that sign up, the more better the spread will be. Since we are starting at 9:11pm, shopping becomes increasingly difficult throughout the night. So does making spokecards. The online registration and payment has been put in order to make it too damn easy to NOT register online.

So head over and register. You’ll thank yourself for it.


And remember. This is a scavenger hunt and ride, not a race. The focus is on fun, not speed. So grab your buddies, and come hang out! The sunrise will be divine.