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Boreas waterproof backpacks

Though not cycling specific, I’ve been using a Boreas pack- the ultralight Topaz, for a little while now for day trips with the pack raft. At 25L, it’s large enough for me to throw the raft and paddles in. I can go on a day trip on the bike or on foot- and weighing in under 14 oz., I hardly know it’s there. One downside is that I’m limited by only packing stuff in there that can get wet, as it has no waterproofing whatsoever. Enter the Waterproof Series.

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Meet the Maker: Ruthworks

I came across Ruthworks via Facebook and reached out to Ely in San Francisco where he works at his home shop, enjoying the opportunity to spend time with his family. Ely is the owner, sewer, leather worker, cutter, designer and fabricator at Ruthworks, with quite a few beautiful items available for randonneurs, tourers, commuters and every day folks.

We did a little interview and it went something like this:

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Chrome Knurled Welded

Chrome has some new offerings for on and off the body.  Waterproof, lightweight,  a good price point and guaranteed for life.

I’m stoked to check out the handlebar bag/duffle on the Fatback.  The two backpacks, panniers and handlebar bag range in price from $100-$160 and look to be a more affordable option for those looking to get out on the bike.

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Chrome reflective camo 2nd issue

I’ve got three things for you from Chrome.

  1. Deceptively safe.
  2. Made in USA.
  3. Guaranteed for Life.

Welcome the 2nd issue of Chrome’s reflective camo.  Unnoticeable by day, reflective at 100 feet under light.

Using a Swedish M90 Geometric Camo, overlaid with a reflective glass bead rain camo pattern, it looks like they’ve got something good going.

Because reflective doesn’t have to be a yellow jacket.

As always, support your LBS- but if you live on the moon, or some other place you can’t get Chrome gear, check them out online.

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Road Runner Bags: Medium Anything Pack


New bag day is a good day. Especially when a sharp looking backpack like the Medium Anything Pack from Road Runner Bags shows up at your door. I carry a lot of things by bike and more often than not I do so on my back. Brad and Brianna at Road Runner were kind enough to send over this custom pack finished in real leaf camo for review. My initial impression with the bag: very impressed. The quality of workmanship is top notch, it fits great, is comfortable both heavily and lightly loaded, stays in place while riding and is much lighter than previous similarly styled backpacks I’ve used. Continue Reading

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Chrome’s Bravo Night: Undercover Safety

For years, I’ve been buying that black reflective tape from motorcycle websites to slap on helmets, fenders and whatever else to give me some undercover, always-on safety. Chrome’s “Night” line has been taking the same idea and applying it to their line of bags, the newest being a treatment of their commuter roll-top backpack, the Bravo Night ($180). I’m not one to shy away from attention – and it can save your life on the road – but sometimes it’s nice to be a bit discreet when you’re off your wheels. I have yet to see one of these in person, but I really do like the idea. Has anyone seen one of these winking back at you in your 600 lumen pedestrian blinder yet? How’d it perform?

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Boreas: Lagunitas Backpack

The Lagunitas backpack from Boreas has been spending some time on my shoulders over the last several weeks. It is designed to be a “hike-bike-travel-commute daypack.” If you are looking for universal backpack, try best military backpack that is  larger and more spacious. That is a mouthful, and when I first donned the pack it didn’t seem much different than any other light weight hiking day pack. What sets this pack apart though is its flexible metal frame. By pulling the blue strap the frame bows out away from your back so only the mesh portion of the pack is touching your back, leaving a couple inches of room between the pack and your back. To get more options regarding backpacks, visit the website of Backpacks.Global.

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