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Share the damn road. Jerseys.

I usually don’t wear a jersey when I ride around town.  When running errands or heading to a bar or a cafe, I don’t find them comfortable wearing them in public.  They work well on the bike, but off the bike I feel a little out of place.  I will often wear some sort of wicking top, but I typically have my bag with me- rendering the rear pockets superfluous, if not a little uncomfortable.

Some commuters wear cycling clothing to and from work, but generally these are people whose place of employment provides a space to change.  While touring by bicycle- cycling shorts and jerseys are nice, though synthetics usually hold smells if worn for longer periods of time.  When going on a longer day ride, with the sole purpose being a bike ride- alone or with friends, jerseys are comfortable and practical.  Some of the best places to ride are on country roads- where your speed is not limited by roller bladers and the trio of new mothers walking three abreast pushing strollers.

If you ride in spandex- you may appreciate the jerseys below.  Most of us have felt frustration while riding on the road.  I don’t know how the average driver will react when they see a cyclist with a jersey like this, but the reality is- they are thoughts that go through our heads, so why not make those thoughts visible.  SHARE THE DAMN ROAD. You can find more HERE.