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Roller Racing. Bikes that go nowhere- fast. Emerald Sprints or other promoters do this all over the world. Get after it.

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WVA Sprints Wrapup

This past Saturday, the Marymoor Velodrome Association invited Emerald Sprints to run a roller racing event for the 2012 season kick-off party and fundraiser. It has been over a year since Seattle’s last roller racing event, and it was great to bring it to a new and competitive crowd.

For those unfamiliar with our kit, we pit two racers head to head on fork mounted stationary bikes for an indoors race to the finish. We set the track to 500m, and the audience can cheer as they watch the racers progress on the screen directly behind them at speeds closing in on 60mph.

By the end of the night, we had plenty of tired legs and great times (full breakdown after the cut). The best of the night went to Tony Cordova, who took the Men’s Open championship belt with a time of only 18.997 seconds. The MVA also provided belts for the top Women’s Open (Amara Edwards), Men’s Masters (Adam Cerullo), and Women’s Masters (Alexie Montaland).

There were some fantastic times out there but don’t go resting on your laurels just yet! Looking back into the results from our last major series (the 2010 Championship Series that led to a final in Vegas), a few of our top locals were getting times down in the 17-point-somethings on the exact same setup, including Saturday’s Men’s Open finalist Patrick Monteith. Will you be the one to break the 18 second barrier next time?
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Sprint your Stache off 2/21

We are now officially into Beard & Stache Fest- an event put together by The World Is Fun to benefit Treehouse.  Lasting the month of February, it celebrates facial hair and raises money for a great organization that supports foster kids by helping out with extra curricular activities.

Sprint your Stache off will be taking place at Brouwer’s Cafe through the support of Sailor Jerry Rum.  Come raise a glass to the stache and spin to win.  Sailor Jerry drink specials, prizes to win- it’s going to be a good night.

New to sprints?  Here are a few things you should know.

  • We’ll have two bikes set up and racers will compete in head to head sprints.
  • The bikes are stabilized at the fork- so they are easy to ride (no experience necessary)
  • Bring street shoes.  Sneakers work best- high heels, platform shoes, flip-flops and cycling shoes… not so well.
  • The first round will be a race against the clock- the top times advancing to a single elimination bracket.
  • Grudge matches are encouraged- you can pick your opponent- race your friends- or your enemies!
  • Distance is 500 meters- usually taking people 20-40 seconds.
  • There are men’s AND women’s brackets!
  • It’s easy and fun- come out and give it a shot, or just enjoy the party!
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Emerald Sprints Regional Winner announced!

After a series of qualifying rounds taking place in Seattle and Bellingham over the last few months, Friday night brought everything to a head at Wright Brothers Cycle Works in the heart of Fremont.

Charles Hadrann, owner of Wright Brothers, catered the event with food and beverages from around the world, a good representation of the global nature of roller racing. In the 1950’s, roller racing was commonly found in pubs and taverns throughout Europe. Due in part to the availability of technology, the last decade has seen a boost in the popularity of roller racing throughout North America and the world over. 70 cities from around the world will be present at the World Championships in Las Vegas later this month.

Patrick Monteith and Pavel Cherney started the evening as the crowd favorites- the two of them have each won a number of events and are extremely fast on the rollers. Many people saw them as being the two that would face off for the grand prize.

The majority of people that came out to race had qualified already, but a few came out to put in their best time, to qualify, and to take their shot at winning a round trip ticket and hotel stay in Las Vegas.  One of those people was Andre Kivijarvi.  His first time at an Emerald Sprints event, he put in good times through the night.  It came down to the final 1000m head to head match between Andre and Pavel.  Andre got a lead from the start and held strong, finishing with a time of 38.665, with Pavel right behind at 38.914.

Rae Anne won out over Cara for the women with a time of 44.956 seconds for 1000m.

Andre and Rae Anne both took home a hand built wheel set, built by the skilled hands at Wright Brothers. Andre K will also be traveling to Las Vegas to represent Emerald Sprints and Wright Brothers Cycle Works at the Roller Racing World Championships on September 23rd 2010. Go Means Go and Wright Brothers Cycle Works provided a round trip ticket and hotel stay for Andre while in Las Vegas.

Go Means Go will be at Interbike all week and at the Roller Racing Championships on Thursday to cheer on our Northwest competitors. Stay tuned for updates on the goings on at Interbike, which is going to bring a bunch of new and exciting things to the world of cycling.

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Emerald Sprints Regional Finals this Friday!

Friday 9/10 it’s time to send someone to Las Vegas.  Bring your spinning legs to Wright Brothers tomorrow- because it’s going to be hot!  People have been qualifying in Seattle and Bellingham for the past couple months and it’s time to see who will represent Emerald Sprints in Las Vegas at the World Championships on September 23rd.

Register at 7pm.  Race 8-10.  Don’t be late!  $5 to race.

Winner of the night wins a round trip ticket to Las Vegas to compete in the Roller Racing World Championships.


Top male and female racers win a custom wheelset built by Wright Brothers Cycle Works

We’ll have a keg for those 21+, there will be great prizes, and you should definitely be there.  Bring your friends too- free to watch, though space is limited and priority will be given to those that are racing.

Those that have already qualified are below.  Friday is the big day- make sure you come out to see how you fare.  If you haven’t qualified- get there early and put in a time.  The fastest times of the qualifier round for both men and women will be able to compete that evening.

6/4 Qualifier at 9 Million in Unmarked Bills:

  • Geoff C
  • Randy S
  • Tyler J
  • Raymond W
  • Lindsay F
  • Kerry D

7/22 Qualifier at Ballard Loft:

  • Pavel C
  • Leo B
  • Brian G (Fat Brian)
  • Eric C
  • Rachel G
  • Nouela J

7/31 Qualifier at Brouwer’s Cafe:

  • Nat P
  • Tyler M
  • Noah T
  • Patrick M
  • Sally
  • Mary M
  • Sarah S

8/3 Qualifier in Bellingham:

  • Charlie H
  • Lars
  • Joey M
  • Joe P
  • Jessica
  • Ariel

8/8 Qualifer at Murphy’s Irish Pub

  • Ben B
  • Charlie C
  • Bryan D (Sleepy Bryan)
  • Josh S
  • Rae Anne
  • Ari S


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Bellingham Emerald Sprints Results are up!

We went up to Bellingham for an Emerald Sprints event on Friday the 3rd- where the Bellingham qualifier for the regional championships took place at The Cabin Tavern.  There were some really great times, and as usual- Bellingham was up for a party.  Thanks to the sponsors of the event and especially to Joe at Traitor Cycles for putting his blood, sweat and tears into bringing us up there.  We love Traitor Cycles!

The next tier took the top eight times for the men and put them into a single elimination bracket.


Due to a tie between Traitor Joe and Chris M- we put them and their designated drinker team mates to the test with a 500m beer sprint.  Joe and his partner Ryan won by just over 1 second.


And then there were four….


The women’s final was 500m, and the men’s was 1000m.  Charlie H. took it for the men and Jessica put in a great time for the women.


Congratulations to Charlie H, Joey M, Lars, and Joe P, Jessica and Ariel for qualifiying- we hope you can make it to Seattle this Friday for the Finals!  There is a wheelset and a ticket to Vegas on the line!

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This weekend in Seattle


Meet at 5pm to hang out and enjoy tunes by DJ NLJB

Music by Concours d’Elegance and Sap’N at 7pm

Short films followed by Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure at dusk (around 9pm)

And on Sunday…


Come down to the Boxcar Alehouse in Magnolia (3407 Gilman Avenue West) for Emerald Sprints!  Lots of bike parking and good times to be had.  Register at 6pm race from 7-9.  Don’t be a stick in the mud spokes, come out and support!  There is even a FACEBOOK page for it!

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Emerald Sprints this Sunday- The Final Four begins…




Emerald Sprints.  If you haven’t been to an event yet, they are really coming to a head.  There are four more events planned (one in Bellingham) and they will all come down to the Regional Finals on September 10th.


If you haven’t been in a while- you should know a couple things.

  1. Our gearing has changed. Some folks didn’t like the fact that we were running freewheels.  Well we FIXED that.  We are now running 53×14- Fixed gear- with 165mm crank arms.  This matched with a 23c trainer tire and no resistance on the rollers, make speeds of over 50mph possible…
  2. We are using clips and cages.  If you run clipless pedals, I would suggest you bring or borrow a pair of street shoes- clipless shoes have been known to pop out.
  3. DO NOT ROLL BACKWARDS.  People do.  I don’t know why, but even after they are told time and time again, they roll backwards.  What happens is the rear wheel falls off the roller in less an one second.  This can damage the cable that the magic runs through to make the image on the screen move.  You don’t want to mess with the magic do you?
  4. The distance has increased.  We are now doing sprints of 500m.  Finals are 1000m.  Ouch.
  5. You don’t have to plan to win to race.. Sprints are fun- grudge matches are races that involve you and a friend- winner gets bragging rights.  Do a beer sprint- see who’s fastest at beers AND bikes.
  6. It’s about fun.  Bikes are about fun.  If you aren’t having fun, then you are doing it wrong.

Thanks to Robert at Bunnyhawk put together this flier for the final four.

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2010 Gold Sprint World Championships

What have you been killing yourself on the rollers for lately?  How about this?

If you would like to be involved with the Regional Finals as a sponsor, contact


2010 GoldSprints World Championships Racing to Glory During Interbike Tradeshow
WestCoast GoldSprints and OpenSprints unite to showcase best of
international roller racing talent

San Francisco, CA – WestCoast GoldSprints, the premiere event
organizer dedicated to roller racing, has announced it will host the
2010 GoldSprints World Championships this year in Las Vegas,
coinciding with Interbike and in partnership with OpenSprints, the
electronic timing solutions provider for roller racing, Kreitler
Rollers and Marin Bikes.

Taking place on September 23, 2010 at 8pm at Las Palmas Mexican Grill
(953 East Sahara Avenue) in Last Vegas, the 2010 GoldSprints World
Championships will offer racers in both men’s and women’s divisions
$10,000 in cash and prizes. GoldSprints roller racing pits
recreational riders, professional cyclists and industry fans against
each other as they aim to complete the fastest 500 and 1,000-meter
sprints on track bikes affixed to rollers.

The 2010 GoldSprints World Championships will see the best GoldSprints
racers from around the world converge to battle for supremacy.
Qualifying rounds, hosted by WestCoast GoldSprints as well as
OpenSprints organizers on local levels, start August 1st across cities
worldwide and culminate at the 2010 World Championships in Las Vegas.
Wild Card entries will be open to Interbike tradeshow attendees and
the general public, with wild card qualifying rounds taking place at
Kreitler Rollers’ Interbike booth #4381 on September 22 and 23.

“Last year’s GoldSprints event at Interbike was a screaming success
because attendees were so stoked on the Kreiter Cup,” said Murphy
Mack, who founded WestCoast GoldSprints in 2006. “This year we’re
taking roller racing to the next level, with preliminary races held in
partnership with OpenSprints and evening entertainment from H.R.
Muff’N Stuff and the Pedal Panties Girls. We’re looking forward to the
no-holds barred, sweat-inducing, crowd-rousing battle of the first
ever GoldSprints World Championships. Be sure to follow us on Twitter
@WCGoldSprints to keep up to date on developments prior to the big

What: 2010 Gold Sprints World Championships
When: Thursday September 23rd, 2010
Where: Las Palmas Mexican Grill, 953 East Sahara Avenue, Las Vegas, NV
Time: 8pm – 2am PDT; doors open at 7:30pm PDT
Sponsors: OpenSprints, Kreitler Rollers and Marin Bikes
$10,000 in cash and prizes
Entry fee: $20, which is entered into the cash purse