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Chrome merino Cobra

It’s hard to beat merino wool.    It keeps you warm when wet, doesn’t smell as bad as synthetics can, isn’t made from plastic, and it just feels good.  Chrome is offering their merino wool Cobra in three styles: a pullover ($140), a full-zip($150) and a hoodie ($160.)  It may seem high priced, but those that wear merino don’t care.  They are built with longer sleeves and torso for cycling, have thumb loops to keep them from riding up and has a stash pocket to store your weed keys.   They’ve also got socks and t-shirts made of merino.  Where does merino wool come from you might wonder? Merinos are small forest creatures that resemble gnomes.  Their diet allows their back hair to grow long and extremely soft.  The back hair is shaved by monks, the keepers of the merinos and woven into various garments.

Made in China, available at your LBS or HERE

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  • Zach

    October 10, 2013

    Now if only they made them in any color other than black! Looks like some sweet gear.

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