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Seattle: Menstrual Mondays

THE LADIES RIDE AGAIN!! First Monday of every month starting OCT 4th. Ride and hang with other ladies on bikes. Meet at Seattle Center Fountain at 6:30, depart at 7:00.

Because two wheels just aren’t enough for the kick off….  ROLLERSKATING!!! We will be heading to Lynwood Bowl and Skate. There is a bar incase you need to rehydrate.  Skating is 18 and over. 15 mellow miles away. Bring Lights.

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Seattle’s first Midnight Mystery Ride 2/19

The weekend of February 19-21 is going to be full of fun on two wheels.

The first Seattle Midnight Mystery Ride will be Friday, February 19th.

Meet at the Twilight Exit at 2514 E Cherry St at 11pm, ride at midnight.

The Midnight Mystery Ride has a long history of adventure and fun times in Portland. The beginnings were humble- a few dozen friends would meet to ride bikes late into the night, then hang out and enjoy a warm campfire and a cold beer. These days, hundreds of folks show up every month. Now it’s time for Seattle to get in on the action!

You can see the event on Facebook HERE

How does it work?
We meet at 11pm, we ride at midnight. Only the leader knows the destination.

Want to lead a future ride? Email

Other rules for leading a ride:

* Rides happen the 3rd Friday of the month.
* Don’t tell anyone where it’s going!
* Destination should have some cover in case of rain.
* No beer stop. It attracts too much attention from the fuzz.
* Ride must meet in a relatively central location and be less than 5 miles long.
* This is a social ride- go at a comfortable pace.
* Wear lights.

See you in the dark!

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February 20th- Beard and Stache Dash

February 21st- Seattle Tweed Ride


Seattle Tweed Ride


That’s right, Seattle will be hosting a Tweed ride. You have plenty of time to find something to wear, so get after it. Here are some ideas, though your creativity is encouraged. It will be a group ride at a leisurely pace. This ride is about fun, community, and Tweed. Here in the Northwest, wool is popular, so let’s make this a good one. Below are some images from the SF Teed Flickr Pool:


From the organizers:

All you dapper ladies and gents and goody folk,

If you are so inclined to bring along a spot of tea (or other delicious beverages) or some tasty treats (such as scones, finger sandwiches and the like), it would be most appreciated by one and all.

In addition to enjoying a spot of tea, we are most excited by the idea of playing with your balls! Yes, yes! Your hard little balls will fill us with laughter and glee! Bring your croquet and bocce ball sets, and we shall have a grand time playing with the balls and riding the bicycles. The ride shall culminate at a fine British pub-type establishment, where we shall imbibe in the freshest ales and consume wholesome foods.

Good show! Pip, pip!

Nova & Sylvie