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More and more I’m finding myself wearing clothing designed for, or at the very least inspired by- cycling.  It doesn’t matter if I’m running errands all day by bike- if I hop on my bike and ride just one place while still wearing Levis 501 jeans or a Carhartt jacket- the fit and cut just don’t feel right.  That said, I can wear cycling inspired clothes all day long- whether camping, road tripping in a car, taking the bus to meet up with friends or running errands all day by bike.

Always on the look out for new cycling brands- sometimes you find a company that has been doing a good thing for many years and they just haven’t been on your radar.

Sombrio is one of those brands.

Dave Watson launched Sombrio in 1998.  It began, and still has roots in, the freeride and mountain bike culture found on Vancouver’s North Shore. (that’s Canada for all you folks that are bad at geography.)  If you don’t know who Dave Watson is, you should watch this video:

And you can also read THIS about the stunt.

Whether you huck yourself off of 6’ drops in the woods on the daily, hit the trails on your way home from work or ride to meet your friends at the bar, Sombrio has got some nice looking designs blending form and function.  Like more than a few Canadian companies, it’s sometimes difficult to find a place to purchase locally.  They have an online STORE as well.

Things I’m digging:

Check them out.  And then go for a ride.

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