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Bike thieves are assholes. I don’t like ’em. This is where their victims are posted. Let’s recover some bikes!

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Bike Thievery and Madonna…


A pack of bike thieves attacked a man after he caught them stealing his ride in Lake City last week.

At about 4:30pm on January 17th, the man saw three young men across the street, making off with his bicycle, which he’d left locked up on the street at NE 30th and 125th NE.

The man yelled at the three young bike thieves, who then approached the victim.

The man wrestled his bike away from the three suspects, who walked off.

A few moments later, the three suspects came back, exchanged words with the man, and attacked him.

One of the suspects punched the victim in the face, breaking his nose, and leaving him swelling on his face, and a bloody ear.

A bystander broke up the fight and chased the suspects down the street.

The victim rode his bike home, and had has mother drive him to a shopping complex, where he contacted police.

Police didn’t make any arrests, but a report indicates they were going to try to check footage from a security camera near the scene to identify the suspects.

Thanks to Stickney for passing that along.

True Story:

I was in Queen Anne one night last year with two female friends for the premiere of Man Zou.  The film was great, we went to a little restaurant around the corner for a reception, had some food and began walking back to our car.  From across the street I saw a man huddled over a bicycle, presumably unlocking it.  It was taking longer than it should so I walked over, suspicion aroused.  That’s when I noticed he had a small pair of diagonal cutters trying to cut through a cable lock (which is quite easy to do, for those of you that think your bike is safe with one…)

“What are you doing?”

“It’s my bike.”

At this point I realize it’s a crappy bike.  The man is older, doesn’t speak english very well, and it looks like his clothes had seen better days.  Now I ask myself if it is his bike.  Am I being an asshole?- maybe he lost the key…. WAIT!  It’s a combo lock!  Fucker.

“That’s not your bike!”

“It’s my bike!”

“Why are you cutting the lock then?  Just open it.  You are stealing a bike and I’m not going to let you do that.”

“It’s my bike!  No combination- fuck you!  It’s my bike!”

I observe that he’s clearly drunk, and consider that he could possibly become violent.  He has diagonal cutters, that would work very well as a blunt object with which to dig out an eye.  I also take into consideration that I have my girlfriend and her friend with me. Though I’m quite confident that they could hold it down if things got ugly, it would have been me that put them in that situation by confronting the guy.  I’m now reconsidering my effort to thwart what I view as one of the lowest criminals around- bike theives.

“NO!  Walk away.  Right now.  We are calling the police.  You are stealing a bike- get out of here right now.”

He looks up at me- I stand a few inches taller, am sober- and I think he realizes that he may have picked the wrong time to steal a bike.  He teeters for a minute, and begins to walk off, partially cut cable lock keeping a crappy bike locked to a rack, and his diagonal cutters in hand.

“Fuck you.  You are— Republican!  You are George Bush lover! Fuck you!”

Really?  Did he just call me a Bush loving republican?  Really!?!  I didn’t know what to say.  I fought back the effort to laugh, or maybe to explain to him that I was not, in fact, a republican.  George Bush was far from who I supported in the last presidential election… but I bit my tongue- knowing that I should keep focused.  I didn’t want to get into a political discussion with a bike thief.

After he walked off, we shouted up to the apartment compound that the bike owner presumably inside of, saying that there was somebody stealing bikes.  No reply, no word on whether they came and retrieved it.

He stumbled off into the night- to either find another poorly defended victim, or to return to the scene of the crime and finish this one off after we left.  As we walked by Dick’s Burgers I saw two cops standing in front of the restaurant.  I gave a quick replay, describing the man, and saying that it was highly likely that he would return to get the bike after we left.  They then told me that I should NEVER confront a perpetrator, and I should just call the police.  But then they said that they would not be leaving Dick’s Burgers- as that was their post.  Ummmm.  OK.  They didn’t even call it in.

What does all this mean?

What happens when you see someone stealing your or someone else’s bike?  What do you do?  Confronting someone that is committing a crime, or doing something that is fucked up is always a gamble- you never know what is going to happen.  The perp could be carrying a weapon, or in the case in Lake City- his friends.  We’ve seen videos or heard stories of bike thieves being thwarted- maybe even getting their asses kicked.  The fact is, that you are really putting yourself at risk by confronting a bike thief.  I wouldn’t suggest it.  In fact, I would advise AGAINST it.

  1. The best thing that you can do is to lock your bike well- so yours isn’t stolen.  Good locks cost money, but nice bikes cost much more.  Even more important than a good lock is locking your bike properly.
  2. If you see something happening, call the police immediately.  Sure, they might not do anything, but it’s a step that should be taken in the event that the perp is caught.
  3. Alert others that there is bad shit going down.  These are possible witnesses.
  4. Make mental notes about the perp.  Most bike thieves are repeat offenders, and being able to identify them can help in building a case.

All that being said- to the bike thieves out there- if I catch you trying to steal even a light off my bike, I WILL HURT YOU.  I will smack you across the face in front of your friend like the punk you are and take my shit back.  Real talk.

On a lighter note- A little Madonna action from Travis:

Happy Tuesday.


Don’t steal bikes bro…

Taken from HERE:

Bike thefts appears to be down in Seattle — at least anecdotally — according to, which may be due to the fact that police busted two alleged prolific Capitol Hill bike thieves last month.

Prosecutors have charged Jack Kondrad with possession and trafficking of stolen property, and police are investigating another man — Dwight Wiskerchen — in connection with at least 30 bike thefts “in and around Capitol Hill,” according to court records.

It appears SPD’s investigation into the bike thefts came together in late August when the owner of Velo Bicycles—on 11th and Pine—called detectives and said that he had noticed a recent increase in bike thefts in the neighborhood.

Velo’s owner, Lloyd Tamura—who himself was recently the victim of bike theft—told police customers had been bringing him “information on their recently stolen bicycles,” police records say.

Tamura told police that a man had recently come in to his store after purchasing what turned out to be a stolen bike in the Central District from a seller who claimed to be a Velo employee.

Police records say the man apparently met with Kondrad at a Safeway on 23rd and Madison, where he paid $200 for a 2007 Trek 1000 bicycle, which police later determined was taken from a Capitol Hill apartment building. The bike’s owner had left the bike chained to tree, police records say.

As police continued their investigation, more reports of stolen bicycles came flooding in.

In one instance, a man found his girlfriend’s stolen bike for sale on Craigslist and went to confront the seller.

Police say the man then met with Kondrad and a woman—who was wearing an ankle monitor bracelet—at Broadway and Harrison, and took his girlfriend’s bike back.

On August 3rd, SPD bike patrol officers located and arrested Kondrad, who was carrying several credit cards and check books not in his name.

During an interview with police, Kondrad admitted he had sold 30 bikes on Craigslist in the last month, but claimed he had found the bikes “in a nearby park” where “he knew people dumped stolen bikes,” police records say.

Kondrad also identified a second man—Wiskerchen—who was allegedly involved in other bike thefts in the Capitol Hill area, near Seattle University and Seattle Central Community College.

Police learned that Wiskerchen was renting a storage unit at 12th and Howell.

When police contacted the management at the business, an employee told officers he was in the process of kicking Wiskerchen out for repeatedly working on and repairing bikes in a storage area hallway. The employee also told police that Kondrad had previously rented a storage locker in the building.

On September 2nd, police arrested Wiskerchen near his storage unit. He was carrying credit cards and a Virgina Mason hospital ID in someone else’s name, four cell phones, and a meth pipe.

It appears Wiskerchen has not been charged in connection with trafficking stolen bikes. However, earlier this month prosecutors filed burglary charges against Wiskerchen after he allegedly stole a baby carrier from a parking garage at a residential building in Fremont in September.

Wiskerchen is being held at the King County Jail on $30,000 bail. Kondrad was released last month, and appeared in court last week.

Velo’s Tamura tells us that bike thefts have “calmed down” on Capitol Hill. “It’s quieted down because they got these guys,” he says.

If you had a bike stolen this summer, make sure to report it to SPD and include any specific identifying information like serial numbers you can.


Stolen bikes in Seattle

It’s been a busy week, but there were two bike thefts that you should be on the look out for.

Devon’s Bike: Stolen Tuesday (10/19) early morning in front of A Pizza Mart downtown.

  • White Bridgestone Road Bike
  • 53cm
  • 10 speed
  • yellow taped handlebars
  • gatorskin tires
  • case number with the seattle police is 2010-365209

Michael’s Bike: Stolen from a locked common space in his building on Sat. 10/23 between 5pm and 10am on Sunday

  • Cannondale T2000
  • Phil Wood Hubs – DT Rims
  • Blue Saddle
  • Tan Bar Tape
  • Rear Rack
  • Headlight on Fork
  • Campy v-brakes
  • gold fenders
  • gold tubus rack
  • 3 bottle cages
  • CALL: Police or Michael at 206.945.4131


Quon’s bike stolen

Jon works downtown, so you may have seen this bike on the road.  It got taken at the Dead Baby Downhill- keep an eye out.  If you see it, call the police.


-Red schwinn homegrown with tons of stickers on it.  Blue rainier R sticker where the head badge would be.  The paint is really chipped up.

-Black Time fork

-Black FSA cranks

-Selle Italia saddle with the nose worn down to the plastic

-New Dt Swiss laced to black IRO hub up front.

-Blue fizik bar tape,

-Time atac pedals.

-Ultegra shifters


Bike recovered

Great news!!! Thanks to David Schnitzer, Twitter and the Seattle Police- Ryan W’s bike was found at Seattle Center, positively ID’d, and the thief was arrested!

So happy- and it just goes to show you that we can do something about bike theft. Watch out for eachother.

Bike thieves: we are watching you!


7/7-Stolen in Seattle

Two bikes were stolen out of Ryan W’s apartment storage unit early this morning.  If you hear of either one of the following, please call the police- they were reported stolen.  Help keep bike thieves off the street!  It’s also been reported to the local bike shops…

The sad reality is that if we don’t watch out for bike thieves, no one will…

Description of the stolen bikes (pictures to come):

  1. Lemond Alp d’Huez road bike: Silver with orange trim, full ultegra, grey bar tape, black deep-section rims, with black, bladed spokes, black f’izik saddle, and blue crank bros pedals.
  2. KHS Flite 100 black track frame with pursuit bars wrapped in brooks leather bar tape, Paul 1-finger brake lever, carbon fork, black Sugino messenger cranks, SPD pedals, San Marco saddle, radial laced silver front rims, and a sticker on the left side of the top tube that says “The Dude Abides”.

Stolen 6/16

This was stolen on 6/16 in my neighborhood of Greenwood.  Locked.  Keep an eye out all over Seattle and get in touch with Matt if you see it: 206 817-4439

Angie’s bike:

  • Banshee Scirocco
  • Blueish silver frame
  • Disc brakes
  • Hard tail mountain bike
  • Michelin tires
  • Red water bottle cage.



Bike stolen from inside Shorty’s

I woke up this morning to find this email from Mike D in my inbox.  Never a good thing to hear about, another bike to stay looking for.


This is Jay Waymire’s bike. IT HAS BEEN STOLEN BY THIEVES!!! (Actually, just one thief) The bastard took it from the INSIDE OF SHORTY’S. WTF??!!? You may not know Jay directly… but I got a dollar that says he has served most of you drinks while working every Friday and Saturday nights at Shorty’s in Belltown for the last few years. Jay is super into bikes, and will be riding a borrowed one until this is HOPEFULLY recovered. PLEASE e-mail or call 206-972-2712 if you hear or see ANYTHING remotely related to this bike. Jay has agreed to give oral sex to whoever finds his bike, or if that sounds bad… he agrees to NOT try to do that to you. It’s a win-win!!!!! KEEP THOSE PEEPERS PEELED! PLEASE


Jackie’s wheel stolen

More bike thieves jacking shit… Sorry to hear about it.

Saturday night, Jackie got her rear wheel taken on Capital Hill on Pine and Boylston. Keep your eyes peeled.
It has white velocity deep v rim with gold nipples around the valve, yellow hub, and a yellow and black tire.

Here is a pic of Jackie’s bike, that now looks much sadder, missing it’s rear wheel.


If you spot it and know that it’s hers, lock it, call the police, as well as Jackie. If you aren’t sure, please call her with a description of bike that it was seen on, where and when it was seen, as well as a description of who is riding it.

Jackie: 727.480.087


Stolen Bicycle: Beacon Hill

This was forwarded to me today.  Any info would be appreciated.  Don’t forget to lock your bike properly, and keep track of your serial numbers!  If your bike is stolen, you can search the interweb with a “Fine Tooth Cog”

From Nickey:

My bike was stolen out of my yard in Beacon Hill last night, and I really need it back! This is the info:

Cherry Red Trek 720, stolen on the morning of Aug. 18 fro 1510 S Hill St
Relatively small
Has: mustache handlebars with striped red and black tape and bar end shifters
a small sticker on the rear triangle that says “cycling saved my ass!”
a black rear rack
a cyclometer and white Planet Bike headlight
a scissoring double kickstand

Thank you so much!