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Blinksteady lights

It’s pretty nifty  how these lights are using accelerometers to enhance their design.  With the ability to tell when you’re moving coupled with knowing when it is dark the Blinksteady light automagically turns on, which means no more awkward mid-ride stretching to turn on that light under your seat or on your back.  The mounting bracket is a solid ring that goes around your seatpost.  While this requires you to remove and replace your seatpost to install it, their hope is that you’ll never have another stolen tail light.  The final new and noteworthy feature is that depending on how you’ve flipped the light, it will either blink or shine steadily, so it has NO BUTTONS!

Check out their site:

Clothing, Gear

New Helmets for the Brits

In the coming Summer Olympics, the British cycling team will be wearing some sweet new helmets.  Each helmet is made specifically for an individual rider.  The design is inspired by both the more typical aerodynamic helmets we’re used to and a suppository, reminding the competition to watch out behind them.  Crux Product Design, who designed the helmets, surprisingly only used half of their budget and used rapid prototyping to save on wasted effort and material.

New slick helmets for the Brits.

More on this over at Design Week.

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InCOG Biketool

The InCog Biketool stows in your handlebars.

This is an interesting idea for a bike tool: multiple segments of the tool connected by some sort of elastic band allow it to store inconspicuously inside your handle bars! Personally, I worry about being able to provide enough torque for certain types of jobs, but for your average headset adjustment, rack tightening, or tire replacement this thing seems set. If only they could fit a pump and a 15mm wrench in my handlebars, I’d be set.

More info at ideacious.

Found via NOTCOT.

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Knock for Knock

Rapha teams up with Antony Crook to produce this inspiring and artistic short film. It’s also worth noting that the writer is James Bowthorpe, a long-distance cyclist.

Thanks for sharing Charlie.