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DIY Wednesday: Handlebar bag

If you have time and patience more than money, or just a love of doing things yourself- this may be a project for you.  Dylan Carney, fellow rider for Soft Like Kitten (he also races for Carbon Neutral) and blogger shot me a message when I made a call out for DIY Wednesday projects.  Thanks Dylan!

Go from HERE:



And wind up with THIS:

Look easy?  Well find all the gory details by following his step by step at IF I HAD A BIKE BLOG...

Did I mention that Dylan does Rando rides and will be participating in Paris-Brest-Paris after racing Mountain bikes this summer.  And his beard rivals Grizzly Adams.

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Women On Wheels in Seattle 3/3

Got a note from Eric about an event that will taking place next month at Gregg’s Cycles for the ladies only.

Once again it is time to celebrate Women and Cycling with Gregg’s Cycles.  Free entry, food from Greenlake Bar and Grill, drinks from Hansens, beer, wine, and raffles!

Free Valet bike parking the night of the event so feel free to ride in. Metro Bus Route 16 stops right outside their door as well.

Date: Thursday, March 3rd
Time: 6:30pm-9:30pm
Where: Gregg’s Greenlake Cycle

Emily Edison is the owner and founder of Momentum Nutrition and Fitness in Seattle and will speak at the event. Emily Edison is a recognized expert in the area of sports nutrition. Emily specializes in nutrition for athletes, wellness, and the management of eating disorders. Her practice includes teaching people how to eat for performance, improve vitality, and to recognize their individual internal cues for eating. In her fifth season as the Sports Dietitian for the entire University of Washington Husky Athletic Department, Emily provides nutrition coaching for Husky athletes, coaches and training staff. The 2008 NCAA National Champion Cross Country, Crew and Softball teams, look to Edison for her sport nutrition guidance. Read more about Emily here.
Also hear from Kat Sweet. She has been trained by Endless Biking and coaches for the Dirt Series. She is the Youth Program Coordinator at Cascade Bicycle Club and the Director for Trips for Kids Seattle, a Cascade Program which provides mountain bike outings and environmental education for kids who would not otherwise have these opportunities. She rides for the Greggs sponsored Dirt Corp Team. You can see she truly has a love for cycling and it shows in her riding.

There will be food as well as wine and beer for those over 21. There will be a fashion show of the latest in women’s cycling clothing and a chance to talk to vendor representatives.

Parking is located on the west side of the main building on the corner of NE 71st and Ravenna Blvd and one block east between NE 71st and NE 70th, just behind “The Greenlake” condo structure. We share the east lot with a local school so please make sure you park in one of our designated spots. Bike parking will be available the night of the event so feel free to ride in.

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House Industries.

House Industries.  A type foundry that has made a considerable impact on the design world.  And they like bikes.  Below are a few of their offerings.  I love that jersey- and the Hampsten print in amazing.

Finger Lakes Print.  $50

Velocipede print.  $35.

Hampsten Gavia Pass print.  $75.

House Script White Jersey.  $135.

See more, and buy stuff HERE

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Soma Quill-inator


It converts a 1″ threadless headset so you can run your 1″ quill stem.  No plans for a 1-1/8″ model.  Retails for $119.99.  Available at Soma.

Seen on the Somafeed

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Fly away with me.

We all know that flying with a bike sucks.  If they weren’t so damn much fun, I know I would never do it.  Not only do they charge exorbitant amounts to take as luggage, it’s as though the baggage handlers have a vendetta against bikes and if it isn’t packed just right there is a good chance you could end up with a mangled frame when you get to your destination.  Enter BIKND and their Helium case.  A new look at packing a bike- and it seems like a good idea for a lightweight yet protective case for your precious goods.  I think if I were to travel with my carbon frame I’d likely use a hard case- but this is a close second.  It uses big air bladders in place of foam and rigid plastic to cut down on weight (it’s 24lbs empty.)  Retails for $600.  Available online HERE

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Swift Industries: Ozette Rando bag

Swift Industries is far from foreign to GO MEANS GO.  Not only are they based in Seattle, Jason and Martina are amazing people.  Their panniers are loved by those that own them, as well as their tool bags and saddle trunks.  I’ve worked with them in the past screenprinting their “The Sum Of It’s Parts” series for Partybots, and have long had a love for their “Pelican Porteur bag.” Seriously- Swift Industries is an amazing company.  If you are looking for luggage for your bike- check them out first.

If I loved them before, I’m hooked now.  They really went above and beyond with their newest product- available soon for order called the “Ozette Rando Bag.”

Measuring 11″W x 9″D x 9″H (that’s 891 cu. inches) it is designed to sit on a front rack and looks to be perfect for randonneuring or touring.  It features two rider-facing small pockets (3″), an 11″ x 7.5″ clear map case, flat side pockets, a 8″w X 7″h front pocket with flap and logo, and a vinyl interior. Mounts utilizing rando rack’s anterior lip, decaleur, and 2″ velcro strips underneath.  It will retail for $210.

If you have a front rando rack, aren’t hooked on a quick-release bag akin to the Minnehaha handlebar bag I reviewed a while ago- and love made in Seattle products- this could be right up your alley.  It would look great on a Raleigh Port Townsend which I’d love to get my hands on…

Get to their online store HERE

Also, if you are in Seattle- you know that the Bike Swap is coming up Sunday February 13th.  Swift Industries will be there with some seconds and prototypes that they’ll be offering for “HELLA CHEAP.”  You can also take advantage of a ONE DAY OPPORTUNITY to save $20 on the Ozette Rando Bag.  That means $190.  Real talk.  Get one for me while you’re at it.

*photos from Swift Industries website