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Beyoncé and the working girls struggle. 

I sometimes need to remind myself that I work with as many hours in a day as Beyoncé does.

This blog takes a back seat to many things in my life. Things like working to pay the rent and buy bike parts, beer drinking and sometimes even riding my bike. That’s just how the cookie crumbles. 

I get emails sometimes. Sometimes they’re about products or events or questions about this or that. Since I’ve been stoker on the tandem for a little while, I’m going to run through a few of the things that came across my desk. This is a video heavy post- one that has things to do with bikes, beer, dad bods and some good ol’ fashioned death metal.

First I’d like to share this- this beautiful trailer that Iggy put up on Facebook and I didn’t see until the wife showed it to me. It looks like an art movie- which might be better than most bike movies. Some of it has subtitles, so it means you’ll get smarter by watching it as well. And it has bmx riding.

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Showers Pass over the Rangers

I’ll just start this off with the most important thing on the internet today- Darkeys & The Keys.

I feel better already.

Showers Pass has been adding to their line with stuff to keep riders warm and dry whether on or off the bike for a while now- their newest offering is a packable rain jacket which weighs 10.6 oz (for a puny medium.) The Metro Jacket, as it’s called- comes in navy blue- looks to be a slim fit, is seam taped and is described as a hardshell (though breathable.) It retails for $199, and is available at your LBS or at the Showers Pass website. Stay dry, my friends.






In other news, Blackburn is looking for ambassadors, or “Rangers” again- for their second year. You can hear a guy talk about it while music that is too quite to discern what it is and pictures come across the screen here:

This year the 6 chosen Rangers will be on a set path. Either the Pacific Coast or the Great Divide. worthy rides to be sure.

Myself- I think they should go for the 4 riders of the Apocalypse, or they could make it a ride to the death- the last ranger standing would then become “The Lone Ranger.” But that’s why I don’t get allowed to make decisions.

If you’re up for it and want more details- Go HERE.

Now I’m going to see when Darkeys & The Keys will be playing next.

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Showers Pass knows it’s all about the base (layer)

Disclaimer: I’ve been drinking gin.

Sorry. I had to do it. To be honest, I only knew the reference to the song not the song itself- and then it popped into my head when this info got sent my way. So now I expose you to it,  though a slightly different version than the pop single- with proper word usage! Feel free to skip it if you are not all about that base and just like long underwear.

Showers Pass– they make rain gear for bike people. And it doesn’t look horrible. You can also wear it when you’re not on the bike, and it still works!

Fact: A good base layer can save your life. It’s the layer closet to your skin- think of it as an extension of your skin, like maybe if you had fur- that would be your base layer. Showers Pass got some really fit plastic models to show off how well it will fit. If you (and I) are lucky- you’ll see what it looks like with a beer belly donning it.

Fact: Your body generates heat in different places. And there are ways to map it. Think of google maps for your body but in a way less sexual way than you are probably thinking.

Feast your eyes on this:


Don’t mind the tire track up the back side- I think it’s part of the mapping process.

And thankfully they didn’t forget the ladies:dothedamnthing

There are a lot of folks (mostly ladies) wanting more women’s clothing out there… so maybe- this it on the right track. And it doesn’t have flowers on it!

The details:

  • Custom blend fabric made with Merino Wool, Modal, Spandex & Nylon
  • Body-mapped with open knit pattern designed to vent excess body heat from your sweatiest areas
  • Longer sleeves with thumb loops
  • Long torso length for coverage on the bike
  • Retail of $69.