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New from XtraCycle

A foldable long tail cargo bike in the Xtracycle/Tern collaboration Cargo Joe

The EdgeRunner: A longtail with a 20″ rear wheel which adds strength to the rear wheel and makes it far stronger- all while lowering the center of gravity (which is a good thing.)  It’s also electrifyable.

They’ve also got some neato accessories in the Hooptie, if you’re carrying rugrats.  And here is a little bit more on the SideCar, which we posted about before. Good to see Xtracycle moving forward with new products.  See more at their website.

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Shopping Cart bike

Well that’s one way to do it.  Using almost every inch of this transportation bicycle to provide space to carry something- it looks fairly effective, though the appearance looks a resembles a Madsen/Frankenstein hybrid.  It carries loads up to 150kg (330lb.) I have to imagine that includes the driver- but still- that’s not bad.

Designed by Christophe Machet as his graduate project at the ECAL University of Art and Design in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Seen at Freeman Transport

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UPDATE: Porteur to the People

If you have tried to post an image to the comment page for the Porteur to the People contest and don’t see your image in the comments, please repost.  There have been some gremlins working their way through the internet and they seem to have eaten some comments.

Your photos have not been saved to the database and have ended up in what has been described to me by people familiar with the dark arts of the internet as a “blackhole.”

Our apologies for the hiccup.  If you don’t see your photo on the contest page within 24hrs-  Please email me at



Cetma Half Rack

I saw this over on Urban Velo.

I have a Cetma 5 rail rack on my rain bike- and love it for hauling stuff rain or shine.  This is a cleaner looking mounting system, that is supposed to be super strong as well.  It retails for $120 powdercoated, or $100 if you want bare metal.  I like the little knob things that you can mount lights onto as well.  More info and pictures at the Cetma Cargo site.

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