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Arctic Cross. Cyclocross in The Last Frontier.

The Whittier ferry dock was (and still is) broken, so we took the ferry to Valdez from Cordova, making the drive to Anchorage 300 miles, as opposed to the 60 miles it is from Whittier. Melissa and I decided somewhat last minute to caravan back to Anchorage with Bryan and Garret, spending a few days in the big city picking up this and that, read: booze, groceries, and my new fatbike.  They got a head start on us, as we stopped in Valdez for a late breakfast after we disembarked.  We caught up to them on the side of the road in between Valdez and Glenallen, where car troubles almost caused their rear wheel to fall off.  They hopped in with us and we left Garret’s car there for a few days- planning to bring Garret back with parts and tools on our return trip. Spoiler alert: I didn’t get a bike that weekend, but Melissa got a brand new Fatback for winter adventuring.

It looked like we may even get to witness a cross race- as the Arctic Cross series was having their final race while we were there.  I didn’t think I would be allowed to race- not having been part of the series this year so I didn’t bring my bike. Turns out it would have been fine, and I was pretty bummed that I was so pessimistic.  The Arctic Cross webpage is a little dated and is difficult to understand for somebody coming to town wanting to race bikes. Sure there is race info, it’s mostly results- you can’t find out much about how the race categories are setup, race times, and sometimes even the race days are incorrect. Ah well…computers are hard.

We made it to the Goose Lake race in Anchorage, the course was located right off the bike path in town.  We pulled in to the parking lot, saw  bike racks on cars and trucks, folks in spandex, a couple sections of course tape, and figured we were in the right place.  Parking was easy.

It rained the few days prior, so the course was a bit muddy- but race day was crisp and clear with soggy ground.  My favorite race days.

I often miss the cyclocross in Seattle and I most definitely miss my Hodala teammates.  As we walked into the park we saw the familiar sight of kids playing, riding around on bikes just a little bit too big for them, or too small.  Adults walking around with mud and smiles on faces- a BBQ was being prepared for the end of the season.  Beer flowed from 2 kegs, respectfully stowed out of plain site.  We scoped the course, similar in many spots to a mountain bike course, but with the cyclocross staples of barriers and a sandpit.  Near the BBQ epicenter and just prior to the first set of barriers was a giant chicane.  A spiral which made me dizzy just watching the folks go in circles.  Cyclocross feels new in Anchorage, especially singlespeeding.  People had a blast- and it was a pretty darn nice day.  

It was a diverse race, bikes ranging from mountain bikes, to cross bikes (a few singlespeeds in there too) to polo bikes complete with disk wheels and narrow bars to fatbikes.  Race attire was also from one end of the spectrum to the other. Costumes, team kits, whatever seemed comfortable… One of the most interesting things to watch, was the heckling.  The polo kids, god bless ’em- were doing well at it.  We came across them at the sand pit.  Beers in hand, they would rib the riders as they came by:

“Ride it!”

“You’re doing it wrong- you’re supposed to stay on your bike.”

“That’s why you’re not winning!”

Tall Bryan was also giving them some pointers- encouraging the racers to just get off their bikes and run the section that was slowing so many down.  “No!  Get off your bike!  Run it!  You’re going too slow!”

Heckling is something that I am quite familiar with though not nearly as skilled as my teammates at (much like riding.) Hodala is next level heckling.  Too much for some people- it’s never rarely coming from a place of anger.  It’s like when my mom would say to me “I love you, you little shit stain.”  I knew that “love” was the operative word.  Some people might take offence, and occasionally kick the team fire ring over- but if you can’t take the mud, get off the cross course.  When I first started racing cross, the heckling I heard consisted of:

“Shift!” (because I ride a single speed…. so clever.)


I took these ribbings in stride and came out a better rider for it.

The kids race was, as always, fun to watch.  Seeing the boys and girls get stoked on cross is always a good time.

Next year I’ll be at the races, at least a couple of them.  Hoping that my team can make it up to race at least one as well.  Hodala can help ruin cyclocross north of 60°N too.  So keep riding dirty and we’ll see you at the races.


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Pro Tour “Pin-Ups” 2014 Calendar

Here we have a 2014 calendar for the ladies (and boys) featuring some of your favorite Pro Tour riders like you’ve never seen them (and probably never wanted to see them) before. According to the website “proceeds from the sale of this calendar will go directly towards a unique prize for deserving riders in the 2014 Women’s Tour of Britain.”  A “unique” prize? Your guess is as good as mine there…


Clicking through some of the months I can’t imagine why people would think bike racers are douche-bags… If nothing else this calendar might be a smash hit at your white elephant gift exchange this year. You can buy it online HERE.

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Costume Cross: Bend, OR

Friend of GMG Andy Bokanev sent over these images from his trip down to Bend, OR to watch and document the Cross Crusade race last Sunday. See his full set of photos from the day HERE. Looks like a good time and some rad costumes. I’m loving the coffin barriers as well. Happy Halloween, keep it weird out there today!

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MFG Cyclocross: Magnuson Park

We are getting spoiled here in Seattle with a fairly mild autumn and some great riding conditions. The temperatures have dropped, the leaves have turned beautiful shades of orange and red but the rain hasn’t been falling (and I’m not complaining).

This past Sunday MFG Cyclocross descended upon Magnuson Park for another exciting weekend of racing. Here are a few shots of the day captured by Andy Bokanev. More of his cyclocross photos can be found here: Andy Bokanev: Cyclocross. And yes that’s me looking like I just made a jail break, Shred Club kits are finally in.

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Bicycles on Snow. 1988 Iditabike.

1987 was the first year of the Iditabike. 20 men and 6 women, from 6 different states. 210 miles on the ski race course that followed the Iditarod trail out of Knik for a hundred miles, then returned. Here is a little video done by the Discovery Channel in 1988.  Pre-fatbike. Pretty awesome.

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Chequamegon Fat Tire Fest: Vintage Photos

Check out these great vintage photos from previous years (1983-1990) of the Chequamegon Fat Tire Fest. Complete with Greg LeMond circa 1990. More vintage photos HERE, although I came across them over at Bike Jerks.


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1960 Cyclocross Race

Here is some rad footage of a cyclocross race from 1960. It appears this is a video of a video being screened in the 90s and commented on. The commentary is priceless too, at least the parts I can understand. “The lad in the front in red used to be head of the cheese counter”.