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Aether and Argonaut

Got this in the mailbag today:
AETHERfocus is a video series that showcases individuals and companies that inspire us.
A good looking video, and a budding relationship between two companies on the west coast that are pushing boundaries in cycling.

AETHERfocus: Argonaut Cycle from Aether Apparel on Vimeo.

Aether Apparel is a Los Angeles based company making cutting edge outdoor and urban apparel.

Designed and manufactured entirely in the Pacific Northwest, Ben Farver of Argonaut Cycle offers truly custom-built carbon frames. Each of their bikes are handcrafted using an innovative construction process for a completely tailored riding experience. With more than 30 years of industry leading composite experience behind their team, Argonaut Cycle is driven by a true passion for the sport of cycling. They strive to make the best, because they want to ride the best.

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Chrome merino Cobra

It’s hard to beat merino wool.    It keeps you warm when wet, doesn’t smell as bad as synthetics can, isn’t made from plastic, and it just feels good.  Chrome is offering their merino wool Cobra in three styles: a pullover ($140), a full-zip($150) and a hoodie ($160.)  It may seem high priced, but those that wear merino don’t care.  They are built with longer sleeves and torso for cycling, have thumb loops to keep them from riding up and has a stash pocket to store your weed keys.   They’ve also got socks and t-shirts made of merino.  Where does merino wool come from you might wonder? Merinos are small forest creatures that resemble gnomes.  Their diet allows their back hair to grow long and extremely soft.  The back hair is shaved by monks, the keepers of the merinos and woven into various garments.

Made in China, available at your LBS or HERE

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More and more I’m finding myself wearing clothing designed for, or at the very least inspired by- cycling.  It doesn’t matter if I’m running errands all day by bike- if I hop on my bike and ride just one place while still wearing Levis 501 jeans or a Carhartt jacket- the fit and cut just don’t feel right.  That said, I can wear cycling inspired clothes all day long- whether camping, road tripping in a car, taking the bus to meet up with friends or running errands all day by bike.

Always on the look out for new cycling brands- sometimes you find a company that has been doing a good thing for many years and they just haven’t been on your radar.

Sombrio is one of those brands.

Dave Watson launched Sombrio in 1998.  It began, and still has roots in, the freeride and mountain bike culture found on Vancouver’s North Shore. (that’s Canada for all you folks that are bad at geography.)  If you don’t know who Dave Watson is, you should watch this video:

And you can also read THIS about the stunt.

Whether you huck yourself off of 6’ drops in the woods on the daily, hit the trails on your way home from work or ride to meet your friends at the bar, Sombrio has got some nice looking designs blending form and function.  Like more than a few Canadian companies, it’s sometimes difficult to find a place to purchase locally.  They have an online STORE as well.

Things I’m digging:

Check them out.  And then go for a ride.

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Mission Workshop Torre and Trigger

Though Mission Workshop didn’t have a booth this year, they did have a presence at Interbike.  All I have to say is that poolside is the new tradeshow floor.  This October you’ll be adding this to your Christmas list- or at least I will.  More amazing stuff in addition to their stellar bags and already impressive clothing line.

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Rabbit Hole Alleycat + Sprint! (Saturday!)

What’s that?! The Dead Baby Downhill isn’t ENOUGH for you? You want, crave, NEED more more more alleycat action? Yeah. Me too.

This is the second alleycat that I’ve seen from Alan Zian Chen and Wade Schultz. The last one was a blast, even though all the stops were UW buildings that I had no idea how to locate. And the sprints afterwards are super fun. These guys put on a good race, and this one should be no exception. Prizes coming in from Zlog, Sureshot coffee, Monorail Espresso, Recycled Cycles, Namsayin, and CASH PRIZES should be enough incentive to get over your post-downhill hangover and get out and race. Plus, these guys even pushed the start time (4PM) to let you get plenty of fluids, Advil, and greasy hangover food in you before the start. Nice fellas.
$10 for the whole sha-bang!
CASH goes back to winners! Prizes!
RACE START: 4:00PM sharp, sprints to be held after alleycat at location TBA.
Bring your bike, pen, bag, lock, beer!

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Review: Swrve WWR Trousers

When I write a review I make sure to check myself.  It’s important that my feelings on the product are honest and up front.  Sometimes I get things sent my way to review.  It’s one of the perks of having a bike blog.  When writing reviews on products that I pay less than retail on- it’s important to stay objective and impartial because well, I’d like to think that the reader (you) can trust Go Means Go.

That said- the following review is about pants.  Swrve WWR trousers to be specific.  Pants that I walked into the store and paid full retail price for at Hub & Bespoke in Fremont (who has quite the Swrve collection in stock.)

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2012 Levi’s Commuter

The new Levi’s Commuter line is out and will be hitting stores in the next month.

Though I have not tried them personally- many of my larger legged friends have assured me that they are intended for the skinny legged types.  Either way- glad to see they are working with the cycling community.

A couple pieces that I am interested in are the Trucker Jacket and especially the Commuter Work shirt.  Looking good.

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Meet the Fitzroy.

At Interbike Billy walked me through the Fitzroy and I got what seemed like it was going to be a fantastic little video.  Well… It wasn’t.  My new camera didn’t have a fast enough card in it and the video is chopped up and dumb.  Blogging is hard enough for me- to make a video was an undertaking that I should have known was out of my league.  That doesn’t change the fact that the Fitzroy is a solid looking pack.

Though I currently don’t own any Mission Workshop gear- I’ve been wondering more and more why.  I’ve inspected them at shops and love the packs.  This one especially.  It’s made in the USA and has a lifetime warranty.  It’s sexy, it’s got the cargo capacity (2200 cubic inches,) I really don’t know why I haven’t bit the bullet.  Sure, $219 seems like a lot of cash- but it’s not much more than other offerings out there.  When you look at how long a quality pack like this will last and the value of the things we sometimes carry in our bags (hello zippered pocket for your laptop!)- it’s really not much at all. 
I’m not really sure why they call it The Fitzroy- but I’m going with them naming it after Robert FitzRoy- the captain of the HMS Beagle, on Charles Darwin’s famous voyage.
So here it is- The Fitzroy:

You can (and should) check it out over at Mission Workshop.  It’s available online now and in the San Francisco Store tomorrow.



Fitzroy Rucksack as used by Bicycle Coffee Co. from Mission Workshop on Vimeo.

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New, old Adidas

The adidas Originals SPO apparel collection brings back some of the more eccentric and unique pieces from the brand’s archives. This reproduction of an early ’80s cycling sweatshirt maintains the original sizing, material and wash, plus the original graphics.

Available HERE

Seen on Ride the Black Line

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Outlier Supermarine Cotton

Outlier is really ramping up their product line with another innovative and well made product.  The price is high, but it’s understandable to a degree when you see “Made in New York City” on the label.  I love the dedication to US manufacturing.

Similar to softshells- the material is not 100% waterproof, but according to Outlier, it will keep you dry when out in the elements for hours.  Supermarine cotton is tightly woven Egyptian cotton, whose fibers swell up when they get wet, keeping the water on the outside.  It’s also supposed to be breathable, which is aided by ample vents and zips.  Also cut long in the back, making more appropriate for on the bike.  No word on how the hood works with a helmet.  Looking good guys.

Available in Black, Red or Anthracite.  $650.  Available at Outlier.