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Downhill and Dirty in the Desert




I spent enough years drinking cheap booze and “attending” classes at Eastern Washington University to be called “Doctor.”

During that time, I enjoyed the awesome and flowy trails offered by the dry side of Washington.

For anyone new to the area, most of Washington state lies east of the Cascade mountains where it rains little more than it does in Arizona. Thus, lots of fast and fun desert off road riding. One of the pinnacles of the early mountain bike racing season is the Hubapalooza downhill race and the People’s Enduro, the first stop on the All Gravity race series.

The trails are located at Beacon Hill/Camp Sekani park. This year’s event offers free camping for registered riders in the Camp Sekani parking lot. In addition to downhill and enduro racing, there is a fun night ride for registered riders and a jam session for dirt jumping enthusiasts.

If you’re looking to get out of the rain and clouds, come on out for some dusty fun.

I will be racing the enduro on Sunday, but I’ll be hanging out at Camp Sekani sampling the offerings of Evanson Handcrafted Distilling all weekend.

Come on out for fun in the sun!


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The Berliner Fahrradschau

Editors note:  This is the first post by one of two new Go Means Go contributors.  They are Northwest kids living in Europe and embarking on a bike trip.  You’ll be able to find their ramblings here on GMG.  Part diary, part travelogue, with writings from the road- we’re happy to have Ben and Chase onboard.  Ride on, you crazy diamonds.

A bicycle can get you where you want to go, but like many 20-somethings, we don’t always know where we’re going. It is times like those when it is sometimes good to let your bike take the lead. We, along with hordes of others, let our bikes guide the way and this time all roads led to Berlin for the Berliner Fahrradschau (Berlin Bicycle Show).

We consciously chose to do no prior research or investigation of the show and its vendors so that Berlin itself could show us what its bike culture, fashion, and ambition is. With no expectations, we rolled up to the venue, and it did not disappoint.


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Bike prints by Karl Addison

I’ve known Karl for a number of years now.  He moved to Berlin a while ago to pursue his street art stuff and has been doing amazing things with murals with some rad folks.  He has stopped doing his apparel line, and instead is doing limited print runs.  He has a lot of different stuff- but since this is a bike blog, here are his bike prints.

Check out his Big Cartel site HERE


Blinksteady lights

It’s pretty nifty  how these lights are using accelerometers to enhance their design.  With the ability to tell when you’re moving coupled with knowing when it is dark the Blinksteady light automagically turns on, which means no more awkward mid-ride stretching to turn on that light under your seat or on your back.  The mounting bracket is a solid ring that goes around your seatpost.  While this requires you to remove and replace your seatpost to install it, their hope is that you’ll never have another stolen tail light.  The final new and noteworthy feature is that depending on how you’ve flipped the light, it will either blink or shine steadily, so it has NO BUTTONS!

Check out their site:

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Winners Belts for the Marymoor benefit sprints

This Saturday you should plan on being at Hales Ales in the evening for the Marymoor Velodrome Association benefit.  There will be roller racing (it’s been over a year since we last made it happen in Seattle- get with it!)  Also check out the track bike parts swap.  Sorry- no bmx cranks or 26″ wheels…

There are even CHAMPION belts for 4 winners.  Awesome.

Earlier in the day, you can enjoy Beer Week with the Tour de Pints.

The weather is going to be amazing- so whatever you do- HAVE FUN!

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Another Kickstarter project- along the same lines of the Lazer Urbanize.

I like the idea of having integrated lights for safety- though for real illumination of the road ahead- a more powerful bar or helmet mount would likely be necessary.

Thanks Mike D!