Conduit Coffee: Delivering Coffee by Bike

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Few things are more synonymous with Seattle than coffee. I would say when most people think of Seattle two things come to mind, rain and coffee, probably in that order. Little do most people know it really doesn’t rain that much in Seattle, we just tell the rest of the country that to keep them from moving here. Which seems to be becoming a less effective method of deterring people (the secret must be out.) Seattleites do however love their coffee. Sure a lot of people still drink the stuff with the green open-legged mermaid on it, probably for the same reason I see people buying Bud Light, a lot of people are dumb. Thankfully Seattle is also home to countless other coffee roasters and cafes serving up delicious cups of that hot dark brew we can’t live without. Personally I love good coffee. Whether brewing it at home or visiting my favorite local cafes by bike, coffee is more or less a necessity. For sometime I’ve wondered why there were not businesses in my city tying together bicycles and coffee, two things I enjoy. The answer of course, there are. Case-in-point, Conduit Coffee.

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Spinlister: Person-To-Person Bike Sharing

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Bike sharing programs are popping up in major cities all over the globe, but one is a little different (alright a lot different) than the others. Spinlister is an open marketplace that allows users to rent bikes from one another. Think Airbnb but for bikes. Craigslisters and the like should feel right at home with the concept. Once you sign up to be a member (which is free and only takes a few seconds) you can both rent bikes from other users and post your own ride or rides up for rent.


Traveling with a bike can be a major pain in the ass, especially for short trips, not to mention the constantly climbing cost of flying with a bike. I haven’t had a chance to use Spinlister myself yet, but hope to soon. I am traveling to Alaska and had hoped to find a bike to rent, unfortunately there doesn’t appear to be any Spinlister users in our nations largest and most Northerly state. (Ryan perhaps you could pop the 49th state’s Spinlister cherry?) I will however be posting a “loaner” bike of mine for rent soon in hopes of being able to review how Spinlister works. More on that to follow. In the meantime friends of GoMeansGo, Back Alley Bikes, has several rental bikes posted on Spinlister HERE. So if you are in the Seattle area and looking to rent a bike check them out.

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PNW Cyclist Chris Horner Wins the 2013 Vuelta a España

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Chris Horner Vuelta 2013

Chris Horner, the Bend, OR cyclist completed the biggest victory of his career on Sunday, becoming the first American in history to win the Vuelta a España and the oldest champion, at age 41, of any of pro cycling’s Grand Tours (Tour de France, Giro d’Italia and Vuelta a España). Probably slightly different than how most Americans spend the month before their 42nd birthday. The previous oldest winner for one of the Grand Tours was Firmin Lambot, who won the 1922 Tour de France at age 36.

Chris Horner

More on Chris Horner’s win at BBC Sport  and Dave Moulton’s Blog.

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Parkcycle: Mobile Park Life

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Parkcycle, a social green space on wheels. That’s what John Bela of Rebar group and Till Wolfer of N55 had in mind when the conceived ‘Parkcycle Swarm’. consisting of four small mobile parks, the project explores the possibilities of the public sculpture, while at the same time raising awareness of cycle-power and green space trough a participatory activity. ‘Parkcycle Swarm’ invites city dwellers to pedal the mini park lands throughout the city of Baku. ‘Parkcycle’ has been specially commissioned for PARTICIPATE: Baku Public Art Festival 2013, which continues until September 17th. So if you find yourself in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan be sure and take one for a spin!

More information & photos here: Parkcycle on

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Street Books: Pedal-Powered Library

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The Street Books bookbike is an adult, three-wheeled tricycle that has a specially-created box in the front. When you open it up, it has bookshelves and it can hold hundreds of books. The bookbike will be pedaling out to different locations to check out books, give away library cards, give out information about library programs and literacy projects, as well as bike maps and bike programs.Bookbike

Patrons are issued an official Street Books library card without being required to show proof of address or identification. Using an old-school library pocket and a card that patrons sign and leave with us. During our twice-weekly shifts, patrons stop by to check out and return library books. They are invited to be photographed with their book, and these photos and stories are collected at:


For more information check out Books On Bikes from SPL and

Video from Seattle Public Library on the launching of Street Books, featuring Mayor Mike McGinn.

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Seagull Bags: Crit Duffle

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I could really use a nice large bag like this for summer. Hauling cycling/camping gear, picking up and delivering parts, carrying beer and inflatable rafts to the park… the options are endless. Has anyone gotten in on the pre-release of the Seagull Bags Crit Duffle? Not a lot of info, but I saw a few shots of it over at Pedal Consumption and liked what I saw. Seagull Bag

Here is what Seagull Bags has to say about it:

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Fremont Bridge Bike Counter: A New Record

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If you have ridden across the Fremont Bridge since last October, chances are you’ve noticed this electronic sign on the Northwest bikeway/sidewalk. The Fremont Bridge Bike Counter has been ticking away since October 11th 2012 counting cyclists crossing the bridge in both directions and both sides (if you haven’t tested this, I did and it picks up cyclists crossing on either side and direction).

Fremont Bridge Bike Counter

Photo courtesy of bikingseattle

Tuesday May 7th, the second day of the second week of National Bike Month marked the most cyclists to cross the bridge in a 24 hour period to date since the installation of the bike counter, 5,103 bike crossings recorded. The excellent weather that week and the fact it is Bike Month helped pushed the weekly total to over 28,000 crossings. That is a lot of bikes.  The below graph is a weekly tally of bike trips recorded since the installation of the counter.

Bike Counter Graph

Bike to Work Day is this Friday May 17th, I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw a new record set.



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Washington: Ranked #1 Bicycle Friendly State, 6th Year Running

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In honor of National Bike Month, the League of American Cyclists has released its Annual Bicycle Friendly States ranking. Washington State achieved the top ranking nationally for a sixth consecutive year. As a life long Washingtonian and a passionate cyclist that is exciting to hear. Hey Ryan, whats up with Alaska coming in 45th?WA_#1

From the official press release: For the sixth year in a row, Washington continues to lead the nation, with high performance in all categories. But up-and-coming states — including Delaware, Illinois and Arizona –  charged up the ranking in 2013, shaking up the top 10. “We are encouraged to see significant progress in top states like Washington, Delaware, Colorado and Oregon,” said Andy Clarke, president of the League of American Bicyclists. “But as the scores clearly highlight, there’s much work to be done in critical areas like infrastructure and planning in every state.” Continue reading the full press release HERE.

If you want to know more about how the other states stacked up check out the 2013 Bicycle Friendly State Rankings Chart, or this handy-dandy interactive State Rankings Map. Who doesn’t like charts and graphs?

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