Deadly Nightshades. Riding bikes and breaking hearts in Canada.

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There is an interview up at a la mode with the Deadly Nightshades.  I’ve only come to know one of the gang- but if the rest are as awesome as MegO! then look out world- because you have your hands full.  These ladies rock.  And they ride.  And they make and do rad stuff.

So get with it- but don’t get in their way.

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Go Means Go wants to promote the people and companies that benefit the bicycle community- it’s a goal of ours.  The “MEET YOUR MAKER SERIES” is part of that goal.  Maybe you remember:

I enjoy meeting with these folks- talking with them and seeing the projects they are working on.  I also like to work with other people on these profiles.  Robin shot photos for the interview with Taylor.  I’ve known Matt Sipple since he moved out from Chicago and I’m super excited to have worked with him on this.  We’ve got another interview coming out- but he’s been pretty busy working on a polo documentary, so we’ll see how that goes.

Cory Bennion is a solid dude.  On top of making messenger bags here in Seattle- he’s super nice and we both share a fondness for St. Ides.  His “Corndog Classic” race is a kick in the pants- curing my corndog cravings for at least 6 months.  His job working as a messenger for 11 years has taught him a lot about what makes a good bag.  I got a DANK bag from him about a year ago, it’s held up wonderfully.  It’s a no-frills, practical, straight up bag built for people that carry things by bicycle.  If you are in the market check out DANKBAGS.NET.

Go Means Go – Meet Your Maker video series #1. from Matthew on Vimeo.

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