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Rabbit Hole Alleycat + Sprint! (Saturday!)

What’s that?! The Dead Baby Downhill isn’t ENOUGH for you? You want, crave, NEED more more more alleycat action? Yeah. Me too.

This is the second alleycat that I’ve seen from Alan Zian Chen and Wade Schultz. The last one was a blast, even though all the stops were UW buildings that I had no idea how to locate. And the sprints afterwards are super fun. These guys put on a good race, and this one should be no exception. Prizes coming in from Zlog, Sureshot coffee, Monorail Espresso, Recycled Cycles, Namsayin, and CASH PRIZES should be enough incentive to get over your post-downhill hangover and get out and race. Plus, these guys even pushed the start time (4PM) to let you get plenty of fluids, Advil, and greasy hangover food in you before the start. Nice fellas.
$10 for the whole sha-bang!
CASH goes back to winners! Prizes!
RACE START: 4:00PM sharp, sprints to be held after alleycat at location TBA.
Bring your bike, pen, bag, lock, beer!

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Resurrection V wrap up.

Saturday April 7th in the year of our Lord, two thousand and twelve, marked the 5th anniversary of the Resurrection Race. 67 folks came out to take part in what has become the kickoff alleycat race for the spring season in Seattle. Rob Kittelson, one of the organizers for the 2013 North American Cycle Courier Championships (NACCC) took home first place, and with it, the amazing bag from our friends at Seagull– who have supported us in the last four years of the Resurrection. Thirteen women raced, with Marcy Sutton taking first place in the women’s category.

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Seattle Bike Expo and Pedal Party. That’s a wrap!

Phew.  What a weekend.

First off let me say that Pedal Party was awesome.  A couple hundred folks showed and we got rad.  So pumped to see everybody- and I’m sure next year will even take it to a higher level.

The Seattle Bike Expo, which I’m told is the largest consumer based trade show for bicycles in the US took place last weekend and I paid my $2 to Bike Works to park the bike, and my $10 to Cascade Bicycle Club to walk around for a while as a light rain fell outside.  I go to a number of things bicycle because I’m a velophile- not really much else for a reason except I like bikes- and I guess that’s enough.  I like to support as many bike events as I can because I want bike culture to grow in Seattle.

Of course it should be said that over the years I’ve become much more jaded and harder to impress when it comes to bike expos and fairs.  I’ve been spoiled by attending shows like NAHBS or Interbike, where new product is introduced- and everything is stepped up a notch when it comes to presentation. Even shows like the San Francisco Bike Expo seem to attract a more diverse group- 2011 having outdoor dirt jump demos and a massive Bike Swap that was quite possibly more impressive (to me) than the show itself.  Some of this has to do with the location of course- San Francisco bike culture being decidedly more hip than Seattle, some has to do with the vision of the organizers.  There are a number of ways of doing things as can be seen by the various expos that take place. Cascade Bike Club has what is very likely the largest grossing bike expo in the US and so I’m sure there isn’t much motivation to change the program.

I was once again blown away by the number of cars that attend the event.  Shuttle buses are used to bring drivers from one part of the parking lot to the front door. With a 2500 car lot that sure seemed to me like it was full there are a lot of people there.  $5 a car for the day, and $10 to get in ($8 for members,) there is some serious coin being made.

Seattle Bike Expo has in years past felt like more of a clearing house for shops to unload overstock and last years merchandise.  It can be a total madhouse- racks and boxes being torn through by people standing or crouched shoulder to shoulder, half a dozen hands digging deep for treasures made of spandex and 3M. I personally don’t do well in these situations. Moving down the line you’ll be told about this ride or that- why you should visit Oakridge, Oregon for mountain biking or Switzerland for road riding. There is a benefit ride for everyone, a hostel, or a training camp. Adventure companies, tour guides, energy drinks, snack bars, recovery drinks, massage implements… Nothing you NEED to ride, but lots of things that according to the seller will make your ride better- make YOU better. There are so many companies and by extension- booths, with bad branding at these expos- companies that don’t have large marketing budgets and it shows.  There are gadgets and gizmos that look like you’d see them on late night television in between reruns of Three’s Company and Night Court.  Few booths attract my eye or pique my curiosity and I generally try sneak by the majority of them. Then there are the booths that have no direct relation with bikes- I’m referring to the chiropractors, foot doctors and discount sun glass booths.  It may make sense to the business exhibiting- as they do have something of a captive audience at an expo like this.  I guess if my back was hurting while walking around the Bike Expo I may grab a card from the chiropractor.  It just seems to detract from the overall feel of a BIKE Expo.  But that’s just me….  The show is obviously a success and it’s what Seattle has- so that’s that.

This year I did see a handful of newer companies- local companies in fact- that are doing good things and it definitely lent a more homegrown feel to the Expo Continue Reading

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3/17 in Seattle: Ides of March

Red Lantern Races presents: Ides of March

When: March 17th, meet at 12:30 race starts at 1pm

Where: Race starts at Schooner Exact



This race is the last race of our Frost Club series. Previous races were Randy Cross in January and The Heartbraker in February.  One of Red Lantern Races founders is training for a Half Iron Man through Team in Training (the fundraising arm of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society) and all proceeds from this race series are going toward the fundraising goal of our member.

Race Cost:

$5 to race

$20 for tshirts

Additional donations welcome.

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Menstrual Monday ride and wrench

Hey ladies!  Monday February 6th will be a great ride with a trip to The Bikery for a little “how-to” about bike mechanic basics.  From the Menstrual Monday page:

We are super excited to announce that we have partnered up with The Bikery to put on a Lady Bike Maintenance Class and Wrench party!

The Bikery is a non-profit community bike workspace that you can read about it in our site visit last week. We will have use of their tools and benches, but most importantly, we will have access to their super knowledgeable friendly female and pro-female mechanics. We can be split into groups depending on skill level or what people want to learn. This is a great chance to learn the basics, add-on to the skills you have, learn the solution to a problem that has been stumping you, or mentor other women. This will be hands on, so be prepared to get dirty! The atmosphere is super casual, non-intimidating, ultra supportive so bring all those questions you have been afraid to ask or knowledge you want to share!

To thank The Bikery and their volunteer mechanics for opening up special hours for us, we would like to ask a suggested donation of $5 (feel free to give more if you can) for the class to benefit The Bikery. Winter is their hardest season financially, and they can really use every bit of support.

Let us know if you have anything in particular you would like to learn!

As always, the ride meets at Seattle Center at 6:30pm and departs at 7:00pm to head up to The Bikery. If your bike is down or can’t make the riding part feel free to come to The Bikery.  If you have meant to come out to a ride this is a great chance to check out The Bikery and spend time with some great bike ladies.

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Bicycle Square Dance for Bike Works

From the Seattle Folk Festival Page:

Benefit Square Dance for Bike Works
feat. Riley Baugus & Kirk Sutphin, Anna & Elizabeth, The Tallboys
with callers Charmaine Slaven and Gabe Strand

Presented by the Seattle Subversive Square Dance Society

Rainier Valley Cultural Center (downstairs)
3515 South Alaska Street
Suggested Donation $10-15 (pay at the door)
Dance from 7pm-11pm

Join us for an all-star square dance to benefit Columbia City non-profit Bike Works. Our featured old-time musicians from North Carolina and Virginia will lead the dancing, along with local heroes The Tallboys. All profits go to Bike Works, an organization that provides workshops on bicycle repair and a variety of innovative bicycling camps to underserved youth in South Seattle. They’ve been around for over a decade in Columbia City, and have seen a generation of youth come up through their programs. Sometimes these programs have served as family, or a support system for the youth, and some kids have gone on to careers in bicycle repair or returned to the shop.

In their own words: “We’ve learned that all young people thrive when they are valued, when they value themselves, and when they feel a sense of belonging to a community. Through time-intensive mentoring programs during the school year, and innovative summer bike touring and riding opportunities, Bike Works reaches youth who are not usually attracted to traditional enrichment activities, and helps them realize their own self-worth in an environment that will support, encourage, and strengthen them.”

Check out the Facebook Page HERE

Check out the Seattle Folk Festival Page HERE