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Seattle before SSCXWC.

After traveling nearly 3000 miles and consuming a lifetimes worth of alcohol, pizza, cheeseburgers, donuts and ice cream cake- I’ve returned home to my house on the hill in Cordova- alive.

Bike racing is hard.

This year I’ve spent less time on this blog than I’ve spent on my bike- which isn’t much. I’ve taken very few photos as I seem to break every camera put into my hands. My phone is sometimes used- but I often forget that I can use it as a camera. What follows suit is a cycle of poor blogging- each shortfall I offer compounding the next shortfall. As my memories are dragged through coffee filters and alcohol, the days meld into one and the voices words in my head resemble the marriage of a Dr. Bronners label and a can of Four Loko. For that I’m not apologetic, it’s just like that and that’s the way it is.

Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships took place in Victoria, BC, Canada this past weekend and I was lucky enough to attend with Hodala: my CX team and some of the… how can I say… most polarizing people I know. After a red eye flight out of Anchorage, I flew into Seattle at the butt crack of dawn on a Monday. Bubba picked me and the bike up at the airport and we had some breakfast and red beers as we made our way into the city. A good friend that I see too rarely- it’s always good to cross paths and catch up. He dropped me off at Back Alley Bike Repair where Ben helped sort the wheat from the chaff on my all too neglected bike. A new chainring, chain and cables were installed along with some general maintenance performed, while we drank Berzerker and listened to Puscifer. Ben and Julian at Back Alley are solid dudes that are pumped to get people riding well maintained bikes. IMG_9396 2

Matt Falwell from Manwolfs CX came out from Louisville and I got to play tour guide around Seattle- the city I called home for 6 years. Matt was one of the organizers of Louisville last year and rode a we pretty good loop together: 

From the Central District we grabbed breakfast and a bloody mary at Lost Lake- then headed to Volunteer Park. Then it was down Interlaken, through the U-District with a stop at R+E Cycles, through Greenlake up and through Greenwood- dropping into Golden Gardens. Then through Ballard and over to Free Range Cycles in Fremont and finally to Brouwers where we met up with Nat, DR and Teresa for beers and frites. I stayed north and visited with close friends that are getting all grown up with live-in couples and houses and babies and responsibilities and shit. After the grownups went to bed, the troublemakers decided to drink anything that wasn’t bolted down and see exactly goes on inside Dancing Bare. If you’ve never been to a nudie bar in Seattle you aren’t missing much. Dancing Bare- though quite an experience (for lack of a better word) is not something I’d suggest visiting. Ever. Though they do have a bike rack, I think.

I’ve got more love for the north end of Seattle than the rest of it likely because that is where we lived when I was there so it was good to get a burrito and a bloody at El Chupacabra, coffee at Lighthouse Roasters and Herkimer and a couple big beers at Prost! It’s probably a good thing we didn’t end up at the Baranof because: The Baranof.

The following day had a little more riding in Seattle’s liquid sunshine with a visit to the Pine Box, Chuck’s CD, some record shopping and a ride down the Myrtle Edwards trail. Matt made it up to Discovery Park, which I’m glad he did because it’s also a near mandatory stop for visitors.

After 4 nights in Seattle, it was time to head north.

Dark:thirty came early, and I strapped my shit to my bike (with my brand new Revelate Terrapin and Harness) and rolled to the Victoria Clipper that would take me and near 10 of my teammates across the Straits of Juan de Fuca into Canadian territory. We visited with other riders going up, drank our 3 drink maximum for purchase on the ferry, had pocket beers confiscated and caused a general disturbance- though it seemed fairly apparent we offended no one. A sweet old lady walked by on the way to the restroom and remarked

“You guys know how to party.”

Yes. Yes we do.

IMG_9454 IMG_9465











I’ll be back on here with one for the weekend recapping what I can scrape out of the back of my brain regarding SSCXWC and when the wheels came off.

And as they say in Canada: “Sorry.”





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