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Conduit Coffee: Delivering Coffee by Bike


Few things are more synonymous with Seattle than coffee. I would say when most people think of Seattle two things come to mind, rain and coffee, probably in that order. Little do most people know it really doesn’t rain that much in Seattle, we just tell the rest of the country that to keep them from moving here. Which seems to be becoming a less effective method of deterring people (the secret must be out.) Seattleites do however love their coffee. Sure a lot of people still drink the stuff with the green open-legged mermaid on it, probably for the same reason I see people buying Bud Light, a lot of people are dumb. Thankfully Seattle is also home to countless other coffee roasters and cafes serving up delicious cups of that hot dark brew we can’t live without. Personally I love good coffee. Whether brewing it at home or visiting my favorite local cafes by bike, coffee is more or less a necessity. For sometime I’ve wondered why there were not businesses in my city tying together bicycles and coffee, two things I enjoy. The answer of course, there are. Case-in-point, Conduit Coffee.

Conduit Coffee is a small community-minded coffee company roasting and delivering coffee by bike. They currently operate out of a unique space on Westlake Ave N., just south of the Fremont Bridge. If you’ve ever ridden through the Westlake Parking lots, then you’ve rolled right by them (they are on the other side of the often busy street). Contact information and full address HERE. Almost all of their coffee is delivered by bicycle. Jesse and his small staff pedal their coffee both to local cafes and bakeries as well as individuals who have signed up for the weekly or bi-weekly delivery service. Large orders are pulled on a trailer and smaller orders carried by bag or rack. If you are interested in having coffee delivered to your home or business check out the online store or get in contact with them directly.

Conduit Coffee is the brain child of Jesse Nelson, founder and head roaster. Besides his passion for coffee, he has a passion for social entrepreneurship. The company supports various entrepreneurs and projects, partners with several non-profits and provides space for community partners to gather and share their stories. A prime example is the Autonomous Bicycle Co-Op started by one of the Conduit’s delivery riders and currently utilizing a space in Conduit’s building.

If you enjoy bicycles and coffee I highly recommend checking out Conduit Coffee. On Tuesdays they host an open house from 10am – 3pm, a great chance for you to see the space, meet the team, try their coffee and see what new projects they have in the works. When I visited I picked up a bag of their Colombia Anza which I have thoroughly been enjoying. Good folks, good coffee and a passion for progressive cycling culture in Seattle. Conduit Coffee is an exciting and refreshing young company to keep your eye on.


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