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Three Riding: A Good Day in Anchorage

By late October, the Anchorage cycling community usually finds itself transitioning away from fenders, mud, and pavement to studs, ice and fresh snow. Not so this year, as fall continues to hold us in its soggy grip. The rather delayed onset of winter allowed for some fun autumnal riding this past Saturday night, as three separate costumed events took place across town. No studs required.

I showed up at the first event, the fairly informal Halloween Super ‘Cross IV event planned by John and posted to the Arctic Cross website. I originally intended to be there just to photograph and observe. I made the offhand comment that I wished I brought my bike a few minutes into shooting the pre-ride gathering and suddenly found myself testing out John’s Bianchi C.U.S.S., which he offered to let me borrow for the race. I agreed, dug around my trunk for a passable costume, and handed the camera off to the wife while I rode. I am now officially hooked after my first ride in the world of cyclocross.

Single speed required to win, but not to race.
Single speed required to win, but not to race.
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