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Up for review: Chrome Bags

The good folks at Chrome sent up some things for us to review and boy oh boy are we looking forward to it.  In addition to a backpack and a laptop one-strap bag- Melissa will give us a woman’s perspective on the Chrome Marysia windbreaker.  Initial thoughts are great- the bags have that “new bag smell” and the windbreaker- made in Oakland, CA- looks to be well made and light enough to be perfect for this spring.  Stay tuned for the reviews as we get them written up.  Here is what you can expect to read about in the upcoming weeks:

The new Buran laptop bag:

The Marysia Windbreaker for women:

And the Falcon medium sized backpack:


Dargelos Trans/porter

Tote or backpack, whatever suits your fancy with the Trans//Porter.  Available in BOO or SCOUT colorways.  The Snap:Pack can be added on to the Trans//Porter or snapped to your handlebars, belt, or carried with the included handle.

Designed and produced in Brooklyn, New York.  Fabric and zippers are also made in the USA.

Pick one up HERE

They also make the Lightening Vest