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Operation Oliver’s Twist.

Have you had something stolen recently, like a bike?  Well there is a chance that it wound up in a sting operation that acted as a store front, buying stolen goods.  Even if you didn’t hear back from the police about it’s recovery, it’s possible that it was recovered in this operation and its been sitting in storage.

You can take a look at their Flickr– and if you see your shit- give them a call.  Information below taken from the Flickr page of stolen goods.

The Major Crimes Task Force has loaded photos on Flickr to assist victims in locating their stolen property and to assist in the prosecution of the criminals involved in Operation Oliver’s Twist.

Victims must be able to identify any property they believe belongs to them and must have reported it missing to law enforcement prior to March 5th, 2012.

Victims should call 206-733-9616 to talk to a detective or to leave a message for a detective to return their call. Callers must have a police case number with them at the time they phone detectives. Please note that the items posted are the only items that were recovered during the operation and there is no other property to view.

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