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Her pain, your gain.

Sweet deal on Seattle Craigslist:

Husband’s Girlfriends Bike-Cheap Just Like Her – $50 (Ft Lewis)

Date: 2009-08-27, 7:37PM PDT
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Yep, you read it right!
Im selling my husband’s girlfriends bike. The stupid ass made the mistake of buying it for her and then leaving it in our garage.
Although Im not sure why he did, its pretty obvious that the skank gets NO exercise (other than being on her bloated knees) by the size of her FAT ASS.
Im sure it wasnt a subtle hint for her to lose about 50lbs…more so his dreaming that they could go biking together, since I dont go mountain biking with him…Im too busy taking care of our kids while he goes thru a midlife crisis, buying drums and jumping out of planes and all.

So heres the whore’s bike info:
Magna Tangerine – cantilever brakes – 21 speed – purple/black & silver
And she NEVER put her fat ass on it, so its like new and not infected…yay you!
Now while someone please come get this out of my sight?

  • Location: Ft Lewis
  • it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
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I grew up listening to Wierd Al. Most of the songs that he redid, I prefer to the originals. I don’t have much nerd in me, but in that little corner of my heart, Wierd Al is the DJ. With classics like “Fat”, “I think I’m a clone now”, “Amish Paradise”, and more recently “White and Nerdy”, how could you NOT be a fan?

My mom took me to see UHF on opening day. She took me out of school to see it. I really wanted to see Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but it was sold out, so we saw UHF instead. I think I’m a better man for it. TMNT was pretty over rated, but UHF…. changed my life. I sat there in the theater with my mom, eating buttered popcorn and drinking sugary soda, laughing hysterically at the thought of Ghandi, ordering a steak and blowing people away with a machine gun. Weird Al might be one of the few people on this earth that would laugh at my jokes. Well, truth be told, he probably wouldn’t think they were funny either.

I just saw this today, after making my daily wanderings through the Craigslist forest. I usually stay on the well marked trails and paths, but I know that there are dark corners where evil creatures lurk, and you can meet some unsavory characters in those woods. Untrustworthy people, that would, as they say, “sell their mother for the right price.” They may also give you their styrofoam peanuts, if you bring your own bag.