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There were so many damn cameras at last weekends SSCXWC it was unbelievable.  There are more pictures and videos surfacing all the time. Here is another one of those videos that just popped up, this one from one of our sponsors- Yakima.  Great song selection, showing a little love for our beloved poster child for Seattle single speed cross… Sally.  Shot with a Gopro camera, this edit is done with footage from behind bars.
As one of the planners of the event- it was a great experience, and though the SSCXWC will be in SF for 2011, I can say with a fair amount of certainty that it won’t be the last you hear from us at WUSS (World United Single Speeders.)

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Over the top: 2010 SSCXWC Raleigh Carbon cross bike

A little thing called the Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships is happening in Seattle this year.  Heard of it?

In years past, Raleigh has released a limited edition of their single speed cyclocross bikes to celebrate the growing number of oddballs, degenerates, rejects and weirdos that like nothing more than spend a cold and wet day playing in the mud, grasping for beer handups and loving the pain and suffering that Pacific Northwest cyclocross is.

These images are the public’s first look at what Raleigh’s been cooking up down in Kent…  A carbon single speed cross frame; compatible with the Gates Carbon Belt Drive that we love here so much at GMG.  If this bicycle was  movie poster it would look something like this:


I’m loving how clean these dropouts are, even with the breakaway section to install a belt drive.

It’s sexy.  And there is only going to be 40 of them with this paint scheme.  That is less than in previous years- which all sold out…

See the Sasquatch on the headbadge?  How bout the Hodala lion?  This bike is like Sly Stallone when he turns his hat backwards in Over the Top- ready to kick some ass and take some names.  Is it hot in here or is it just the bike?

Now the only question is:  Are you going to race for money, glory, or for the love of cyclocross?  Get more information on the frame and where to buy one at the SSCXWC webpage, and stay tuned for more info on how to win a –ONE OF A KIND– Complete Shimano/Gates build for your new bike.  This is going to be an amazing year for single speed cyclocross.

Got the scoop from Sally- the amigo over at Raleigh- one of the (dis)organizers of the SSCXWC.

Here’s the basics:
– full direct connect carbon frame that has been proven on our carbon road bikes.
– CNC’d drop outs that are keyed for a Gates Carbon Belt Drive (the belt drive will help keep your costume clean)
– Thinned brake stays to help smooth out some of the jarring (ideal while putting down your first of many hand ups)
– Flat Top Tube for a comfy shoulder should you need to run with the bike (but honestly.the thing is so light you shouldn’t have to)
– Head tube is traditional. 1-1/8″ top and bottom
– Uses the same geometry as our RX 1.0 (what can we say.we like how that one rides)
– Fork on the actual production run will be the new ENVE.(because everyone is going to be just that with this thing.envious)
Limited run of 40 to be sold this year to be sold purely though and for SSCXWC. All proceeds of the sale of these frames goes directly to the event (sorry kids… no prodeals on this machine)
– Shimano (AGAIN!) and Gates Carbon Drive is offering up perhaps the sweetest groupo on the mud for one lucky person. (we know how creative SSCX racers are- so start thinking YouTube in order to earn the groupo. more details to be announced at IB)  Gates Carbon Drive is also on board and will be providing the complete drivetrain.
– MSRP is currently targeted around $1200 for frame fork headset

Sally will be taking one for its inaugural spin at StarCrossed and CrossVegas.  The complete built up bike will be at the Raleigh booth at Interbike.

You’ll be able to buy them from the SSCXWC online store soon, and with only 40 available- they’ll go fast.  Don’t sleep.

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Single Speed Cyclocross bikes…

Bike racing isn’t cheap.  In fact it may be one of the most expensive sports that a person can take part in.  Pound for pound… add up the broken parts, upgrades, spandex, race entry fees, travel to races…. it makes frisbee golf sound much more appealing (not really.)  For those of us that aren’t flush with dollars or don’t get hookups, but still can’t shake the bug- we watch from the sidelines, or race alleycats.  Fret not.  There is a lesser known side of bike racing- the single speed category.  The singlespeed category lends more of a blue collar feel to the whole approach, often the requirements for a bike are slightly less stringent- encouraging participation more than a strict adhesion to the rulebook..  Single Speeding is bike racing for people that don’t make six figure incomes- (by six figures I don’t mean the numbers to the right of the decimal, silly.)

As you likely know, Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships will be taking Seattle by storm this October, and it’s time that you get that bike built up.  Single speed cyclocross may be one of the most affordable forms of bike racing one can get involved in.  Single speeds; whether they be track bikes, mountain bikes, or cyclocross bikes- are much more affordable, simpler and therefore easier to maintain than their geared counterparts.

Below are just a few offerings that are out there- some are current models, while others like the Bianchi Roger and the Tricross don’t seem to be in production anymore.  Of course you can find bargains on Craigslist and Ebay, as well as at swaps and garage sales.  Buying used will reduce your carbon footprint too- so go buy that Big Mac at McDonalds without any guilt.

Complete Bikes

All- City Nature Boy Complete MSRP $899

This bike looks great and seems thoughtfully built.  All-City has been doing wonderful stuff whether it be on the fixed gear, polo, and now CX front.  At $899 complete it looks to be a pretty good deal.


Felt Bicycles Breed Complete MSRP $999

Aluminum frame and a carbon fork- the Breed has not seen any changes from 2010 to 2011.  Very classy looking-  Black and Belgian Blue…


Motobecane Fantom Cross UNO complete MSRP $895 ($399 delivered)


Raleigh One Way complete MSRP $770

Something like the “little old lady from Pasadena,” don’t underestimate this bike.  The One Way has the same geometry as the Raleigh RX (their cross bike.) With a Reynolds steel frame and a 4130 cross fork it comes with some great accessories to make it good looking commuter as well.  (You get serious style points if you race it as pictured)


Swobo Crosby Single Speed complete MSRP $999

An alloy frame and carbon fork, more of an “all-purpose” bike than either a road or cross frame.  Another multipurpose bike for those that don’t have space, or cash for a whole stable of bikes.



Raleigh SSCXWC frameset MSRP $700

This aluminum frame and carbon fork was the limited edition SSCXWC paint scheme for their 2009 offering.  I can say matter of factly that this year there will be something new coming out for SSCXWC and it will be available to purchase soon- and it’s going to be very different from what you’ve seen before.


Traitor Cycles Crusade SS frameset MSRP $699

This bike looks really clean as well and I love the blue.  Columbus tubing and a Columbus fork which is great- it shows good attention to detail when it comes to cable routing as well.



Bianchi Roger Complete MSRP $1099

This seems to be a 2007 model, which Bianchi discontinued?  Oddly enough, disc brakes were made legal by the UCI this year- maybe they’ll bring it back?


2010 Kona Majorone Complete MSRP $1099- Kona Race Light Scandium frame and a carbon fork.


Specialized Tricross Single Complete MSRP $910

Looks to be from 2008…


Anybody have any other recommendations for SS Cross bikes under $1100?  What are you going to be riding this year?

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SSCXWC registration is open!

It’s time.  Get over to the SSCXWC registration page on Bike Reg to sign up.

Returning this year is the qualifier event starting Saturday morning, October 23, 2010. This means we will be limiting the number of participants in the World Championships main event. So the qualifier is mandatory in order to secure a spot in the race on Sunday October 24th. We will be offering second chance opportunities during the many events planned on Saturday. Winning the MFG Cyclocross SS race earlier on Sunday will be the final qualifier. Times and locations for the qualifier events will be announced as the event approaches.

The first 50 pre-registered racers will receive a limited edition SSCXWC t-shirt, SSCXWC/Stanley mug, and a custom handmade number from Seattle bag maker Dank Bags. While not everyone will get to race in the World Championships, everyone who registers will be allowed to race in the MFG Cyclocross Series SS race. This guarantees everyone the opportunity to get their race on.

Any previous Champion who has not receive the winners tattoo cannot enter SSCXWC 10.
Also check out the SSCXWC webpage for more info as the event approaches.
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SSCXWC Coming out tomorrow!

Spoiler alert: Starting with the coming out party there will be a total of 5 events leading up to the SSCXWC event that you can pick up a limited edition spokecard (only 30 available at each event.) Be the first to collect all five, bring them to the race and win something nice. Stay tuned to the SSCXWC website for info, as well as here at Go Means Go.

We’ll be at Hooverville tomorrow and you will learn fun facts that will not only better your everyday life, but you will find them extremely helpful and informative if you have any interest in cyclocross of the single speed persuasion.  There will be a DJ, beer specials and as always, peanuts are on the house…. and floor.


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We’re coming out…

Ladies and Gentlemen…. It’s time to get this party started right. This October, Seattle will host the Single Speed CycloCross World Championships. It will be three days of awesome. Whether racing or viewing from the sidelines, you won’t want to miss what’s in store.

Come out to Hooverville April 29th to get a small taste of what will be taking place this fall. MFG will be announcing their race calendar for the season, there will be a DJ, beer specials and free stuff. It’s 21+ and free to attend.


The Facebook Event Page: