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Nine to Five 2012 Wrap-Up

Photos by Joshua Miller, Ian Schemp and GMG

It’s been a full week since we held our fourth annual Nine to Five, Seattle’s sunset-to-sunrise all-night bicycle scavenger hunt. All said, we had 116 paid participants this year (with 89 finishing), making it the best Nine to Five yet.

This year I had some last minute inspiration that made some substantial changes in the format. While finalizing the scavenger lists, it struck me I could both encourage more riders to see each other throughout the night as well as challenge the reigning champions (including the forces behind Car Free Days and Totcycle) by rewriting the list in three parts to be handed out throughout the night.

I arrived at Gasworks shortly after 8pm with the new three-part scavenger lists, still hot from the copy machine. On arrival it was clear that in the rush I’d managed to leave behind a few key items like the sign in sheet, but after quickly hand-writing some forms, registration begun and our riders received their first list:

We stayed at Gasworks for a bit to cover late arrivals, then took off to find somewhere to brew the 60+ cups of coffee needed for our 12am stop, while our riders borrowed strangers’ clothes and had them sing Donny Parton’s event-appropriate hit:

On the way down to the I-5 Colonnade we were shortly overtaken by a group of four cyclists, who were joined then three more. As the group continued to grow, we started truly appreciating how awesome the night was. Even then, we weren’t prepared for the scene greeting as at the rest stop.

We shared some snacks, drank some coffee and energy drink, and handed out the second list of the night:

Everyone cleared out to find their new items, and we finally had a few free hours to get some food and wind down, before making our way over to Ly’s Donuts, where folks were already waiting for us.

We were quite the sight at 3am, even by U District standards. We got everyone fed and caffeinated, awarded people points for being there, and handed out the final list for the night:

After a final coffee brew, we took off for breakfast back at the start. The “pitched tent” bonus points had Gasworks looking like a hobo encampment by the time we showed up, as the teams furiously added up their points. As everyone chowed down on Field Roast wraps, we were excited to find we had a new winning team; the prior champs had been beaten… but then we read the points list more carefully.

It was officially a three-peat. Prior champs – now named Ransacked Dignity – won with over a hundred points lead, Xtracycle bags bulging with still-frozen Slurpees and all manner of other items. After the race, Julian shared their winning formula with Twitter.

As 1st place team, the won the prized Nine to Five trophy and a $100 gift certificate to Portage Bay for brunch. We then awarded the rest of the prizes via raffle, with Ross Milne picking up the Xtracycle Free Radical + gift certificate, and others going home some of the other 30+ prizes our sponsors provided.

Speaking of which, we’d like to thank our wonderful sponsors! Xtracycle and Brooksfor being super into what we were doing; Field Roast for keeping us fed; KoKi for reaching out to us and and delivering a ton of great stuff; multi-year supporters Knog and PDW; Poketo for awesome wallets and Chronicle Books for the BikeSnobNYC swag.

Most of all, thanks to all the riders that have helped make this event what it has become. I’d like to think we’ve created one of only a handful of events in Seattle that brings together cyclists from as many disciplines and backgrounds, if just for one night per year. Keep coming out and we promise to keep finding new ways to challenge you.

Final Points

Team Points
Ransacked Dignity 599
Kaizen Wow 408
Laser Dragons 390
Team Awesome 352
Team Titty Pic 338
Solar Whales 324
Team Slaclew(???) 317
Tainted Glove 315
Team Yes But No 293
Team Orange Ball of Hate 266
Team Pants 260
Team Live Badass 259
Team Monkey Pumpers 253
It’s Always Sunny 253
The Bob Mitzvahs 225
Team Nap 223
Team Lioness 4 216
The Episcopal Hiking Club 208
Nate’s Asshole 176
Team Oyster 166
Missing Ray 159
Team with the Dragon Tattoos 159
Team Rocket 115
Justin 78

Please Support Our Wonderful Sponsors!
(we wouldn’t have an event without them)

Xtracycle | Field Roast | Brooks England
Knog | Portland Design Works | Poketo | Bike Snob NYC

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