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Go Means Go primary goal is to produce bike events in the Pacific Northwest- especially Seattle.

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Tour de Watertower 2012 Results

Another year, another tough TdW. Dedicated riders, steep climbs, cool weather and a nice tailwind to the finish all helped make this year a success. Going off the various computers at the finish, it looked like most riders did the course in 37 – 42 miles gaining anywhere from 3500 – 4900 feet. Everyone that finished at all deserves acknowledgment, but In the end we only had two of Chrome‘s not-for-sale winners-only “coveted” jerseys and a couple hundred bucks to give away. Taking home the majority of the pot was our top overall time, “Tall” Bryan Smith, and first, female Marcy Sutton.

Tyler Johnson rounded out the bunch as first fixed gear, and Professor Dave – who did a nice write up on the race – awarded himself first fendered bike once again (you’ll have to take his word for it).

Thanks so much to everyone that came out and made this even a success once again, and a big thanks to Chrome for reaching out to us with the great jerseys, and Victory Lounge for treating us well once again (and evening opening up early for us on a Sunday).

Check below to see your time:


Racer Final Time
Bryan Smith 2:08:21
Jason Smith 2:19:52
Adam Ales 2:22:48
Mike Duggan 2:29:56
Robert Trombley 2:31:33
Kevin Flick 2:31:39
Benjamin Runge 2:36:18
Matt Metcalf 2:36:44
Nathan Kiger 2:39:07
Tad Davenport 2:43:36
Russ Otten 2:46:00
Tyler Johnson (1st Fixed) 2:47:54
James Stroud 2:49:02
Matt Espeed 2:51:48
Ryan Seguin 2:54:32
Bryan Wrona 2:55:25
Marcy Sutton (1st Female) 2:56:47
Nick Haggard 2:57:24
Edward Beier 3:00:18
Albert Dimond* 3:02:35
Holly Jones 3:08:47
Laura Whitehead 3:38:34
Professor Dave 3:39:51
Pete Blunk 4:01:30
Steve McCadden DNF
Justin Marshall DNF
Chris Langston DNF

*Disqualified for no manifest.

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Documenting the Nine to Five

A few days after this year’s Nine to Five, I put out a call looking for photos and video from the event, and you all responded! Ian Schemp gets the final prize – a gift certificate to Jebena Cafe – for the shot above, but there were so many awesome photos and videos from the night. Click here for more after the jump, and don’t forget to check out what’s already been posted in the wrap-up, as well as all of your awesome postcards for Ryan.
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Nine to Five 2012 Wrap-Up

Photos by Joshua Miller, Ian Schemp and GMG

It’s been a full week since we held our fourth annual Nine to Five, Seattle’s sunset-to-sunrise all-night bicycle scavenger hunt. All said, we had 116 paid participants this year (with 89 finishing), making it the best Nine to Five yet.

This year I had some last minute inspiration that made some substantial changes in the format. While finalizing the scavenger lists, it struck me I could both encourage more riders to see each other throughout the night as well as challenge the reigning champions (including the forces behind Car Free Days and Totcycle) by rewriting the list in three parts to be handed out throughout the night.

I arrived at Gasworks shortly after 8pm with the new three-part scavenger lists, still hot from the copy machine. On arrival it was clear that in the rush I’d managed to leave behind a few key items like the sign in sheet, but after quickly hand-writing some forms, registration begun and our riders received their first list:

We stayed at Gasworks for a bit to cover late arrivals, then took off to find somewhere to brew the 60+ cups of coffee needed for our 12am stop, while our riders borrowed strangers’ clothes and had them sing Donny Parton’s event-appropriate hit:

On the way down to the I-5 Colonnade we were shortly overtaken by a group of four cyclists, who were joined then three more. As the group continued to grow, we started truly appreciating how awesome the night was. Even then, we weren’t prepared for the scene greeting as at the rest stop.

We shared some snacks, drank some coffee and energy drink, and handed out the second list of the night:

Everyone cleared out to find their new items, and we finally had a few free hours to get some food and wind down, before making our way over to Ly’s Donuts, where folks were already waiting for us.

We were quite the sight at 3am, even by U District standards. We got everyone fed and caffeinated, awarded people points for being there, and handed out the final list for the night:

After a final coffee brew, we took off for breakfast back at the start. The “pitched tent” bonus points had Gasworks looking like a hobo encampment by the time we showed up, as the teams furiously added up their points. As everyone chowed down on Field Roast wraps, we were excited to find we had a new winning team; the prior champs had been beaten… but then we read the points list more carefully.

It was officially a three-peat. Prior champs – now named Ransacked Dignity – won with over a hundred points lead, Xtracycle bags bulging with still-frozen Slurpees and all manner of other items. After the race, Julian shared their winning formula with Twitter.

As 1st place team, the won the prized Nine to Five trophy and a $100 gift certificate to Portage Bay for brunch. We then awarded the rest of the prizes via raffle, with Ross Milne picking up the Xtracycle Free Radical + gift certificate, and others going home some of the other 30+ prizes our sponsors provided.

Speaking of which, we’d like to thank our wonderful sponsors! Xtracycle and Brooksfor being super into what we were doing; Field Roast for keeping us fed; KoKi for reaching out to us and and delivering a ton of great stuff; multi-year supporters Knog and PDW; Poketo for awesome wallets and Chronicle Books for the BikeSnobNYC swag.

Most of all, thanks to all the riders that have helped make this event what it has become. I’d like to think we’ve created one of only a handful of events in Seattle that brings together cyclists from as many disciplines and backgrounds, if just for one night per year. Keep coming out and we promise to keep finding new ways to challenge you.

Final Points

Team Points
Ransacked Dignity 599
Kaizen Wow 408
Laser Dragons 390
Team Awesome 352
Team Titty Pic 338
Solar Whales 324
Team Slaclew(???) 317
Tainted Glove 315
Team Yes But No 293
Team Orange Ball of Hate 266
Team Pants 260
Team Live Badass 259
Team Monkey Pumpers 253
It’s Always Sunny 253
The Bob Mitzvahs 225
Team Nap 223
Team Lioness 4 216
The Episcopal Hiking Club 208
Nate’s Asshole 176
Team Oyster 166
Missing Ray 159
Team with the Dragon Tattoos 159
Team Rocket 115
Justin 78

Please Support Our Wonderful Sponsors!
(we wouldn’t have an event without them)

Xtracycle | Field Roast | Brooks England
Knog | Portland Design Works | Poketo | Bike Snob NYC

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Postcards from 3am: We Miss You, Ryan!

As this Juneuary weather continues, riders increasingly argue over what summer here is and isn’t. But one thing is for sure: a Seattle summer is not the same without Ryan here causing/preventing trouble with the rest of us. If you didn’t get to give me a postcard telling him as much at the Nine to Five, be sure to let him know in the comments. Keep safe up in AK.

Speaking of the Nine to Five, the complete wrap up will be up sometime today as well the best photo announcement (and prize) so stay tuned!

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WVA Sprints Wrapup

This past Saturday, the Marymoor Velodrome Association invited Emerald Sprints to run a roller racing event for the 2012 season kick-off party and fundraiser. It has been over a year since Seattle’s last roller racing event, and it was great to bring it to a new and competitive crowd.

For those unfamiliar with our kit, we pit two racers head to head on fork mounted stationary bikes for an indoors race to the finish. We set the track to 500m, and the audience can cheer as they watch the racers progress on the screen directly behind them at speeds closing in on 60mph.

By the end of the night, we had plenty of tired legs and great times (full breakdown after the cut). The best of the night went to Tony Cordova, who took the Men’s Open championship belt with a time of only 18.997 seconds. The MVA also provided belts for the top Women’s Open (Amara Edwards), Men’s Masters (Adam Cerullo), and Women’s Masters (Alexie Montaland).

There were some fantastic times out there but don’t go resting on your laurels just yet! Looking back into the results from our last major series (the 2010 Championship Series that led to a final in Vegas), a few of our top locals were getting times down in the 17-point-somethings on the exact same setup, including Saturday’s Men’s Open finalist Patrick Monteith. Will you be the one to break the 18 second barrier next time?
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Seattle Bike Expo and Pedal Party. That’s a wrap!

Phew.  What a weekend.

First off let me say that Pedal Party was awesome.  A couple hundred folks showed and we got rad.  So pumped to see everybody- and I’m sure next year will even take it to a higher level.

The Seattle Bike Expo, which I’m told is the largest consumer based trade show for bicycles in the US took place last weekend and I paid my $2 to Bike Works to park the bike, and my $10 to Cascade Bicycle Club to walk around for a while as a light rain fell outside.  I go to a number of things bicycle because I’m a velophile- not really much else for a reason except I like bikes- and I guess that’s enough.  I like to support as many bike events as I can because I want bike culture to grow in Seattle.

Of course it should be said that over the years I’ve become much more jaded and harder to impress when it comes to bike expos and fairs.  I’ve been spoiled by attending shows like NAHBS or Interbike, where new product is introduced- and everything is stepped up a notch when it comes to presentation. Even shows like the San Francisco Bike Expo seem to attract a more diverse group- 2011 having outdoor dirt jump demos and a massive Bike Swap that was quite possibly more impressive (to me) than the show itself.  Some of this has to do with the location of course- San Francisco bike culture being decidedly more hip than Seattle, some has to do with the vision of the organizers.  There are a number of ways of doing things as can be seen by the various expos that take place. Cascade Bike Club has what is very likely the largest grossing bike expo in the US and so I’m sure there isn’t much motivation to change the program.

I was once again blown away by the number of cars that attend the event.  Shuttle buses are used to bring drivers from one part of the parking lot to the front door. With a 2500 car lot that sure seemed to me like it was full there are a lot of people there.  $5 a car for the day, and $10 to get in ($8 for members,) there is some serious coin being made.

Seattle Bike Expo has in years past felt like more of a clearing house for shops to unload overstock and last years merchandise.  It can be a total madhouse- racks and boxes being torn through by people standing or crouched shoulder to shoulder, half a dozen hands digging deep for treasures made of spandex and 3M. I personally don’t do well in these situations. Moving down the line you’ll be told about this ride or that- why you should visit Oakridge, Oregon for mountain biking or Switzerland for road riding. There is a benefit ride for everyone, a hostel, or a training camp. Adventure companies, tour guides, energy drinks, snack bars, recovery drinks, massage implements… Nothing you NEED to ride, but lots of things that according to the seller will make your ride better- make YOU better. There are so many companies and by extension- booths, with bad branding at these expos- companies that don’t have large marketing budgets and it shows.  There are gadgets and gizmos that look like you’d see them on late night television in between reruns of Three’s Company and Night Court.  Few booths attract my eye or pique my curiosity and I generally try sneak by the majority of them. Then there are the booths that have no direct relation with bikes- I’m referring to the chiropractors, foot doctors and discount sun glass booths.  It may make sense to the business exhibiting- as they do have something of a captive audience at an expo like this.  I guess if my back was hurting while walking around the Bike Expo I may grab a card from the chiropractor.  It just seems to detract from the overall feel of a BIKE Expo.  But that’s just me….  The show is obviously a success and it’s what Seattle has- so that’s that.

This year I did see a handful of newer companies- local companies in fact- that are doing good things and it definitely lent a more homegrown feel to the Expo Continue Reading

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Tomorrow in Seattle.

Get your legs and liver ready- tomorrow is going to be a hell of a day in Seattle.

Tour de Watertower starts things off. If you didn’t pre-register that’s ok- just come to Cool Guy Park to see the racers start the sufferfest that is Tour de Watertower.  It’s going to be a hot one- make sure you bring water…

  • START – Cool Guy Park – along the trail starting at Lakeview Blvd E & Belmont Ave E
  • High Point – 35th Ave SW & SW Myrtle St
  • West Seattle – SW Charlestown St. & 39th Ave SW
  • Magnolia – 38th Ave. W between Dravus and Prosper Across from 3218 38th Ave. W.
  • Observatory Court – Queen Anne – Lee St. @ Warren Ave N Across from 1420 Warren Ave N. At sign in front of tennis courts adjacent to Fire Station #8
  • Woodland Park – Phinney Ave. N. between N. 53rd st & N 54th St.
  • Maple Leaf – Roosevelt Way NE and NE 86th st.
  • Volunteer Park – 1247 15th Ave. E located on Volunteer Park Road, near entrance at E Prospect St.
  • FINISH – Victory Lounge – 433 Eastlake Avenue E

See it on Google Maps

You can also stop by the finish at Victory Lounge beginning at 3pm to see the racers coming in, enjoy drink specials and watch the Tour de France.  A big thanks to our sponsors, as well as to Victory Lounge.  Show them some love for supporting our event!

Portland Design Works | Mopha

After you’ve raced your little heart out- its time to get on over to the Rubber Side Down polo party.

Starting at 7pm and going into the wee hours- there will be bands, beer, a DJ, bike games.  It’s going to be a real hoot. In addition to polo kids just loving to party for the hell of it- this party will benefit 206 POLO and help raise funds to make the 2011 World Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships (which will take place in Seattle) even more awesome that it’s bound to be.

The Wherehouse

3310 Wallingford Ave
Seattle, WA
See you in the streets!
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Sat 7/23 – Tour de Watertower 2011


For the past two years, Ryan has been challenging Seattle’s street riders in July (during that other race in France or somewhere) to ride to the cities highest points with no one but themselves to rely on – the Tour de Watertower Guerilla Time Trial. Riders are turned loose on an announced course to put in the best time the can manage for glory (and cash). Did you think you were getting off easy this year just because he is off fishing in Alaska? TOO BAD. With a course beamed in straight from the Gulf of Alaska I present to you… the Tour de Watertower 2011.


As before, riders will be released minutes apart from one another so that each is facing only Seattle’s best climbs and their own limits. New for this year, we’ll be taking preregistrations , so you get you can get your start time before race day and not have to wait around. The first racer will be scheduled out the gate at one o’clock. Please plan to be at the start 10 minutes before your leave time to insure you can be checked in. You can still register in person on race day, but you will be given a slot after all the preregistered racers. Preregistration ends at 11:59pm, Thursday, July 21.

Registration is $10. Cash beyond expenses will join into a pot with other $$ for the fastest guys and gals. Payouts and depth will be determined based on participation. Get your friends to race, then win their money! We also have some non-cash prizes, too, details to come.

You can preregister here. Don’t want to race but feel like hanging out? Come by the start, or head over to Victory Lounge at 3pm to start checking out who’s in the lead. There will also be some after-partying in Fremont into the evening, so be sure to check back for details. We will also need some volunteers to keep our riders honest and keep things running smoothly, so if you’re interested please get in touch.

But before you celebrate, there is the training. And since we’re getting such a late start on announcements this year, we’re going to give it to you straight (we reserve the right to make very slight changes to the exact location as needed to manage the check-in’s, but you will be notified ahead of time):

  • START – Cool Guy Park – along the trail starting at Lakeview Blvd E & Belmont Ave E
  • High Point – 35th Ave SW & SW Myrtle St
  • West Seattle – SW Charlestown St. & 39th Ave SW
  • Magnolia – 38th Ave. W between Dravus and Prosper Across from 3218 38th Ave. W.
  • Observatory Court – Queen Anne – Lee St. @ Warren Ave N Across from 1420 Warren Ave N. At sign in front of tennis courts adjacent to Fire Station #8
  • Woodland Park – Phinney Ave. N. between N. 53rd st & N 54th St.
  • Maple Leaf – Roosevelt Way NE and NE 86th st.
  • Volunteer Park – 1247 15th Ave. E located on Volunteer Park Road, near entrance at E Prospect St.
  • FINISH – Victory Lounge – 433 Eastlake Avenue E

See it on Google Maps

All stops must be completed in the order listed above, but your route between them is up to you. All travel must be done on bicycle (you hear that, Rob?).

Need that pre-register link a few more times?


And don’t forget to check out our sponsors, who are generously donating some prizes in addition to the cash payout. Be sure to let them know you appreciate their support!

Portland Design Works | Mopha