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Tire repair 101

The tires on the bike go round and round…

…until you find something sharp and hard and that at once identifiable swan song “PSSSSSHHHHHSSSS” rings out- your stoke deflating as quickly as the tube in the tire itself.

That was my experience a couple weeks back on a ride through Boulder Alley and up the east side of Sheridan Lake. A really fun place to ride, the lake was freezing, as were the puddles that accumulate in the low parts of the trail. Most weren’t thick enough to support me riding across, and 9 puddles out of 10 I would break through. I made it to the lake and rode along the ice edge- the water level much lower than normal enabling me to get closer towards the Sherman Glacier than usual.


On my way back to the truck, I didn’t make it far before it happened. I swear it was a damn piece of ice, but it could have been a stick- a sharp stick. All I know is that I thought to myself. “It’s a good thing I didn’t pack a pump, patch kit, or any tools.” It was a 3 mile walk out- not the end of the world, but enough to kick myself for being over confident and under prepared.

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DIY Wednesday: Campagnolo-ish.

I will be receiving one of these beauties below shortly- and I’m very excited about it.  A 15mm box end paired with a campy fork end with a little filing to transform it into a bottle opener… Nice.  Courtesy of Hotte, Charles and Devin at Wright Bros.  Lucky me!

Similarly- Remember when this started going around?  Still not too sure on the origin- but this image is from here

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DIY Wednesday: A Porsche.

It goes 0-60 in…. never.  This isn’t a step by step tutorial, but I can’t help but post it.  It’s images from one man’s creative DIY project.  It’s a lifesize replica of a toy car replica of a life-size Porsche (did you get that?)  All the lights work and when I first saw it I thought it was the real thing.  Constructed of PVC pipes and cardboard held together with tape and installed onto a 2-person recumbent bike frame- this thing is incredible.

Read more and see the pics HERE

Seen on Twitter via Inhabitat

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DIY Wednesday: Handlebar bag

If you have time and patience more than money, or just a love of doing things yourself- this may be a project for you.  Dylan Carney, fellow rider for Soft Like Kitten (he also races for Carbon Neutral) and blogger shot me a message when I made a call out for DIY Wednesday projects.  Thanks Dylan!

Go from HERE:



And wind up with THIS:

Look easy?  Well find all the gory details by following his step by step at IF I HAD A BIKE BLOG...

Did I mention that Dylan does Rando rides and will be participating in Paris-Brest-Paris after racing Mountain bikes this summer.  And his beard rivals Grizzly Adams.

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DIY Wednesday: College Bike Trunk

Have you been riding around and thought to yourself “Man, I wish I could put some junk in my trunk” but you didn’t have a trunk to put it in?  Well Make: Projects has the thing for you.  It’s even lockable.  Though sheet aluminum isn’t too heavy, making some panniers may be nicer, lowering the weight closer to the hubs.  Maybe this could be made out of old roadsigns or license plates too?

Read the article HERE


DIY Wednesday- bullet style LED light

I guess I was punk once…

Not only with the dyed black mohawk held up by Elmer’s glue and the general disdain for authority, but in the sew your own clothes and organize skillshares kind of way.  I’ve always liked DIY projects and love to see ingenuity in action.

I’ve been using $5 LED flashlights from hardware stores as an alternative to $25 headlights that are “bike specific” for a while.  The mounting system is the hardest part to make well.  I had it pretty dialed on my rain bike until some jerk kid twisted it off.  I saw him take it and we had a little “one-on-one” discussion about it.  He gave it back to me, and hopefully will rethink his plan in stealing things off a bike that looks like it is owned by some scrawny old man….  but I digress.

Came across this little project while going down the rabbit hole of bike things on the internet.  It may have even sparked enough interest in me to post a DIY project a week… any interest in that?

As we settle into fall and the darkness comes quicker- lights become an important part of cycling.  Bike lights are usually all plastic and don’t have much class.  If you are riding a fendered steel bike and like to have something a little different, this may be for you…

Take this:

Add this:

Do this:

Get this:

Not too bad at all.  This LED flashlight is very similar to one that I’ve been using- great battery life, solid construction, and hackable.  It’s brightness is more to be seen than to see, but on city streets, that is sure better than nothing.  For a few dollars in supplies (far less than a $25 headlight) you can get something that you made yourself, has character, and is best of all, effective.  The addition of a quick release would be a good idea if you want to put some more effort into it.

Read the whole how to on The Bicycle Safari.