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Resurrection VI Wrap-Up!


We did it, people! SIX YEARS! The Resurrection has now survived longer than Webster (the TV show, not Emmanuel Lewis who I think is still alive, but who has time to fact check?)! And what a day. This Resurrection took place earlier in season than usual, being in March instead of April. We could  have had terrible weather, but Seattle gave us incredible sunshine as we sent more than fifty racers all over the city to get smeared with blood, confess to terrible, terrible things, climb awful hills and hang out with rabbits.

Without the help of our sponsors, volunteers and riders we could never keep doing this, so to us you’re ALL winners. It’s just that some of you are a more winner-y than others, for example our top five overall racers:

  1. Fred Marshall
  2. Matt Face
  3. Sean Marsh
  4. Dustin Riggs
  5. Colin Northcraft
And our top three women, who weren’t messing around either, with Ali just cutting in to the top ten overall:
  1. Ali Masterson
  2. Rachel Green
  3. Molly S.

1st/2nd and 3rd/4th pairs this years opted for opposite routes around the city, with Fred and Matt taking the clockwise route and Sean and Dustin taking the counter-clockwise route:

Fullscreen capture 4112013 54000 PM

Between flat tires and close times, it’s hard to tell which route was the better choice but we DO know that Fred took home this year’s AWESOME champion’s bag for Seagull Bags. The prize table was fully stocked with other good, too, from the awesome folks at Recycled CyclesArt CoreSwrve, Bombus BikesPeddler BrewingEmerald City BicyclesSugar Bakery, and All Hail the Black Market:


Be sure to check them all out, and maybe even send them a note (or better yet an order!) and tell them you appreciate them supporting bike events like ours.

There are a ton more photos on Facebook (special thanks to Rob and Dida!), and all of the photos with Demetrius are in the gallery after the cut as well. If you have photos, post a link in the comment or on our Facebook wall!

Thanks again, and see you at  the Nine to Five, White Trash Sprints, NACCC, Tour de Watertower and all the other great Seattle summer events we’re looking forward to!

Photos by Rob Kittleson, Dida Lopez and myself (Greg Mertzlufft). Thanks!

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Help us document this year’s Nine to Five!

Photo by Jessica Gilmore

This year’s Nine to Five is done, and I expect I’m not the only one still recovering. One of toughest parts of organizing an event like this is not having the time to hear all the great stories (and see the photo evidence) from all the stops we spend the rest of the year trying to come with. This year, before I write the official Nine to Five wrap-up, I’m asking for your help in sharing the Nine to Five Experience!

Please upload your videos and photos and email me your favorite stories by Wednesday night, even if it just a couple words on where you found the toughest item or worst failed attempt. Whoever uploads the best photo/video from the night (“best” as we see fit, that is) will receive a $25 gift certificate to Jebena Cafe, possibly the friendliest Ethiopian restaurant in Seattle.

Post links to your photos / videos / stories in the comments or email them directly to Thanks!


Win stuff by registering for the Nine to Five!

One of the toughest parts about organizing the Nine to Five is being prepared for the right number of people. Our supply runs/catering order are done well ahead of time, which is why ask (and plead and beg!) you to preregister for the event to help us judge the numbers. We don’t like to turn folks away by requiring pre-registration, but it really does help us (not to mention you and your fellow riders) a ton. As a thank you for registering, we’ll be entering ALL registered riders in a couple drawings in the next week in a half leading up to the big night, the first for one of these sweet wallets from POKETO featuring art from Dutch husband-and-wife design team, MAKI:

“Some things take time” is one of my favorite riding mottoes, following only “every hill must end” and “it’s always a f’in race”.

So what are you waiting for?


Goodwill cyclist sale this weekend

This weekend is Seattle Goodwill’s Third Annual Cyclist Sale. They promise to have over 250 bikes for all ages and riding styles, as well as “jerseys, shorts, hats, shoes, seats, helmets, pedals, rims, tires, racks, frames, fenders, handlebars, water bottles, lights, reflectors, training wheels, pumps and more.” This could be a good excuse to get a friend on an inexpensive bike or pick up a project for yourself (I don’t think I’m allowed any more of those until I finish what I have).

The sale is at Seattle’s flagship store off Ranier, and runs 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on Saturday, June 9 and from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. on Sunday, June 10, but I’d suggest getting there early. If one of you ladies doesn’t snag this for the White Trash Sprints this Fourth of July, I’m going to be be disappointed:


Freshening Up

It’s been awhile since we’ve had any major design changes around here, and – with things about to get really busy with the Nine to Five and Tour de Watertower on the horizon – I figured if I didn’t do it now it would probably wait until Fall. We’re still working out the kinks so be sure to let us know how the new site is working for you!