57 Varieties Time Trial

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This Saturday, April 5th, 327 Words presents the 57 Varieties Time Trial, an alleycat-style bike race around a variety of spots in Seattle with checkpoints and performance detraction options at time-honored destinations and way-stations.

Begins at 2020 Cycle @ 21st & Union in Seattle, WA on Saturday, April 5, 2014 at 3:27pm sharp, signups commencing around 2:30 or so.

Get all the info and check out the impressive list of sponsors HERE.


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Rocket Ride: The Love of Suffering

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The Rocket Ride brings together some of the fastest road riders/racers in the Seattle area. A weekly training ride made up of mostly members of and friends of HSP. It is a tough ride on a good day, and if you know our typical Seattle winter weather, well its usually not a good day.

Bokanev_RocketRide22FEB14 (29)

This past Saturday friend of GMG Andy Bokanev followed the ride in a support vehicle documenting the suffering in the less than idea road riding conditions. Temperatures were pegged firmly in the upper-30 territory and the light drizzle turned to cold rain, to sleet, and then to snow.

Check out Andy’s full photo set of the ride HERE.
More on HSP (Harriot Sports Performance) HERE.

Bokanev_RocketRide22FEB14 (35)

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Conduit Coffee: Delivering Coffee by Bike

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Few things are more synonymous with Seattle than coffee. I would say when most people think of Seattle two things come to mind, rain and coffee, probably in that order. Little do most people know it really doesn’t rain that much in Seattle, we just tell the rest of the country that to keep them from moving here. Which seems to be becoming a less effective method of deterring people (the secret must be out.) Seattleites do however love their coffee. Sure a lot of people still drink the stuff with the green open-legged mermaid on it, probably for the same reason I see people buying Bud Light, a lot of people are dumb. Thankfully Seattle is also home to countless other coffee roasters and cafes serving up delicious cups of that hot dark brew we can’t live without. Personally I love good coffee. Whether brewing it at home or visiting my favorite local cafes by bike, coffee is more or less a necessity. For sometime I’ve wondered why there were not businesses in my city tying together bicycles and coffee, two things I enjoy. The answer of course, there are. Case-in-point, Conduit Coffee.

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Messmann’s Messquarde 2013

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This Saturday October 26th, come out for Messmann’s Messquarade. A group scavenger hunt on bikes. Come with a team or join forces at registration. $5 per rider, no more than 6 riders per team.

Registration will be at Shorties: 2222 2nd Ave starting at 5pm, the team scavenger hunt will start at 6pm. The end of the scavenger hunt will be at the Twilight Exit: 2514 E Cherry after 8pm. If you can’t make it to the hunt come down to the Twilight Exit after 8pm and join the after party. As always prizes for the fastest, best costume, DFL and more.

RSVP and more information here: Messmann’s Messquarade 2013

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