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The Berliner Fahrradschau

Editors note:  This is the first post by one of two new Go Means Go contributors.  They are Northwest kids living in Europe and embarking on a bike trip.  You’ll be able to find their ramblings here on GMG.  Part diary, part travelogue, with writings from the road- we’re happy to have Ben and Chase onboard.  Ride on, you crazy diamonds.

A bicycle can get you where you want to go, but like many 20-somethings, we don’t always know where we’re going. It is times like those when it is sometimes good to let your bike take the lead. We, along with hordes of others, let our bikes guide the way and this time all roads led to Berlin for the Berliner Fahrradschau (Berlin Bicycle Show).

We consciously chose to do no prior research or investigation of the show and its vendors so that Berlin itself could show us what its bike culture, fashion, and ambition is. With no expectations, we rolled up to the venue, and it did not disappoint.


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Bilenky Cycle Works

Steve Bilenky has been making incredibles bikes next to a junkyard in Philadelphia for 30 years.  Here’s a look into what happens at his shop:


Dargelos Trans/porter

Tote or backpack, whatever suits your fancy with the Trans//Porter.  Available in BOO or SCOUT colorways.  The Snap:Pack can be added on to the Trans//Porter or snapped to your handlebars, belt, or carried with the included handle.

Designed and produced in Brooklyn, New York.  Fabric and zippers are also made in the USA.

Pick one up HERE

They also make the Lightening Vest



Rasmus Gjesing can be found with his small crew of people in East Copenhagen- innovating and building beautiful works of art for the bicycle.  They do it  for the love of it.  If you make it to Copenhagen, definitely stop in and say hello.  They are pushing the limits in design and doing things their own way, which I can appreciate.  They have a showroom as well as a workshop.

The hubs are interesting, you build them in parts.  The wire brake looks rad, and they have some interesting complete bike setups as well.  Check them out HERE.

They had me at the woodgrain hubs, which I saw on Fixed Gear Leeds.

I love me some woodgrain.

Wooden Hub shell. Switchin' lanes on the wood grain.

Wooden Grips
Wire Brake
Wire Brake
Front Hub
Front Hub