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Live Strong/Nike/Mr. Cartoon kicks

Looks like these won’t be available in Seattle stores….

A pre release at Mister Cartoon’s shop on July 2nd, and a wider release on opening date of the Tour de France, July 4th. Sneakers and Le Tour? All proceeds benefit the Lance Armstrong Foundation.

Over the last few years, there has been a lot of street wear that is inspired by cycling;  it occasionally works well. I like to see what designers take from the cycling world; they might not ride much, or at all- but I like bikes, and I appreciate when I see people rocking a shirt that supports or features cycling. If the alternative is shirts with motorcycles or hot rods on them, I’ll be on the side of the bike gear, any day of the week. I may not be that into these shoes (or Nike), but the fact that Lance Armstrong and Mr. Cartoon are working together is something that I never would have guessed would happen 10 years ago. I like it.