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Bellingham Emerald Sprints Results are up!

We went up to Bellingham for an Emerald Sprints event on Friday the 3rd- where the Bellingham qualifier for the regional championships took place at The Cabin Tavern.  There were some really great times, and as usual- Bellingham was up for a party.  Thanks to the sponsors of the event and especially to Joe at Traitor Cycles for putting his blood, sweat and tears into bringing us up there.  We love Traitor Cycles!

The next tier took the top eight times for the men and put them into a single elimination bracket.


Due to a tie between Traitor Joe and Chris M- we put them and their designated drinker team mates to the test with a 500m beer sprint.  Joe and his partner Ryan won by just over 1 second.


And then there were four….


The women’s final was 500m, and the men’s was 1000m.  Charlie H. took it for the men and Jessica put in a great time for the women.


Congratulations to Charlie H, Joey M, Lars, and Joe P, Jessica and Ariel for qualifiying- we hope you can make it to Seattle this Friday for the Finals!  There is a wheelset and a ticket to Vegas on the line!


Traitor Cycles: The Crusade

With the Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships happening in Seattle this October, it’s time to start thinking about what you are going to ride.  Well Traitor Cycles, in Ferndale, WA is joining the ranks of companies offering a single speed cyclocross bike.  Enter the Traitor Cycles “Crusade” frame and fork.


The Crusade uses Columbus Life tubing for the frame (with SS dropouts) and Columbus SLX for the split crown fork.  People often say “it’s the little things” well Traitor has given lots of thought to the little things on this bike.  Internal cable routing, a clean looking seat stay cable stop, S-bend seat stays and an integrated chain tensioning system.  The Crusade seems to be a solid bike at a reasonable price: $699 for frame and fork.


Single Speed Worlds shouldn’t be missed.  What are you going to ride?

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Emerald Sprints Results

Last night Emerald Sprints went down at the Cabin Tavern in Bellingham, WA. It was a tremendous success largely due to the promotion and hard work of Mr. Joe Parietti, who you may know from Traitor Cycles. He got together a bunch of prizes for the sprints and raffle- had a proper theme (Heavy Metal) and did the leg work to spread the word for night of Steel Thunder. The place was packed, over 50 people raced, and Bellingham brought some fun and fast legs to the rollers. Beer sprints, grudge matches, and some of the fastest times we have seen in the Northwest.

This was my first trip to Bellingham with hopefully more to come- the folks and riding in Bellingham are both amazing. We stopped by The Hub, had burrittos and margaritas under the paintings of naked dudes at Casa Que Pasa, got some coffee at a waterfront park, rode bikes around, ate at The Horseshoe after the bars closed, got to see a few of Joe’s bikes, including the new Traitor track bike which looks really hot and is going to be released this June.

The Cabin Tavern was a great venue, with a friendly staff, and the crowd felt at home and they were ready for a good time. We did a pretty straight forward layout, with the qualifying round being based on time alone. The race was 400m, on the setup that you’ve seen us use before. We do have a new addition to the bikes, which is our Tacx Trainer tires, thanks to our sponsors at Wright Brothers Cyclery. The tires ride awesome and we appreciate having Wright Brothers behind us.

Qualifying round 400m


From there, we took the top times and laid out a single elimination bracket. The top 8 men and top 4 women. Joe P (Traitor Joe) stepped out, and in came Taco Libre, who we added as a “wild card” due some confusion in the registration.

Quarter Finals 400m
$hitty Zack 19.5
Taco Libre (wildcard) 20.51

Joey M. 19.04
Scott M. 20.92

Kellen R 19.74
Derek V. 20.13

Kona Chris M. 18.77
Danny H. 19.93

Lara 22.92
Audra R. 26.6

Melanie M. 24.04
Staci M. 24.44

Men’s Semi Finals 400m
Kona Chris M. 18.03
$hitty Zack 18.09

Joey M. 18.74
Kellen R. 19.69

Then came the grudge matches. The beer sprint is always a crowd favorite and sometimes ends poorly. Chris B. and Audra, both Cabin Tavern employees were up for the challenge. In the beer sprint- racers must finish a beer BEFORE they start pedaling- the fastest time wins. Audra beat the pants off of Chris out of the gate and finished her beer far before him. Chris did catch up and eventually passed Audra- winning with his time of 32.86, versus Audra’s 33.04. Though the only beer sprint of the evening, we had a few more jump on the Grudge Wagon.

Grudge Matches 400m

Kyle from the Hub 21.09
Greg Stevens 21.38

Ski to Sea Grudge
Jacob 20.61
Soren 21.69

Dylan 21.6
Jeremy 22.07

Tucker 20.55
Zac D. 20.59

Audra R. 27.5
Vanessa 27.58

Ryan 21.91
Wabby 23.77

Traitor Joe 19.2
Scro 21.92

For the final- it was anybody’s game, with great times coming through all evening. It came down to Joey M vs. Chris M for the men and Lara vs. Melanie for the women.

Finals 400m
1st Place Women’s: Lara 23.17

Women’s runner up: Melanie M. 24.18

1st Place Men’s: Joey M 18.18

Men’s runner up: Chris M. 18.27

I took a little video with my phone of the men’s sprint final. Not the best, but you can hear the crowd rage. If you took any pictures, please post a link to them in the comments section.

A big thanks to Joe for being the muscle in bringing Emerald Sprints to Bellingham. We had a great time, it seems Bellingham did as well. We look forward to another opportunity to bring Emerald Sprints up there. Thanks to the sponsors of the event, the Cabin Tavern, Kevin from Traitor for being the MC, Bubba for tech help during the event and for every body that came out to support- whether racing or cheering. If there is one thing I know now- Bellingham loves bikes!