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Reach for the Dream.

Not all custom bikes are pretty. We hope that there is a function that won out over form, but unfortunately that isn’t always the case. In the fine examples below, we have some people’s dream bikes. Where function met form perfectly. Like in a dream…

Though I was a bit confused when I first received information about this project, from what I gather there are a number of creative minds at work to offer beautiful bicycles and sundries for purchase. These will elevate your status to at or above knee level on Kanye West. In fact, you can let Kanye and Manual for Speed guide you through your dreams in their little bike building guide HERE.

And those really are some beautiful bikes by Argonaut and Speedvagen.

So there you go. In short time, you’ll be feeling like this.


And you can be whisked away to buy some super limited quantity collaborations on MFS HERE


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Argonaut & Above Category

You’ve seen the fine works of Argonaut on here before- custom carbon bikes born and bred in the North West. Well they just picked up a new shop- Above Category in Sausalito, CA- where the pimps and the players doctors and the .dot-com’ers dwell.

Have you ever been to those bike shops that feel like a china shop? The ones that at any moment, the proverbial bull might just run through- causing havoc? Sometimes I feel like that bull- I don’t want to pick anything up, as I may break it- and there aren’t any price tags on anything, so I know I can’t afford it. There are a few shops out there that I’d feel unworthy to bring any of my bikes into. I don’t know if A/C is like that, but I don’t think they’re clientele is bmx kids or fatbike riders.

The fact is, those shop owners and their customers like bikes too. And they often do more than hang them on their walls. They ride them. It’s just that the experience that they seek is a little different from my own and that’s why I hate them. I mean, who am I to say that all bike shops that I support must have tattooed employees that play bike polo, and that offer you a beer when you come in?

But I digress.

Argonaut makes what seems to be a beautifully made custom carbon fiber bike. This marriage (more of a polyamorous relationship really, as A/C isn’t their only shop, they’re allowed to see other people) seems like a good match because, people with a ton of money like plastic bikes too! Sure, rich folks like titanium bikes- but mainly rich nerds, engineers, etc. Carbon fiber is universally accepted as the “best” material for those with six digit incomes (and I’m not including numbers to the right of the decimel,) because- science and stuff.

So here it is- Argonaut and A/C worked with Brian Vernor to make a video to celebrate their special day. It looks great, of course. So here’s to many years together and to getting more rich folks on bikes. Maybe next time I’m in the Bay Area I’ll stop by the shop, and try not to break anything.

Argonaut / Above Category from Argonaut Cycles on Vimeo.


Aether and Argonaut

Got this in the mailbag today:
AETHERfocus is a video series that showcases individuals and companies that inspire us.
A good looking video, and a budding relationship between two companies on the west coast that are pushing boundaries in cycling.

AETHERfocus: Argonaut Cycle from Aether Apparel on Vimeo.

Aether Apparel is a Los Angeles based company making cutting edge outdoor and urban apparel.

Designed and manufactured entirely in the Pacific Northwest, Ben Farver of Argonaut Cycle offers truly custom-built carbon frames. Each of their bikes are handcrafted using an innovative construction process for a completely tailored riding experience. With more than 30 years of industry leading composite experience behind their team, Argonaut Cycle is driven by a true passion for the sport of cycling. They strive to make the best, because they want to ride the best.

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Argonaut Lookbook

Last week we gave you a sneak peek at what Brian Vernor and the folks at Wilderness put together for Argonaut.  They released a print version at NAHBS for those that had the opportunity to go.  For the rest of those eager to see what they came up with, check it out HERE.  If you are curious about a day in the life of a custom carbon frame builder, check it out.


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Carbon is a material that few folks are just “OK” with.  Many have strong opinions.  They love it or hate it.  Sure- it’s expensive, when it fails it’s usually catastrophic, and there are a lot of people that don’t like it because it just seems too modern.  Well, that’s fine for them, but there are also those that love the look and ride feel of carbon, myself included.  Well now there are some fully custom handmade carbon bikes being offered by Argonaut.  Based in Portland, with facilities in the state of Washington (White Salmon to be exact,) Argonaut is doing some amazing things.

Argonaut is down at NAHBS, which of course I wish I could attend- and I’m excited to see what they come up with next because a little bird told me that it’s going to be awesome.  They are a brand to watch for sure.  Keep it up guys.  Here are some snapshots from their lookbook that Brian Vernor shot for them and that they brought to Denver with them.

A digital version of the book that was shot by Vernor and put together by Brian and David from Wilderness will be available March 5th.