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This has to do with city infrastructure, city planning, laws, and those that do what they can to make a place for bikes on our roadways.

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NBA Stars & Critical Mass

NBA & Critical mass

It has been a few years since I have ridden Critical Mass, and it is the general consensus at GMG that Seattle Critical Mass has ceased to be a relevant or positive event for Seattle bicycle advocacy.  That being said, more power to anyone looking to get on two wheels and spread bicycle love.

Men’s Journal recently reported on NBA superstars LeBron James and Dwyane Wade riding Critical Mass in Miami, FL and a little bit about their new found love for cycling. Read the whole article HERE. Wade was quoted saying “I had one of my best games of the season after a Critical Mass bike ride.” Which obviously raises the question, if the Super Sonics return to Seattle will they start commuting by bike and riding critical mass? Watch out Seattle drivers, next time you plow your Subaru through a Critical Mass ride you might be running over your beloved NBA team!

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Colorado Legalizes Bikes

Black Hawk's ban on riding bicycles

First the state of Colorado legalizes marijuana for recreational use, and now bikes! The backwards city of Black Hawk, CO has had a ban on bikes since 2010,  preventing cyclists from riding in their city. They even went as far to ticket cyclists who refused to walk their bikes through town.

The Colorado Supreme Court has overturned the city of Black Hawk’s ban on riding bicycles on February 4, 2013. The court ruled the town can pass traffic regulations, but said they must comply with state laws that require any municipal bike prohibition provide an available alternate path within 450 feet. Read the full article on HERE.

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I like bikes, but…

This instructional video from way back is designed to teach drivers to watch out for bikes. It does of course place much of the blame for poor handling and unsafe roadmanship on the cyclist- but even to acknowledge bikes on the road is something that I wish happened in modern drivers education.
Reality- we share the road and have to get along. What can we do to educate and inform drivers and cyclists to our shared responsibilities on the roadways?

I found it on the Light and Motion blog

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Miir, based in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle- is setting a good example when it comes to companies delivering quality products while also giving back to the community- whether it be global or local.

They offer stainless steel water bottles in insulated and non-insulated versions that are customizable through different caps and skins (which are applied to the outside of the bottle to make them pretty.)  Or just leave them naked- they look good that way too.  The lids are BPA free and the bottles are easy to clean and not breakable- being stainless steel, duh.

With every bottle purchased, $1 of each sale provides safe drinking water to people in lesser developed countries through One Days Wages.  Though it may not seem like much, $1 is enough to supply clean water to one person for one year.  What!?! Yeah.

Miir also offers apparel and books- with $1 from sale going into their One4One program.  If you buy one of their “Skins“, 100% of proceeds goes to the program.

All of the Miir bottles fit into your bicycle water bottle cage, or your bag if you roll like that.  Stainless bottles are great.  They look good, keep plastic bottles out of landfills, are easy to clean, don’t hold odors, aren’t breakable and well- these stainless bottles help a good cause as well.

That wasn’t enough for Brian Pape (Miir CEO) and the rest of the Miir team.  They are now embarking on a new venture that will play a big role both domestically and internationally helping those that need affordable, reliable transportation.  Bicycles.  Miir teamed up with Kevin Menard from Transition Bikes to make it happen.  Urban bikes that are fun to ride and classically styled.  Three models to choose from.  With the purchase of one of the bikes- they split a donation 50/50 with the World Bicycle Relief and the Boise Bicycle Project. Pretty neat huh?

To get the bicycle end started, Miir has a Givecraft campaign going.  You can donate to the program for as little as $5, or just go ahead and pre-order one of the bikes.  If you are in the market for a new townie bike, check it out!

This Friday you can check out the bikes and meet the people behind Miir at Theo Chocolates in Fremont.

You can RSVP for the event at Theo HERE

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Ride of Silence

Seattle will be host to the Ride of Silence on Wednesday, May 16th.  Riders will meet at Gasworks Park at 6:30pm and return by 8:30pm.  It will be a rain or shine ride, honoring fallen riders.

The Ride of Silence is just that- it’s not Critical Mass or a chatty group ride.  Please be respectful of the organizers, the rules of the road and your fellow riders on the ride.

For more information go HERE

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Help Seattle cycling!

Fill out the Bicycle Master Plan survey!

It’s easy- and will help build the upcoming Bicycle Master Plan.  Click HERE to fill out the short survey.

Seattle has also gotten all sophisticated and has an interactive map if you want to take your suggestions to the next level.  It’s pretty neat (though it takes a bit more thought than the survey.) Click HERE to go to the map.

Surveys like this are very helpful to city planners as they work to try and make the city a better place for cycling.  Think about the roads you travel and why.  Is it a better route than the most commonly traveled options.  Is there a dangerous intersection that needs some attention?  Do your part in making Seattle a better place to ride.

That is all- resume your daily internet cat searches.