Squids and whales oh my.

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This is going to be a lot of fun, Karl (partyboys.org partybots.org) supports a lot of races and bike events in Seattle, and is a great artist. This mural that him and Pixel.Tron did is crazy. They have a lot of time and money into this mural, so come out and drink some PBR to show your support (the artists get a portion of PBR sales)


-WHAT: “Squid VS Whale” by Pixel.Tron & Karl Addison
OPENING PARTY: Saturday, August 29th 6 to 10 PM.
-WHERE: The Twilight Exit, 2514 East Cherry, Seattle, WA 98122 – 206.324.7462
-MORE: PBR Drink Specials (PBR Goes To Support The Efforts Of The Mural)

Squid VS. Whale is a mural of epic proportions. The mural depicts a battle between a whale and a giant squid just below the surface of the sea. The story is being illustrated on a mural in Seattle’s Central District. Artist Pixel.Tron & Karl Addison have been working for weeks to perfect the painting and it’s very last detail. The 60 foot wall pulls you into their imagination; it is a must see mural in person.

The mural is being produced by two local artists from Seattle, Mr. Pixel.Tron & Karl Addison. The Central District community has many great murals and their new addition has been openly welcomed by neighbors, business owners, and many of the local residents. The concept came for a need to be challenged artistically by both artist and for a composition that could be enjoyed by all in the local neighborhood. 50 plus cans, over 9 gallons of paint & 60 hours of painting – the concept and mural is a reality for all to enjoy.


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GO MEANS GO shirts!

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Shirts will ship the week of August 24th.

Available colors:


Place your order today! Head on over to the Big Cartel store.

You may have heard from this, or one of the many other blogs that posted about the break in of the U-Haul in Portland during the Rose City Fix event. A ton of stuff was taken from the van, most posted about being Patrick and Jake’s bikes. My loss was small by comparison, but it’s been rough all the same. My messenger bag was stolen, containing 11 Macaframa dvds, which were to be sold for a distribution company I’ve doing work for. In addition to the dvd’s, all 25 of the GO MEANS GO shirts that I printed were taken as well. Not only does it suck to be without a mess bag, what was to be sold for $900, walked off in the night. Also stolen of course were two frames; Jacope’s and Jerry’s. Big bummer.

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Rose City Fix! Get your copy today!

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As you likely know by now, the Rose City Fix last weekend went well for the participants that came out.  The book has been released, and is a beautiful piece of work.  Brenton and Aaron have done an amazing job putting it together.  The riders are from the Northwest (predominately PDX), and the images were taken in different locations around Portland.

Download it for $10 or buy a hard copy for $35.  Full on coffee table worthy:  71 pages, 8.5″ x 8.5″, perfect binding, full-color interior ink.  Whether you appreciate fixed gear bikes, good photography, or a bit of all of it, you will enjoy this book.  This is bicycle culture, and the people documenting it.  Support them.  Be a part of your community, locally and globally.  Pick it up HERE

You can see some of my favorites below.

You can pick up a copy HERE

Kudos to Brenton and Aaron for a job well done!

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Stolen Bicycle: Beacon Hill

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This was forwarded to me today.  Any info would be appreciated.  Don’t forget to lock your bike properly, and keep track of your serial numbers!  If your bike is stolen, you can search the interweb with a “Fine Tooth Cog”

From Nickey:

My bike was stolen out of my yard in Beacon Hill last night, and I really need it back! This is the info:

Cherry Red Trek 720, stolen on the morning of Aug. 18 fro 1510 S Hill St
Relatively small
Has: mustache handlebars with striped red and black tape and bar end shifters
a small sticker on the rear triangle that says “cycling saved my ass!”
a black rear rack
a cyclometer and white Planet Bike headlight
a scissoring double kickstand

Thank you so much!


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Break out the spandex, it’s Triathacat season. 08.23.09

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This will be lots of fun-  Ali sent this on to me, and it will be great fun, before the Bike In at Cal Anderson Park.


The Triathacat is a triathlon inspired alley cat race based on both points and time. Racers will be given a manifest at the start of the race which will be a list of check points which may be visited in any order. All checkpoints must be visited.

At each check point racers must complete a swimming OR running activity in order to receive points. Points will vary according to the stop. At some stops running will be worth more points than swimming, and vise versa. You will be awarded points under the discretion of those manning the check points.

First place goes to the most points, followed by best time, and alternate from there on..

EVERYONE is encouraged to race, it will be FUN and you will have the option of making it challenging or easy, however expect to run and/or swim. Spandex or swim attire strongly encouraged. Your number will be written on you with grease paint. Your manifest will be on your spoke card. Bag and lock not required or recommended, we will have someone to watch your belongings while you race. Beer and jubilation at the finish.

Sponsors include:
Anchor Tattoo
Fire Horse Forge
2020 Cycles
Der Hammer
Cupcake Royale

Possibly more to come..

If anyone is unable/uninterested in racing but wants to be involved please contact me, I need help manning check points.
alirm@u.washington.edu 425.361.3841

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Stolen in Portland!

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The Rose City Fix weekend was going great. The race, trick comp, and prize distribution went well, and it was off to the afterparty. It had been a long day, and I was looking forward to listening to Conrad DJ at Rotture, have some drinks, and maybe work my way into a little epileptic shuffle that I attempt to convince people is dancing. Smiles all around, people excited about the prizes that they won. I also had some merchandise to sell, which was proving difficult because of so many great prizes.

All was fine and dandy, until Jake came back in to tell us that the van had been broken into.




  • Patrick’s bike
  • Jake’s bike
  • Jake’s custom Freight Baggage (black) bag that contained a digital and film camera and a $400 Patagonia jacket (black)
  • My Timbuktu shoulder bag containing 11 Macaframa DVD’s and 25 Go Means Go shirts
  • Custom Dodici Veloce frame (pink/chrome) w/chrome fork
  • Leader 721TR Track Frame/Fork (white)

All gone.

Everything was taken from the van except for a lower priced wheelset and a conversion fixed gear. The perpetrators knew what was valuable, took it, and left the rest. This to me means that whoever did the deed knew that we had the van. They may have been at Backspace for the prize distribution. If they were, then they would have known that all the prizes were given away. All that was left inside was personal items. Anybody that has had stuff stolen knows that it’s a horrible feeling. A feeling of violation, especially when there is a break-in involved. A cut chain, broken lock, broken window, or jimmied door. To me, it sets it apart from something that was taken if left unattended. This was premeditated.

Lots of work went into this event, and it’s unfortunate that anyone, let alone the people that were involved with the organization of it, got the shaft. Sure, there is a financial loss involved, but that’s not the worst part. I view the cycling community as the community that I live in. For this reason, I hope that the thief or thieves involved were just some crackheads that saw a van, and decided to see what was inside. (Our stuff was covered, and not visible.)

If you happen to see some crack heads in Portland rolling with GO MEANS GO shirts on, wearing a black Timbuktu bag, riding a Pista Concept or purple 3Rensho, and they practicing tricks from the movie Macaframa, please get our stuff back. The likelihood of that is slim, but one can hope. A police report was filed, so if you have any information, feel free to call Officer Joel M. Ockunzzi (#49841) of the Portland Police Department. The case number is 090 72910

To finish on a positive note: Portland is a great town. It may have a seedy underbelly, but the reality is: It’s a great town for riding, the people are generally nice, and I like visiting. When something like this happens, keep your head up. It’s not the end of the world, though it may feel like it. Stay positive. As I was reminded (I sometimes forget,) so many good things happen daily. Sometimes bad things happen, but it’s the exception. Keep moving forward, and don’t dwell on the negative.

If you see any of the items, please contact me, Patrick or Jake immediately. Or call the police.

Patrick: 1.503.740.1299

Ryan: ryan@gomeansgo.org

Jake: jakericker@gmail.co


Patrick’s bike: 2007 Pista Concept (53cm), gold H Plus Son Formation Face rims, silver Phil Wood low-flange track hubs, black Thomson seatpost, black San Marco Supercorsa saddle, black Thomson stem, black Nitto risers bars, black Odyssey Twisted PC Pedals, and black Hold Fast straps.

Jake’s bike: Purple-metallic 3Rensho (56cm), front SPIN Tri-Spoke (white), black rear Chub Hub laced to a H Plus Son Formation Face rim, silver Thomson seatpost, white San Marco Rolls Ti saddle, silver Dura-Ace stem, silver Campy headset, silver MKS Sylvan pedals, black Cadence double toe straps, and Syntace pursuit bars.

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