Sheldon Brown tee shirt. Never Forget.

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Sheldon Brown.  A wealth of information, a dedicated rider, and gone but not forgotten.  You have probably been to the website before, if there is something that seems like it might be possible on a bike, Sheldon Brown has likely tried it.  Sheldon Brown was diagnosed with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis in 2007, and passed in 2008 from a heart attack.

A technical authority on all things bicycle, I found the answer to many tech questions I had over the years.

Shirts are available now, with proceeds benefiting, an organization Sheldon believed in and supported in his life.

ride_blackPreorder one HERE

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Swift Industries + Partybots= Gifted

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Martina and Jason stopped by Art Velo the other night to take a look at some of the art gracing the walls. You may remember them from the Path Less Pedaled a while back. I am a big fan of Swift Industries. They have some great products, including their saddlebags, panniers, and my personal favorite, the Pelican Porteur rack bag, made for the 5 rail Cetma rack. They’ve also got tool pouches, hip pouches, and are solid individuals. They recently did a collaboration with Partybots, for this holiday season, so you can now get their Roll Top Panniers or their Pelican Porteur rack bag with a fella riding an Ordinary bicycle on them. Each “Gifted” package comes with a subscription to Boneshaker. The perfect gift for your bike touring friends and family. These are made in a VERY limited run, so pick one up today.


  • The Pelican Porteur Gifted Package is selling for $200 (plus shipping) and includes a subscription to Boneshaker, as well as the waxwear porteur bag with the Partybots Ordinary on it.
  • The Roll Top Pannier Gifted Package is available for $275 (plus shipping) and also includes a subscription to Boneshaker.

If you are looking for quality in a handmade piece of cycling luggage, you’ve got it in Swift Industries. And the addition of the Partybots ordinary is the icing on the cake. It’s like a cake made of bicycles.

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A fundraiser is underway to help out Val Kleitz. Val is a talented Seattle mechanic, staunch supporter of the cycling community, and possessor of one amazing mustache. Val is battling cancer, and through the support of Aaron’s Bicycle Repair in West Seattle and Redline Bicycles, based in Kent, raffle tickets for a Redline 9-2-5 fixed-gear commuter bike are being sold to help pay some of Val’s suddenly massive medical expenses. Because of Washington’s “gambling” laws you have to swing by Aaron’s in person to buy a ticket, but far-flung folks who want to help can also make donations through this PayPal account. The drawing will be held at Aaron’s on Sunday December 20th with Val in attendance.

Please come by and support, or donate through paypal.  Medical expenses add up quickly, and are the last thing that Val should have to worry about right now.


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Dark Days Photo contest details

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It’s on like Donkey Kong. The Dark Days photo contest has begun:


Contest Rules:

  • You may submit a maximum of four photographs.
  • Photographs must have some bike-related content.
  • Photographs must have been taken outside, after dark.
  • The work must be your own.
  • Entries do not have to be current; go back and pick your favorites.
  • Creativity is highly and heartily encouraged.
  • Prizes can only be sent to addresses in North America. (Photos taken anywhere are welcome!)

Submit your photo(s) one of two ways:

Please do your best to keep emailed submissions under 1MB in size. Emailed images will be reposted to the contest’s Flickr group, with credit given to the photographers. Winners will be announced on both Bikejuju and GOMEANSGO the week of the winter equinox, December 21.

Now the fun part – prizes!

Bikejuju and GOMEANSGO will be selecting winners in the following categories:

  • Best overall image
  • Most creative image
  • Best Pacific Northwest image (entries for this prize must be captioned with location)

Each winner will receive a prize package including a light from Planet Bike, a Bikeglow safety light, and other fun schwag to be determined.

But wait, there’s more! There will also be a “Planet Bike Dark Days Commuter” winner – the nice folks at Planet Bike will pick one winner who receives a full “commuter package.” That’s a set of Cascadia fenders (any size), a mini pump of the winner’s choice, a Blaze 2W or Blaze Dynamo headlight, a SuperFlash rear light, and a saddle bag with tire levers and patch kit. Plus, the folks at Planet Bike have expressed interest in potentially using that winner’s image in an ad or on their website!

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Prohab helmet calendar

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Well I guess we can add another calendar featuring girls on bikes to the roster. This one is looking pretty good. I like the concept.

The events that are listed are Vancouver based, but at least they are bike events.



They’ll be having a calendar release party in Vancouver on 11/13. Calendars will start shipping 11/12. You can pick one up for $17CAD on their blog. It comes to $24 and change (CAD), shipped Go to their BLOG to make the magic happen.


I saw this over on Pedal Consumption

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Double the feature, double the fun.

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Last night at ART VELO- we had a little fun and played some out of print movies on the projector.  Two movies only on VHS, about bikes, and hard to find information on.

The first was called “Beasts of Burden” and it documents San Francisco bike messenger culture, circa 1992.  I must say that messengers today have much better style than they did then.  These guys looked half hessian/half Mad Max.  Leather jackets and hockey pads.  No fixed gear bikes in this one, just mountain bikes and cruisers with monster baskets on the front.  There was a snippet from Erik Zo, who started making bags and selling them to couriers.  His bags became very sought after, and from what he says, changed the way messengers carried their parcels.

At just around 30 minutes long, it was an interesting look at messengers from all angles.  From the SFPD, to people on the street, to the messengers themselves.  In the early 90’s, it seemed like messengering would never go away.  There was a much larger community even within San Fransisco.  Who knew that the internet and fax machine would be so devastating to the industry?

A pretty good movie all around, It would be great to do a “Where are they now” type thing a la Heavy Metal Parking Lot.  I’d give it a 3 out of 5 stars.

The second movie that played.  Ahhhh.  The second movie.

Ten Speed.

In a nutshell, it was based in a big wig advertising firm in San Francisco.  And in the opening sequence you see the womanizing hunky lead riding to work in his white suit, being all 1976 and stuff.  On his way to work he foils a purse snatcher, and skitches up the hill on a cable car that his coworker is riding on.  He flips her some lip, just to let you know that he knows how awesome he is, and beats her to the office.  His coworker is promoting a bike race from San Francisco to Malibu.  400 miles.  She doesn’t want him to race for the company, but he wants to.  So the boss makes them race together.  There are a pair guys that are always getting into trouble, one of whom is portrayed as though he might be slightly retarded.  The good guy wins in the end.  And no it isn’t the dude in the white suit.

Throughout the movie it seemed as though each scene could turn into a really messed up slasher flick, or a really bad porn.  The dubbing was horrible, and the voices didn’t match the mouths.  If you are a fan of horrible movies, this might be right up your alley.  To put it into perspective, you have Quicksilver and BMX Bandits, both released to dvd.  Rad is apparently getting released to dvd at some point.  All with horrible acting. But Ten Speed…. nope.  Out of print.  Only available on VHS.  And when you rent it from Scarecrow Video, they don’t require a  deposit, as they do with many out of print movies.  You can tell right off that it’s not going to be very good.

I will say that I can watch just about anything that has to do with bicycles.  This one was hard.  I’m glad I sat through watching the Night rider take it all the way home, but man.  It was a little painful.  A couple people left halfway through.

I’d give it a 1 out of 5 stars.

Well, if you missed the double feature, stay tuned for more this winter.  We’ll get some more going.  No promises on the quality of the films, but hey, it’s about bikes.

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