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A Storm is brewing. The Chrome Storm Cobra.

Billy Souphorse contacted me about testing out some of the fly new gear (that’s how the kids these days say it) coming out of the minds and machines employed by Chrome, the quite large bag and apparel company- now with multiple shops around the country.  I was pretty impressed with the apparel I saw at the Chrome booth at Interbike- and I’m very much looking forward to testing out the Chrome Storm Cobra.  Really I think Souphorse is just concerned that I’ll pass out in a park in the rain and catch a cold.  Hmph.  Maybe that’s why I’m sick? Sometimes it’s good to be a dirtbag I guess.

The Storm Cobra is fully seam taped, with pit zips and longer arms (crucial to cycling jackets.)  It also has a feature that I think that I’ll really like- the full pass through back pocket.  A good place to store keys, phone, hat, or a couple road beers.

As I get over my cold you can prepare for a full ride report.  It may add a twist to my approaching completion of the Cleverhood raincape review.

If you are ready to take the plunge right now without a review- the Storm Cobra can be had for $200 at your local bike shop.  If your LBS doesn’t carry Chrome, head to the Chrome online store HERE.

And stay tuned for CLEVERHOOD RAINCAPE VS. STORM COBRA JACKET: The battle of the century!


  • Markus Radics

    November 13, 2014

    Hey Ryan,

    first, sorry for my bad English but I hope, you can help me. I’ve read many articles about the “Chrome Storm Cobra” Jacket. I’m really impressed of the design and the good reviews. But there’s also a problem: I can’t test the Jacket before I order it on the Chrome-Website, because there’s no shop in germany. And that’s a little bit gambling for me, because I have no idea how I can choose the right size for me.

    It were very helpfully for me, if you have a tip for me. I’m a liitle bit “more” than other men (1,85 m tall, 95 kg heavy). My chest measurement is around 117 cm, an my waist is around 92 cm.

    I hope, You’ve got a little help for me. Thanks a lot,

    greetings from Germany,


  • Ryan

    November 16, 2014

    Hi there Markus. This review unfortunately cancelled, as the jacket went missing after a night at the bar. The size I had was a large and we seem to be of a similar build. I fit somewhere in between a large and X-Large, if you plan to layer much underneath, I would suggest going with the larger of the two.
    In my short time with the jacket- it was just ok. It didn’t breathe as much as I had hoped and didn’t have much stretch for the bike. The taping and the quality of the sewing seemed well done though.

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