Lost Vegas.

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“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us, we were all going direct to heaven, we were all going direct the other way – in short, the period was so far like the present period, that some of its noisiest authorities insisted on its being received, for good or for evil, in the superlative degree of comparison only.”

-Charles Dickens, “A Tale of Two Cities”

Las Vegas. Sin City. A place where the lines of business and pleasure blur, and people are encouraged to leave their inhibitions at the door, and their money in the casinos. When the business and marketing powers that be design a campaign to attract people to come to their town, the hook being “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”, you know that anything can happen. Lesser known is the “What’s lost in Vegas, stays in Vegas” line, which my ATM card went the way of, getting lost at some point during the day at Interbike.

I appreciate Vegas in that it is a perfect social experiment. Sitting in front of the Bellagio, I watched three of their fountain shows while working a checkpoint for the alleycat that ran on Friday. A country western song that I wasn’t familiar with played, as well as “Singin’ in the Rain.” The one that really stood out in my head was when Lee Greenwood’s “I’m proud to be an American” started to play. Here we have a song that is supposed to really get some love flowing. I imagine people arm in arm in some sort of Kum Bay Ya circle. I listened to the song while watching people walk down the street, Bud Light in hand, on their way to one casino or another, ready to throw some money around in the name of Freedom. I was not, at that moment, proud to be an American.

I have a massive pile of swag, information, and literature, from businesses around the world to work through. I met some incredible people, made some new friends, got some pictures, some autographs, and some good memories.

I will be writing up some coverage as to what happened each day. But it may take a day or two. Of all the things I left in Vegas, I miss my mind the most.

In the meantime, you can read up on these people, who I did not meet, but may have sought out, if I had read the article while I was there. It looks like they may have had a bike for me to borrow.

Read the article and watch the video HERE

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Dead Baby benefit for PJ

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This is for a good cause, and it’s bound to be a good time. That’s a win-win situation. So come out to support, and to raise funds for a friend in need.


The next Dead Baby Club Ride, October 2nd will be ending at Cafe’ Metropolitan on Capitol Hill, 1701 E Olive Wayhttp://www.cafemetropolitain.com/
This ride will be a benefit to raise money to help our Club Brother PJ pay off medical bills from his massive head trauma last winter.

~show up @ 8:00pm
~$5.00 suggested donation at the door. (MORE IS BETTER!)
~Beer and Booze Drink Specials.
~Raffle: 3 Raleigh Bikes, Ortlieb Bags, Chrome Bags, Bike Art and more.
~Bands: Shit Gets Smashed and Throne of Bone.

All the proceeds from this event will will go to paying-off PJ’s medical bills.

And as a friend of mine said:

“I don’t want to see a bunch of Douches out there who are just there to grab some free beer and poach in on a DeadBaby ride.  I want to see some folks who will bring what they would normally spend on a Friday nite (and more) and donate it to a kid who’s life is forever changed because of this incident.”

True that.  This is about the community, and YOU are the community.

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Bike stolen from inside Shorty’s

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I woke up this morning to find this email from Mike D in my inbox.  Never a good thing to hear about, another bike to stay looking for.


This is Jay Waymire’s bike. IT HAS BEEN STOLEN BY THIEVES!!! (Actually, just one thief) The bastard took it from the INSIDE OF SHORTY’S. WTF??!!? You may not know Jay directly… but I got a dollar that says he has served most of you drinks while working every Friday and Saturday nights at Shorty’s in Belltown for the last few years. Jay is super into bikes, and will be riding a borrowed one until this is HOPEFULLY recovered. PLEASE e-mail michael.e.duggan@gmail.com or call 206-972-2712 if you hear or see ANYTHING remotely related to this bike. Jay has agreed to give oral sex to whoever finds his bike, or if that sounds bad… he agrees to NOT try to do that to you. It’s a win-win!!!!! KEEP THOSE PEEPERS PEELED! PLEASE

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Jackie’s wheel stolen

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More bike thieves jacking shit… Sorry to hear about it.

Saturday night, Jackie got her rear wheel taken on Capital Hill on Pine and Boylston. Keep your eyes peeled.
It has white velocity deep v rim with gold nipples around the valve, yellow hub, and a yellow and black tire.

Here is a pic of Jackie’s bike, that now looks much sadder, missing it’s rear wheel.


If you spot it and know that it’s hers, lock it, call the police, as well as Jackie. If you aren’t sure, please call her with a description of bike that it was seen on, where and when it was seen, as well as a description of who is riding it.

Jackie: 727.480.087

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Flossy and Glossy.

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Wow.  This is incredible.  Obviously the disc wheel is incredible.  But the Sugino crank and Dura Ace (drilled) chainring to match?  Gorgeous.  It almost seems fake it’s so pretty.  Like if you were to see a unicorn grazing in the wild.


Seen at Girl meets Bear

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F#@king airlines, and a folding fixed gear.

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Last night I spent quite a while trying to break down my bike to a size small enough that US Airways wouldn’t charge me $100 each way to get my bike to vegas. The size that I have to work with: 62″ – which is the total of the length + width + height of the box. It’s impossible.

What I don’t understand is why they don’t like bikes so much. It’s not a weight issue, or a cubic inch issue. What they have done, from what I can tell, is get dimensions that no full size bike that doesn’t come apart can shrink to. I have been considering bringing a mini-bike- as it’s only 5 miles from my hotel to the Sands, but it won’t be very much fun if I’m riding with big bikes too.

The airline industry is one that I don’t understand at all. Golf clubs fly free. So do snowboard bags. my little ol’ bike box packs well, is lighter than either, and takes up fewer cubic inches. All this, and still, $100 each way. It is almost cheaper to buy a separate seat for my bike. Unbelievable.

This frustration has got me thinking of a folding bike. I don’t travel enough to warrant shelling out over $2000 for one of the gorgeous, and sold out Freeman Transport “Gravel Racer” bikes:


So maybe a full size folder is too much? What are my other options? There are of course lots of possibilities out there. How about a Strida? I have a soft spot for concept bikes, which, honestly is what I thought the Strida was when I first saw it. It surprised me even more to find out that not only were they not make believe, but they also didn’t cost an arm and a leg.

Having never straddled a Strida, I can only assume that it would feel a little weird. Riding aggressively doesn’t seem like a great idea. But if what you want to do is get from point A to point B, then this may be your ticket:


No, the Strida may not be for everyone.

Today, on my meanderings through the interwebs, I was over on Urban Velo, and saw that Montague is mixing it up a little bit. Though it’s not available now, when I really could use it, January 2010 will see this little guy come out with a price tag of about $700. That’s not bad. I’d be really curious to see how this thing rides. Maybe they’ll be at Interbike and I can take it for a spin?


In the mean time, I’ll be on the phone with US Airways, frustrated, trying to figure out how I can bring my bike to Vegas. Cross your fingers for me.

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A blast from the past.

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I’m not interested in seeing images of most modern day celebrities riding their screwed up department store bikes.  I like old pictures anyhow, so here are a few from back when your folks were kids.

Rita Hayworth (second from the right):


And this guy, who I’ve been assured IS NOT Paul McCartney- likes girls on bikes too:


Ginger Rogers:


And this is somebody famous, I’m almost sure of it.  Any help?


And though not a movie star, this comes image comes from 1915, and is an invention that was designed to take flight once the vehicle reaches 35 mph.  Once the vehicle reaches 88 mph, through the aid of a flux capacitor (not seen in image) the pilot/rider has the ability to travel through time, which is how the image came to me.  Pretty neat, huh?


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Princely Musings- Bicycle

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I saw it at Riding Pretty

Who saw it at Sydney Body Art Ride

Where I also saw this:

The Cycologists are a three man bicycle band from Australia fronted by acclaimed instrument maker Linsey Pollak and also featuring Ric Halstead and Brendan Hook. For their impromptu, outdoor live performances, the band ride up on their bikes and remove the seats in unison to reveal modified clarinets made entirely of bicycle parts. After they’ve finished performing, they take a bow before hopping back on their clarinets and riding off into the sunset.

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