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Cream of the Gods

Chamois cream. I don’t always use it- but if going on a long ride, especially when riding multiple days of any distance- I appreciate the comfort that it gives me. I’ve only used a few brands- and when Jason Britton asked if I’d be interested in trying the product that he has been making in small batches- I jumped on the opportunity.

Cream of the Gods. Made in Portland. It comes in a non-descript white plastic container with a paper label. It’s all natural- with an olive oil greenish tint to it- and a slight herbal smell.  There isn’t any expiration date on the packaging- but as there isn’t any preservatives- I’d recommend using it up during the season.

I first used it just before a cross club race on Mercer Island this winter. After applying it to my chamois- and pulling up my bibs- my hearts skipped a beat. Was this some evil prank that Portlanders developed- swapping chamois cream for embrocation cream? Were my balls to be covered in ICY HOT? I quickly pulled my bibs back down and thought about it for a minute. “Naaahhh- Jason wouldn’t do that to me- what have I ever done to him?!?” So up they went- and my fears were put to rest as I felt nothing more than a comfortable chamois cradling my tender bits.

Without too much experience in the chamois butter department- I can say that it felt nice. It applies nicely- and though it feels like more of a balm, it feels good on the skin and what is a little oily on the hands does not make for irritated skin or clogged pours on the bottom.

What makes a chamois cream? Well- Cream of the Gods comes from plants and stuff. Shea Butter and other oils that are good for the skin.  No preservatives. You can pronounce the ingredients. And as I saw on TV once:

(or something like that…)

It’s also made in the Northwest. Portland OR to be exact- and it doesn’t even smell like patchouli! It’s also made by a rad person. Jason is an ex-messenger and racer- loves bikes, and puts this stuff to the test first hand. No bunny rabbits used to test Cream of the Gods.

You can buy Cream of the Gods online. It’s not expensive- $14 + shipping for a 4oz container.  If you live in Portland- it will be delivered by bicycle.  If you are looking for a gift for that special someone’s tender bits- give it a shot.  If you are a shop that would like to carry Cream of the Gods, contact Jason at

Check out the webpage HERE.

And thanks to Jason for the opportunity to test such a great product. If you get some embrocation for this cross season- I’d be looking to give it a go (as long as I’m sure the containers aren’t mixed up…)

We’ve got a little Q&A with Jason that will be up soon so you can get to know the man behind your new favorite chamois cream.  Stay tuned.