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Vandedrome needs a new home!

I saw this over on Hipster Nascar– I think it would fit very nicely inside key arena…. it’s being offered only for the cost of moving it to another site. It sounds like they really just want a home for it. The steel has just been powder coated, and it just needs a new deck. Maybe we can do a bake sale to save some cash for a new velodrome?


Taken from an old post at Fixed Gear Fever:

The wood and steel track is 154-167 meters long with 54 degree banked turns and was created in 1994 by John Vande Velde, a 1968 and 1972 U. S. Olympic cycling team member and former world-class cyclist. It s home base was originally in Joliet, Illinois and it was first used for racing in Del Mar, California in February 1995. In June 1996 the Vandedrome was put up in Chicago and used for the “Taste of Chicago” track races. And in 1997 it was moved to the east coast and assembled in Glen Spey, NY at the Mike Fraysse Sports Resort and Training Center for introductory leagues and junior racing. In the s pring of 1998 the track was used for six weeks of training and racing at Clark’s Woods in Somerville, NJ prior to moving across the river to Staten Island, NY for the 1998 Goodwill Games at Wagner College.

The Vandedrome is adjustable in length, but will typically be constructed at 167 meters long with broader turns and slightly shorter straights than its original design. The track can be assembled and disassembled within 24-48 hours and requires 6 tractor trailers to move it. During the winter months the Vandedrome will be available for lease to indoor facilities and hopefully can be used for collegiate and professional racing.