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Argonaut Lookbook

Last week we gave you a sneak peek at what Brian Vernor and the folks at Wilderness put together for Argonaut.  They released a print version at NAHBS for those that had the opportunity to go.  For the rest of those eager to see what they came up with, check it out HERE.  If you are curious about a day in the life of a custom carbon frame builder, check it out.



Peddler Brewing Company, Seattle WA

You like bikes and beer?  You can help fund a new brewery in Ballard that is set to open this winter through their Kickstarter campaign HERE.

Peddler Brewing Company is a Brewery in Ballard, WA (1514 NW Leary Way) that will be opening its doors this winter. It is a collaboration of Haley’s dream of running her own customer-oriented business and meeting new people every day, Dave’s dream of brewing and talking about beer every day, and their shared love of riding bikes. We will strive to be a gathering place for beer lovers and support bicycling as a great way to get around our beautiful city. Are our beers awesome? We wouldn’t be starting a brewery if we didn’t think so.

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Interbike recap.

Just returned from Interbike and once again I made it out alive. Barely. This was the fourth year that Go Means Go has attended, and thankfully we had a little help this year. Byron and Brad were able to make it down with Go Means Go so we had some different eyes, with different ideas on the floor.


If by now you don’t know what Interbike is, it’s the largest cycling industry tradeshow in the US. Over 750 companies representing 1200+ brands come together in Las Vegas for a week of product releases, order placements and liver destruction. Being an “industry show” means that it isn’t open to the public. It’s open to shops, exhibitors and media. It’s unlike the Seattle Bike Expo in many ways, most obvious is that it’s not a discount sale for overstock and blowouts. It’s new stuff- much of which is lined up to be released the following year. It’s a great place to see what you can’t in shops. Years ago, Interbike took place in Anaheim, CA. There was talk of moving it back there earlier this year, but a couple months ago Interbike announced that a 3-year contract to stay in Vegas was signed (the contract was signed with Mandalay Bay Convention Center- which means bye-bye to the Sands Expo Center and to Treasure Island being known as the “industry hotel.”) I for one am happy that Interbike has extended it’s stay in Las Vegas- as it is a cheap place to stay, to fly into and has the necessary parts needed to make for debaucheries industry parties. Anaheim… not so much.

I arrived Monday morning, picked up my pass, checked my bag in at the convention center and headed on the shuttle to the Outdoor Dirt Demo. Dirt Demo is pretty great if you don’t mind the heat. Myself- I spend my time either in Seattle or Alaska, so it isn’t very comfortable at all. Don’t get me wrong- I love the heat when I can go swimming. But walking around in the desert gets pretty damn warm.

Attendees can jump on one of the many bikes that companies bring to show- tool around either on the pavement, the dirt, or even hop on a shuttle that takes you up the hill so you can get a little trail time. There are often show specials, and I have taken home some gems in the past. Last year I picked up some Chris King hubs and Crank Brothers pedals. This year I got fitted with some Fizik R1 road shoes. I also picked up a GoPro camera during the Interbike days at The Sands to replace the Contour that I wasn’t very impressed with.

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Rabbit Hole Alleycat + Sprint! (Saturday!)

What’s that?! The Dead Baby Downhill isn’t ENOUGH for you? You want, crave, NEED more more more alleycat action? Yeah. Me too.

This is the second alleycat that I’ve seen from Alan Zian Chen and Wade Schultz. The last one was a blast, even though all the stops were UW buildings that I had no idea how to locate. And the sprints afterwards are super fun. These guys put on a good race, and this one should be no exception. Prizes coming in from Zlog, Sureshot coffee, Monorail Espresso, Recycled Cycles, Namsayin, and CASH PRIZES should be enough incentive to get over your post-downhill hangover and get out and race. Plus, these guys even pushed the start time (4PM) to let you get plenty of fluids, Advil, and greasy hangover food in you before the start. Nice fellas.
$10 for the whole sha-bang!
CASH goes back to winners! Prizes!
RACE START: 4:00PM sharp, sprints to be held after alleycat at location TBA.
Bring your bike, pen, bag, lock, beer!


Tunnel vision

There is a lot of red tape in government. I’m not sure exactly how much, but I imagine that City, County, State, and Federal governments use red tape like hillbillies use duct tape. Some governments probably use red duct tape. In a nutshell- building infrastructure takes time- years, sometimes decades.

Thanks to those that put forth the effort that it takes to get things like this project done.