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Mike D was born to two women simultaneously in a small Kansas hospital in 1862 (doctors and magicians were baffled by the mechanics of this procedure). This medical marvel has survived more than a century as a bicycle enthusiast, despite the introduction and ubiquity of both the automobile and "sexting". He has excellent eyesight and would eat human meat if the restaurant offered a free-range option. Due to complications with a stock deal involving a company that exclusively produces freehub pawls, he cannot ride a fixed-gear. He is afraid of home-invasion robbery-murders and his favorite color is sparkles.
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Rabbit Hole Alleycat + Sprint! (Saturday!)

What’s that?! The Dead Baby Downhill isn’t ENOUGH for you? You want, crave, NEED more more more alleycat action? Yeah. Me too.

This is the second alleycat that I’ve seen from Alan Zian ChenĀ and Wade Schultz. The last one was a blast, even though all the stops were UW buildings that I had no idea how to locate. And the sprints afterwards are super fun. These guys put on a good race, and this one should be no exception. Prizes coming in from Zlog, Sureshot coffee, Monorail Espresso, Recycled Cycles, Namsayin, and CASH PRIZES should be enough incentive to get over your post-downhill hangover and get out and race. Plus, these guys even pushed the start time (4PM) to let you get plenty of fluids, Advil, and greasy hangover food in you before the start. Nice fellas.
$10 for the whole sha-bang!
CASH goes back to winners! Prizes!
RACE START: 4:00PM sharp, sprints to be held after alleycat at location TBA.
Bring your bike, pen, bag, lock, beer!

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NACCC Richmond

Last Saturday, Richmond VA hosted the NACCC. It went off successfully and everybody had a great time except that one dude whose chain fell off after he dropped his manifest. That looked weak.

What is the NACCC? In this case, it stands forĀ North American Cycle Courier Championships. (The National Association of Congregational Christian Churches, and the National All-star Cheerleading Coaches Congress could not be reached for comment, and yes, those are real things.) From the 2012 race website “The North American Cycle Courier Championship is the premier bike messenger event on the continent. The hardest working couriers throughout the continent converge to socialize and face off for a chance at the title of Courier Champion. Over the years the championship has been to various major cities with each locale influencing the courses, rules and style of the competition.”

So it’s like the CMWC (Cycle Messenger World Championships) but limited to North America. Some may wonder “Why does some race in Virginia matter to ME?” Well the NACCC event will be held IN SEATTLE next year! Several alleycat races (which have been posted here) have already been held to start raising awareness and some cash to promote next years race, and there will be more to come. Stay tuned and we’ll do what we can at GoMeansGo headquarters to keep you posted on upcoming NACCC events and fundraisers.