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Review: Chrome Women’s Marysia jacket

Go Means Go received a few items from Chrome recently that we are currently reviewing.

My task has been to review the Chrome Marysia women’s jacket.

My initial reaction in seeing the jacket was that it looked sleek and comfortable.  The material is smooth and has a nice feel to it.  It is lightweight and packs down to a very small size, which makes it perfect for sunny day turned chilly evening riding. It has some great accents that make it stand out as a cycling specific jacket- though it isn’t so specific that you can’t wear it off the bike.  The reflective “CHROME” lettering on the back of the jacket is very low profile and doesn’t look obnoxious in the slightest bit.  The back pocket is nice- not too large (too small for a waterbottle) but large enough to carry your gloves, phone, or pocketbook.  I’m not a huge fan of the pocket snap- and would prefer a magnetic closure.

As far as fit- I wear a women’s medium.  It fits nicely around me, and I can zip it up over my chest fine with a lightweight hoodie underneath.  It’s snug in the chest- and as a woman with a 34D it’s nice that it actually zips without being too constraining.  Even when riding- the jacket doesn’t constrict in my back or shoulders while zipped.  The arms are fairly long on me- which is comfortable for riding, keeping my wrists covered and even with enough room for me to put the cuffs over my knuckles.  Women with longer arms will likely be pleased with this feature.

The material used blocks the wind well.  It’s lightweight but effective and though it’s water repellent- it’s NOT a rain jacket.

My biggest gripe is that I wish there were different colors.  I’d love this in a purple or turquoise.

I wore this jacket to the Resurrection Race afterparty and I got a lot of compliments on it.  When riding home after the sun went down- Ryan was chilly with only a sweatshirt and I was comfortable with my hoodie under the Marysia.  It seems to vent well, as when climbing the hill home- I wasn’t overheating.

All in all it’s a stylish and functional jacket.  I love that it was made in Oakland.  I was born and lived many years there.  If it were made overseas with the same quality and features, I think that $80 might seem a little high, but it seems very fair when you consider it’s made in the US. Buy you baby a little gift, too. Wholesale blank onesies in solid colors will be a great choice.

Thanks to Chrome for making good shit out of Oakland.  Oaktown represent.

-Melissa Dawn


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