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The Amazing Cycle Truck Conversion Kit

Cycle Truck 1

At the Pedaler’s Fair this past April, Colin Stevens and Garth L’Esperance showed off their innovative and cost-effective cycle truck conversion kit that can adapt virtually any bicycle frame into a front-load hauling beast. Go Means Go recently had the opportunity to discuss the conversion kit with veteran trailer builder Haulin’ Colin, as well as get some new pics of a recently powdercoated install.

Cycle Truck 2

Born of a need to carry loads that are too big for a basic porteur rack but not warranting a full-on trailer, the cycle truck conversion kit evolved from a platform welded above the 26in front wheel of a mountain bike. To get the load’s center of gravity lower, and to expand the deck, the next iteration used a 20in front tire in a custom fork. It’s current state, the cycle truck conversion kit utilizes a custom headtube extension that pressed into the headtube of the bike that mounts the custom fork and 20in wheel and deck, which is then braced by stays that mount to the bike’s downtube. The resulting installation creates a load hauling platform that is remarkably solid, carrying loads in well in excess of  100 lbs. Colin says, “We had a 180 lb person jump up and down on it, so I’m sure it can support more, but the handling gets pretty awkward with that much weight on the front of the bike.”

Cycle Truck 3

The kit starts at $450 and comes powdercoated in “any solid color Seattle Powder Coat has in stock”. Kits are dialed in to your frame’s headtube angle and size. Current lead times are about a month, though plans are afoot to create some backstock for faster shipping later this summer or early fall. If you can’t wait, contact Colin or Garth at (206) 763-1364 or email at and they’ll get you started. Check ’em out at These terrific photos courtesy of Amelia Greenhall (